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So far I’ve spent my second day of furlough catching up on various items around the house. I need to get back into the habit of writing here a bit more frequently. I keep thinking of things that are worth posting, but never actually sitting down to do so. A bunch of exterior work is […]

Second Arson & Neighborhood Still Good

While I was watching the Celtics/Bulls game, someone set fire to the abandoned building just catercorner from me on Holmden Court (the alley behind my house). Either the fire started back up around 3am or the arsonist came back to finish the job because the street was clogged with fire trucks. This is the second […]

Two Days

The last couple of days have been great. Good weather after a seemingly endless winter does that, I guess. Friday I got to work from home for the majority of the day since we were shooting a video for the Solid Waste District about the proper ways to dispose of latex paint. The night before, […]

Refinancing… or Not

A month or so ago I stopped into the downtown Fifth Third to inquire about the possibility of refinancing my mortgage. Now that rates have dropped I figured it was a good time to test the waters. I was told that I’d have to pay into the mortgage a bit more before I was eligible, […]


With all of the stuff I’ve been up to lately, doing a bit of writing has fallen by the wayside. Work on the house is still incomplete, but has slowed down because what remains isn’t critical quite yet. Once all of the painting is complete, and I’ve managed to get all of the doors rehung, […]

Home Updates

Although I’ve taken the last two weeks off of work to spend time with Abraham, I’ve also been doing [and having done] a lot of work on the house. I’ve been working on the room that you enter from the front door. For lack of a better term, I call it the parlor. Here are […]

Rationed Space

I’ve lived in this house for almost a year and I’m still not moved in. The work on fixing the place up continues, and tomorrow the embiggening of the bathroom and closet [to the dearth of the tiniest bedroom] begins. Since we’re in the process of painting the entry room, this means that 4 of […]

Cleveland Housing Affordability

There are some good interactive utilities out there for determining housing affordability based upon various metrics. The Center for Neighborhood Technology has a Housing + Transportation Affordability Index and the New York Times has a calculator that determines whether it is better to rent or buy based upon selectable criteria. There’s also WalkScore, which determines […]


I don’t know why this wasn’t published a couple of days ago. The new version of WordPress has some weird bugs in it. Life at home this week has been a flurry of task-dragon slaying. Every Thursday I clean a bit of the shed out back, piling up towers of junk on the curb for […]

Weekend Update

Yesterday was a bit of a wash in terms of accomplishment. I had some appliances delivered ass-early in the morning, which turned out to be excellent, because by 9am I was at the hospital with Debbie. She’d been having erratic contractions all night and since she’s 32 weeks along Colleen our midwife had us come […]


Forked over for some plant life this weekend. For the most part my yard takes care of itself, daffodils and tulips blooming everywhere and the roses starting their warm-up set. I had to repot some sort of succulent that I purchased in the depths of winter for my office, it is doing much better split […]

A Spring Spring

Took a first look at my springtime yard today, since it was so nice out. Last fall I deliberately didn’t rake any leaves, and the resulting piles acted as natural mulch on the lilies and other flora that are starting their primavera growth. The thorny rose stalks are even beginning to bud. I picked up […]

Next Door Neighbors

Not only did my crazy yelling neighbor get evicted, but the dude that lives upstairs, a relaxed and friendly guy, just got taken away by the cops on suspicion of gun possession. Based on what his distraught girlfriend was yelling from the balcony, someone gave a false report about it and she blamed the folks […]

Snow Accomplishments

I decided to go ahead and put my new design out there in its 40% done state. Having to see it whenever I look at my site should encourage me to finish it up. I’m using one of Eric Meyer’s reset styles as the base, and building from it. Eventually I hope to go through […]

Not Grounded

A few weeks ago when I installed a dimmer in the master bedroom, I was heartened to see that the wall box had a ground wire in it, waiting to be hooked up. I hoped that this was a good sign for the rest of the house, which has ungrounded sockets. Unfortunately, tonight when I […]

Renovation Update

This weekend I dropped a few grand on hardwood flooring. Yikes. I looked into buying the sustainable bamboo stuff, but it was twice as expensive as engineered hardwood. I have been painting with Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony paint though. It has no VOC and is anti-microbial in addition. I’m halfway done painting another room as well. I […]

Lunatic Neighbors

Last night at 4am I was awakened by the worst altercation I’ve heard yet from my moon-struck neighbors. The crazy lady yells at her man on a nearly daily basis; “fuck this, fuck that, fuckety fuck fuck, like Samuel L. in Pulp Fiction. She is so loud that she can wake me up when there […]


In other gym-related news, there is this dude who I’ve seen at the gym since I started going there that never lifts weights. He dicks around the entire time, almost always looking at himself in the mirror and going through the motions of lifting weights, setting up the bar, adjusting seat heights, switching out handles […]


My first mortgage payment was made the other day. Out of the hundreds of dollars I paid, less than $68 actual went to the principal balance, the rest disappeared into the vast realm of interest. It is going to be tough checking my bank account online and watching the balance dink lower. Work on the […]

Floor Enigma

I’m working on refinishing the floor in what will be my master bedroom once the floor is refinished. And other sundry stuff taken care of as well. Anyway, the refinishing was going fine until I hit this strange spot where the stripper refuses to work. It won’t soften the paint or anything. I put up […]

Wallpaper and an Overplayed Analogy

Renovating a house is a bit like taking the clothes off of a woman; there always seems to be one more layer. Today I was walking to the kitchen for some breakfast when noticed a corner curl of wallpaper sticking away from the wall. “Pull me”, it said. I pulled. The whole sheet of wallpaper […]

Linoleum Liberation

I’m spending my 4th of July soaking the dining room floor with water and scraping up the linoleum that was under the carpet and over the hard wood floors. I’ve been pulling staples and nails out of the floors for a couple of days, one room at a time and was getting quite dusty and […]

Drop-in [Hopefully Atypical]

The day after I got the keys to my house the previous owner showed up unexpectedly and invited himself inside. He’s an old Lebanese dude, and very attached to the house. I probably could have gotten $5k less on the price if they hadn’t felt so sentimental about the place. Anyway, this guy told me […]

Home Ownership

On Thursday I became a homeowner! What a friggin process it was though. I’ll go into more detail with that in a further post. Right now I’m enjoying my current disaster area. I pulled out all the carpet, padding and tackboard stuff that evening, so the floors are a bit rough right now. The wallpaper […]