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2010 Cleveland Dragon Boat Festival

I went to the 2010 Cleveland Dragon Boat festival with Bram on Saturday. We had a tough time getting there because I forgot just about all of the bridges in the Flats are closed, so we missed part of the opening ceremonies. And then we ended up leaving early because I got an inch long […]


I have home internet access again for the first time in nearly two years. Hopefully I’m enough used to not having it that I’ll forget that I can be completely unproductive by surfing all day. I do have quite a bit of web-catching-up to do. All is nearly back on schedule. I’ve started doing a […]

Notre Dame versus Army

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of my first Notre Dame game: Lou Holtz’s last home game as head coach of Notre Dame, and the last home game in the old stadium. And my 16th birthday present. After ten years I’m now a Notre Dame alumnus and supplying my Uncle Corbin with tickets instead of […]

Another Tremont Weekend

On Friday I spent about 5 hours on the ArtWalk, including judging a Muttsquerade, and on Saturday and Sunday I spent much of my time on the redesign of Tremonter. The design itself is pretty much finished, and now I’m just tweaking the configuration, adding more content and a bit more functionality. If I can […]

Tremont AlcoCrawl

I got sauced this weekend, since I organized and followed through with a tour of all the ritzy drinking establishments in Tremont. The Velvet Tango Room was by far my favorite, and I’m going to have to stop in for their complimentary sushi on Tuesdays. All the reviews start here and plenty of pictures are […]

Adam Pets a Shark

I went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo this weekend and took a bunch of pictures. For just $1 extra on the ticket price I got to see the Touch exhibit and feel up some rays and sharks. Did you know that the zoo is free to Cuyahoga County residents on Mondays from 10:00 until 4:00? […]

This Is A Test

Despite the fact that at any given time there are around 10 security-enabled WiFi connections, one can in fact get free WiFi by Claes Oldenburg’s FREE stamp if you hold your mouth just right. Thanks CaseGuest! You can also watch the lake and the plane from Burke promoting Christie’s Cabaret.


My album is back online and severely culled. You can get to it through the general info page as well. Rock on. Update: Oops. I forgot to mention that you must allow javascripts on your browser for the album to work. Peace.


Finally picked up my Spencer Tunick print from MOCA Cleveland this weekend. Now I just have to get it framed. If you can find me in this photo you are lying since I’m nothing more than a little splotch way up in the distance. Click the pigs for some context. Click the people for a […]