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I’ve pretty much always not been good at sports. This holds true despite the fact that I have a huge NCAA Championship ring that I’m allergic to wearing. In Little League I played left field and chased butterflies out of boredom. I had no idea about the correct timing to hit the ball. Elementary basketball […]

Training Day ?

I haven’t run consistently in weeks. Here are the excuses: I’ve been reading through 41 grant proposals. I’ve been directing my energies toward job searching. Running is destroying my knees. See? I don’t have very many of them. This is why having someone to run with is important. You don’t want to let them down […]

Training Day 58

I had an unintentional week off from running, mainly due to being back in the Bend, but also with job related business. I was supposed to run 7 miles today and I got in 5.5 before my left calf went Gordian on me. Stretch, test-run, walk::wash, rinse, repeat. I gotta just take my time and […]

Training Day 51

I had a crummy run today. I was supposed to put in six miles, but only did 2.5. My calves felt like bad clockwork. I think If I’d run much farther I would have torn something. No matter how much I stretched, they were still tense. Better take it easy.

Training Day 50

They say that it takes six weeks of any exercise program before you start noticing results. And by results, they usually mean weight loss. I don’t think I’ve lost much weight, apart from maybe a pound or two, but my body has definitely changed shape. I dropped a waist size and am now back to […]

Training Day 47

I think 12 miles is the longest distance I’ve ever run. I managed to do it in three minutes under two hours today, which is three minutes faster than pace. About 5 miles in I started singing “Venus in Furs” to myself, which is a very bad idea. “I am tired/I am weary/I could sleep […]

Training Day 46

After a week like this week, it isn’t really a surprise that I ran like a fiend today. Only three miles, but I busted it out like the fat kid in dodgeball and was raring for more at the end. I’ve got a 12 miler tomorrow though, so I didn’t run more. I finally got […]

Training Day 44

A little over 6 miles in a little under and hour today, but I was bushed. I did a truncated version of what I’m already coming to call the Bridge run, since I cross over Abbey, Carnegie and Detroit bridges, not to mention Bridge Avenue. When I extend it, I’ll also run over the W. […]

Training Day 36

I was supposed to run 10 miles over the weekend, but the weather was so bad that I had to put off the run until today. I put in 4 to 5 instead of the full ten, because the streets and sidewalks were still pretty ice-covered. My time was good nonetheless, and I’ll just crank […]

Training Day 31

I was supposed to run on Tuesday but I ended up sleeping instead and moved my schedule up one day for this week. So instead of getting next Monday off, it’ll be a cross-training day. I ran three miles again, but harder this time and cut a couple of minutes off my time. The wind […]

Training Day 27

I’ve’nt run 9 miles in something like 10 years when the cross country team used to haul ass from the highest point in the county [the high school] to almost the lowest [in a van down by the river]. I did it today though. And my legs friggin’ hurt. I think I’m pretty well cardio-vasculared […]

Training Day 25

So I was a jackass and didn’t run today. I had a three mile run scheduled but the motivation just wasn’t there, my calves are still pretty knotty and it was bitchass cold out. I’ve got more excuses than Wrigley has chewing gum, but I’m hoping that this tactical day off will let me do […]

Training Day 24

Well, it is definitely the cold air that makes my right knee wig out. Today was the first really cold day I’ve had to run in since the last time my knee hurt, and it started hurting again. I don’t understand why it is my right knee though. The left one is the one that […]

Training Day 23

Tuesdays will be three mile runs for the next forever. My times are improving, however. I’m not sure if it has to do with the new tires or if my body fully readjusted back into training mode. In any case, I did my three miles yesterday at my average time during high school and I […]

Training Day 20

I bought new shoes today, New Balance 808 Trail Shoes from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The 808s are last year’s model, and since the 809s just came out I got $35 dollars off the price of the 808s. New shoes are an important purchase, and it is incredibly hard to find good shoes when you have […]

Training Day 18

Today was a perfect day for running. I did my three mile workout in good time and then made myself a bowl of sausage and vegetable soup and a quart-sized smoothie. One smoothie for me fills up the whole blender, but the fat-free yogurt is just the sort of protein I need after a good […]

Training Day 17

My run happened a bit later than usual today because a buddy needed hauled out to Fairview Park to pick up his car. Despite the later running time, my gear was still wet from the rain the day before. That meant I was going to have to run in the craptacular cold in wet clothing. […]

Training Day 16

My knee doesn’t hurt anymore! I put in my three miles in good time with nary a twinge. Unfortunately, the Cleveland weather has sorted itself out and settled on the expected: nice weather on days I don’t have to run, rain, snow, ice, and cold on the days I do have to run. Motivation becomes […]

Training Day 13

Today was like running the gauntlet, wind, ice and suburban soccer moms doing kerb-checks in their Ford Planet-Eaters while making their weekly trip to the West Side Market. I had a seven mile run, but only completed four and change; the grillionth time I almost died from a wind gust pushing me off a bridge […]

Training Day 6

Today I had a 6-mile run, the first long run of my training session. I ran an average of 8:30 per mile which is pretty good considering I had to stop a few times to rest my right knee. I don’t know what is going on with that. I think it might be a pinched […]

Training Day 2

Today was the second day of my training for the 2006 Cleveland Marathon. I didn’t write about the first day because the first day was a day of rest. Jeff Schuler recommended Hal Higdon‘s training programs and I naturally selected the novice program to help me prepare. Here is a week by week look at […]

Race for the Cure

In which Adam recounts what it is like to run 5000 metres, among thousands of people, in the rain, while hungover.

Billy Bass Run for Help

Today I ran my first 5k in 2 or three years, the Billy Bass Run for Help. I’d link to the site, but the Greater Cleveland Red Cross is doing funky stuff to their website. I took it easy today and ran a 26:10. Not very good, but like I said, I didn’t run too […]

Breathing Again

i need to learn to breathe again. i went running today. i expected jellyfilled legs and a gimp knee since i’ve been out of comission for so long. my legs feel fine as does my knee, probably because i can’t breathe anymore. i didn’t even get to set a good pace before my lungs started […]