DSC01494I have home inter­net access again for the first time in near­ly two years. Hope­ful­ly I’m enough used to not hav­ing it that I’ll for­get that I can be com­plete­ly unpro­duc­tive by surf­ing all day. I do have quite a bit of web-catch­ing-up to do. All is near­ly back on sched­ule.

I’ve start­ed doing a bit of col­lage stuff on box­es and couldn’t tell any­body about it until the first one had been deliv­ered as a Christ­mas present. Of course I’ll be post­ing things as they’re done, all in the Crafty set of my Flickr account.

Notre Dame versus Army

DSC01458This week­end marks the tenth anniver­sary of my first Notre Dame game: Lou Holtz’s last home game as head coach of Notre Dame, and the last home game in the old sta­di­um. And my 16th birth­day present. After ten years I’m now a Notre Dame alum­nus and sup­ply­ing my Uncle Corbin with tick­ets instead of the oth­er way around. He made a good invest­ment, I think.

I came in on Fri­day and gave Megan a whirl­wind tour of cam­pus, and went to Jeremy’s to meet the newest mem­ber of his house­hold, Michael. At six months he looks more like nine months and is the hap­pi­est baby I’ve ever seen. We went to CJ’s and had the most deli­cious cheese­burg­er in exis­tence and then went home and relaxed a bit. I also had to make a big deci­sion this week­end, but there will be more on that tomor­row.

Game day was chilly, but that was expect­ed. Jere­my had an awe­some tail­gat­ing spot, a bonus of his employ­ment at ND. We had some burg­ers and donuts then went to see the band play and the play­ers walk to the sta­di­um. I got some decent shots that you can see in the Flickr set. We then lis­tened to the march­ing band play on the steps of Bond Hall and high­tailed it to the Main Build­ing rotun­da so we’d have a good spot to see the Trum­pet Sec­tion play. You can see video of this here [YouTube].

At the game itself, the Gold­en Knights Army Para­chute Team brought in the game ball. I taped that as well. Here it is [YouTube]. Then ND kicked the shit out of the the Army foot­ball team and we drove back to Cleve­land.

The entire Flickr set is here.

Another Tremont Weekend

DSC01291On Fri­day I spent about 5 hours on the Art­Walk, includ­ing judg­ing a Mutts­quer­ade, and on Sat­ur­day and Sun­day I spent much of my time on the redesign of Tremon­ter. The design itself is pret­ty much fin­ished, and now I’m just tweak­ing the con­fig­u­ra­tion, adding more con­tent and a bit more func­tion­al­i­ty. If I can just fig­ure out how to get the lat­est ver­sion of Dru­pal to import Mov­able­Type con­tent, I’ll prob­a­bly just go ahead and launch it. I might have to con­vert from Mov­able­Type to Word­Press to Dru­pal first.

The down­side to this is that the extra step will mean that the old MT links won’t redi­rect to Dru­pal like they do in pre­vi­ous ver­sions of the con­ver­sion. Cur­rent­ly it looks as though there is no way to port phpBB forums into a Dru­pal instal­la­tion, so I’ll just have to lock down that DB once the inte­grat­ed func­tion­al­i­ty of Dru­pal goes live.

I also had din­ner on Sun­day at La Tor­tilla Feliz, which was deli­cious, although just a lit­tle bit more expen­sive than the quality/amount of the food would sug­gest. Patrick told me this well over a year ago. I’ll prob­a­bly stop in often when I get the crav­ing for fried plan­tains though. Man those things are deli­cious. Please share any plain­tain recipes that you have.

Art­walk Pho­to­set, Mutts­quer­ade Pho­to­set, La Tor­tilla Feliz Pho­to­set.

Tremont AlcoCrawl

Outside 806I got sauced this week­end, since I orga­nized and fol­lowed through with a tour of all the ritzy drink­ing estab­lish­ments in Tremont. The Vel­vet Tan­go Room was by far my favorite, and I’m going to have to stop in for their com­pli­men­ta­ry sushi on Tues­days. All the reviews start here and plen­ty of pic­tures are here.

This Is A Test

This Is A TestDespite the fact that at any giv­en time there are around 10 secu­ri­ty-enabled WiFi con­nec­tions, one can in fact get free WiFi by Claes Oldenburg’s FREE stamp if you hold your mouth just right. Thanks CaseGuest!

You can also watch the lake and the plane from Burke pro­mot­ing Christie’s Cabaret.