Race for the Cure

Saturday, 8 October 2005

This morning was the Race for the Cure for breast cancer and my workplace put together a team of folks to participate. I was the only one who signed up to do the run, so it was me running alone, as usual. Apart from the humongous crowd of course. But last night I hung out at the Lit for awhile and watched Mr. Manly Pad ply his trade until Liam showed up. He’s been activated. He’s probably going to end up in Iraq. Well, fuck. He’s in the National Guard and trained for medical supply, but since Iraq needs combat soldiers, he’s getting retrained for “nation building activities.” Since last night was my only night to hang with him while he is in town this weekend, we had a few beers on me. Hopefully he won’t be kept too far away from his year old daughter. I really hope he doesn’t get himself killed. Knowing him, he’d haunt my Guinness.

Then I got up at 7 this morning and biked to Voinovich Park which was like a street fair or something. I had a decent warm-​up and was ready to race at the 8:00 scheduled competitive race start time. Apparently they decided at the last moment to just combine the race and walk together so we all stood around for 15 minutes in the rain, feeling our muscles tighten up and get cold. The race started and the first mile or so was a madness of swerving and sudden speed changes, really threw off my pace. My pace didn’t really matter though because there were no distance markers apart from the water at the halfway point, so I had no idea how I was doing. My time was 26:51 or thereabouts. I’m content with that, considering the conditions. The bike ride home was not fun. My hands were numb and my muscles were like little yappy dogs with acid dogslobber. I just got done mopping the floor.

[UPDATE: My $20 better be the $20 that funds the finding of the cure because I’m sicker than dogshit now.]

Billy Bass Run for Help

Saturday, 6 August 2005

Today I ran my first 5k in 2 or three years, the Billy Bass Run for Help. I’d link to the site, but the Greater Cleveland Red Cross is doing funky stuff to their website. I took it easy today and ran a 26:10. Not very good, but like I said, I didn’t run too hard. At 9:00 it was already in the upper eighties. The course was pretty straight-​forward, a big loop and a smaller one. The end of the first mile comes at the hardest part of the course, running laterally up the long hill that leads down to the beach. The winning time was 17 somethingerother. The ubiquitous roadrace free t-​shirt was a bright blue.