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Why Fifth Third’s Online Banking Application Sucks

I used to love doing my online banking through Fifth Third. Their old system allowed me to make prompt payments that were immediately reflected on my balance, so I always knew exactly how much money was at my disposal at any given time. Their newish system threw all of that out of the window. I’ve […]

New Design

Well, I’ve got a new design up, finally. Doesn’t look too much different on the face. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, HTML5 and CSS3. If you’ve got the right browser, you might see some cool fonts and other stuff. As usual, it ain’t complete, if I ever get around to it some […]

Gill Sans Fatigue

I have Gill Sans fatigue. Its increasing ubiquity might merely be the result of my increasing awareness of various typefaces, confirmation bias, or something else, but everywhere I look, there it is. On all of the Colliers Ostendorf-Morris for-lease signs (and there are a lot of those in downtown Cleveland) on banners advertising luxury lofts, […]

Cobbler’s Children

Probably the best reason to call for good web standard practices and a consistent and logical approach to building websites is the ease with which such good planning enables future-proofing and upgrading how a site looks. In 2002, when I started this thing, I was blindly moving about using WYSIWYG, thinking I knew what CSS […]


I took part in my first crowd-sourced viral video campaign [even though I think those words aren’t being used in the correct way] for the U.S. National Design Policy Council. The video is below, but you can follow the rabbit-hole of more information by going here. The questions participants were asked to answer were: What […]

Interviewed by CNN Money

I was interviewed by CNN Money about the federal stimulus tracking site I wrote a more detailed post about it over at The Design State. I would also like to take this opportunity to state officially, and unequivocally, that I love squirrels.

An Event Apart – Chicago

I spent the better part of Sunday, all of Monday and the better part of Tuesday in Chicago at An Event Apart. I had an amazing time. The schedule was jam-packed with talks from 8:30 AM to early evening both days. Not only did I actually get to see a bunch of web luminaries in […]

[en]Forcing Synergy

While reformatting my work PC today, I browsed around the internet looking for thoughts on e-government and design. I came across an interesting research brief by Peter Muhlberger entitled Should E-Government Design for Citizen Participation? Stealth Democracy and Deliberation [Abstract] [PDF]. He has a few other papers that look down the alley I’m interested in […]


yeah, so learning CSS is harder than i thought. especially since the educational version of Dreamweaver that we have does not have any of the CSS attributes installed on it. Thankfully one of my fellow websavvy students has a CSS book that he is going let me borrow. but all of this junk with me […]