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Pierre™ Foods Pizza Parlor Meatball Sub

Some weeks ago I had the Pierre™ Foods Pizza Parlor Meatball Sub [$2.05USD 1.65€] from the vendy. I didn’t review it at the time because the experience was still so freshly traumatic, so fraught, that it was the best I could do to lie in a puling mewling fetal position under my cubicle and moan […]

Pierre Foods Fast Choice® Pizza Charbroil with Cheese

The vendy is almost empty this Friday. Someone, other than me, has been eating stuff from it. I hypothesize that the folks working all night on the 4th floor are to blame. All that was left in the machine were things I’d already eaten [Muffin, Chicken Salad, Pickle] except for a chimichanga and what I […]

Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle

I’ve been defeated by a mere cucumber! Well, not perhaps mere. The Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle, made by Kaiser Foods in Cincinnati, OH [no website] is a dangerous adversary. The pickle, which I’m assuming weighed in at just less than one pound, came in a plastic bag and was sitting in its own brine. It […]

Pierre Foods Two-Fers: 2 Char-Broils with Cheese

Another visit to the Pierre Foods kitchen today at the vendy. I got 2 Char-Broils with Cheese for $1.50. Total weight: 4.8 ounces. Unfortunately I could not find the exact same item on the Pierre Foods site. Instead I’ve linked to the closest one. No nutritional information available, unfortunately.

Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin

Otis Spunkmeyer is at least a recognizable name in the creepy refrigerated vendy downstairs. Yesterday I bought a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin for $1.00. It was 6.5 oz and 700 calories of muffin goo, held together only by long chain saturated fats, but nonetheless was tasty in a processed sort of way. I was going […]

Fast Choice Fish and Cheese Sandwich

Today I had my second item from the vendy downstairs. I had the Fast Choice Fish and Cheese Sandwich by Pierre Foods, again. For $1.65 I received 5.75 ounces of…something…with the consistency and taste of a dirty, wet mitten. This item is apparently slightly better for you than Biz AZ Bubba Twins because the nutrition […]

BIG AZ Bubba Twins

There is a vending machine downstairs, recently installed, that contains a variety of dirt cheap refrigerated lunch products. They all look completely gross. So, since I’m the kind of guy who eats hot dog flavored potato chips just because they’re there, I’ve determined to eat one of each thing in that vending machine. Today I […]