Crust Punk Dream

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I’m looking for my dog on the “campus” of a “college” but every building should basically be condemned. The only people who use any of them are crust punks, anarchists, and really grumpy old people. They live in them too.

I go to a DIY art gallery/​house show and one half of the house is solely comprised of functional but really gross toilets. There are no walls, really, just supports where walls used to be. People keep challenging me with disingenuous questions about my thoughts on very specific issues of social justice like: “Why do you support the declawing of baby seals!?” And I’m all “Where’s the art and/​or bands and have you seen my dog?” And some lady comes by flinging some sort of liquid on people and saying something about holistic earth blessing, except it burns me and turns my flesh purple. Everyone looks at me and the lady says it’s arsenic water and that I’m a traitor. I pretend like I’m allergic and wig out so I can get the hell out of there and continue looking for my dog. Everybody calls me a liar.

I head to another house where I had left my pants, because I figure that’s where my dog will be. I’m trying to find a bathroom, but there aren’t any. I know my dog is here somewhere, but I keep running into ex-​girlfriends who tell me what a bad person I am. I’m all “What the hell, I’m just trying to find my dog!?” I go back outside and there’s my dog, so I go give her a good scratch.

Then I woke up and went to the bathroom.

I think this dream is about how I am annoyed by my perception that I’m required to take a stand and act upon every injustice when I’ve got my own problems that I’m trying to take care of, along with a dis-​ease that I’m the white moderate that Martin Luther King, Jr. talks about in Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Horror Comedy Adventure Dream*

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

So I own the House Of Leaves and my movie-​generic wife is swallowed by an evil crab-​walking toddler who crawls into a cupboard and morphs into a rolled up bath rug. Wu Tang Iron Fist RZA shows up to take care of the possessed house issue and brings U-​God with him. U-​God tries to saw into the wall but his hand turns against him and he cuts off his middle three fingers to protect himself and everyone else. RZA and I discuss options.

Cut to me trekking in the mountains with something like the Ark of the Covenant. Sherpas stumble, the lid comes off and a green hand leaps out and facehugs me, à la The Mask. À la The Tick, my head becomes a green hand, a bit like Chairface Chippendale. We are captured by Loki and taken to an underground temple where he uses us and a bunch of Germans for target practice.

My handhead has given me powers. I try to use it to grab the gunners like Mr. Fantastic, but that doesn’t work. Instead I run and grab Loki’s staff and I can use it. Everyone escapes but Loki who wants his staff back. I use it to create low frequency vibrations that collapse the temple on all 5 of him.

Outside, it turns out that his henchmen, who all wear tea cozies as masks are just a bunch of college bros earning some quick beer money.

*This dream was brought to you by cold medicine.

Another Adventure Dream

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Abraham slept from 8:30 to 5:00 last night, so I actually managed to have a long, involved adventure dream of the likes I’ve not had in quite some time.

The earliest part I can remember is that a friend of mine needed me to sell her a car. I wasn’t actually a car salesman, although I had an office at a used car dealership. I was sort of a PI/​answer-​man, so the owner of the dealership let me have my space because it brought people to the place to come see me.

All of this takes place in a Children of Men/​Half-​Life sort of near future. Eventually I wind up under government investigation and they’ve captured some of my “business associates” so a game of cat and mouse ensues where I have to figure out how to free them without being caught myself. There is a mole among all of the people I’m around, which makes it doubly hard. We’re the good guys, of course, fighting against a corrupt government. The division between rich and poor is extremely polarized. The rich are indolent, basically spending all of their time schmoozing, buying expensive stuff from flashy places and slumming. There was an interesing dynamic between the shiny storefronts and their dark back alleys. Restaurants where people are served plates of precious gems in high-​rise towers are steps away from guys playing Rube Goldberg-​like relays races with kegs and cases of beer.

I’m weaving my way through all of this, keeping one step ahead of the pursuit, and also trying to track down my love interest, who is avoiding me for some reason. I eventually run into her in a dingy outskirt at sunset, we finally admit that we love each other and then I figure out she’s the mole, but too late. I try to escape back into the flashy places, but they’ve been arranged so that I can’t escape.

I wanted to dream to continue, but the baby cried.

Dreamland Transportation

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Lately I’ve been having many dreams involving various forms of transportation and how they fail me. A frequent one has me in a tiny boat that keeps getting swamped from rough water, leaving me stranded in the middle of a lake; another has me trying to get my unwieldy bike down a steep and narrow staircase, with no railing or walls, a fall would mean certain injury.

I’m guessing these dreams are subconscious attempts to deal with my fears of maintaining a strong family and being a good father. It isn’t an easy task, and I’m not confident that I have a complete grasp on what it entails. Thus, the lack of control over my various forms of transportation.

The dreams could also reflect a similar stressor at work, with my current workload. I like being busy, but two designers and nearly 70 sites to maintain/​convert is a pretty hairy recipe. Thankfully we’re getting the designer I replaced back in mid-​May.

I suppose the dreams don’t need to have specific causes pinned to them; although it seems fairly clear to me that I’m feeling a distinct lack of control over my life; and for those who know me, they know I like to be in control.

Dreams, Lately

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A couple of nights ago I dreamed I was at a Guns ‘N Roses concert; they were playing Bön Jovi covers. In the dream, I kept trying to fall asleep, but kept myself awake because I didn’t want to miss the music. I ended up waking up fully because I tried so hard not to fall asleep, while I was already asleep. I’m assuming that I was trying to switch between sleep stages but not letting myself do so.

Last night I dreamed that some important guy had created a new, puzzling, adventurous world to explore; one of the puzzles was figuring out how to get into the world in the first place. I figured this out before anyone else; it was as simple as asking the man for the key. Once inside the world was Escher-​like, labyrinthine and full of junk. You had to sort through all of the junk to find the useful items for the journey. I figured out fairly soon that although the world was so large, none of the paths you followed got you anywhere. I realized that this was also an inherent puzzle to the world. Upon figuring it out, I could leave and get a true adventure from the man. Having proved myself, I did so.

I’ve been playing both Portal and Half-​Life 2 lately, so I think that gaming fired off that particular dream.

New Recurring Nightmare

Friday, 5 October 2007

My new recurring nightmare places me in something like an Egyptian tomb, at least in terms of decoration and danger, and the low ceilings, dim light, and definite sense of tons of weight overhead. I’m part of a team exploring this place for its treasures and dangers. There are many rooms, each with its own particular trap and the doors to the room are of the secret passageway revolving sort. In the first room each team member becomes fascinated with one trivial aspect to the exclusion of all others. This is bad as the chances of survival for one person alone [me] are virtually nil. I try to rescue them but the door to each room closes after a certain time so I have to leave or be caught. I go to another room, intending to rescue the other folks eventually, where some sort of demon critter tries to overwhelm me, I escape from here as well. Now all the rooms are opening and releasing their critters who are after me. I run back to the original room where I’m cornered. I’m trying to keep all these dudes at bay and manage to creak open the original door and yell for my teammates. Right before I’m overwhelmed they show up to be slaughtered but allow me time to attempt escape. I don’t make it, but always wake up before getting sacked.

I’m pretty sure this is just the 2.0 version of my old nightmare [mentioned in passing here] which is pretty obviously about abandonment, trust and being frightened about independence and my ability to cope with things. I know when I have the dream that I’ve had it before, but instead of lucid dreaming my way out of it, I just try to beat my subconscious at its own game.


Sunday, 9 September 2007

Weird dream last night. I’m in a spaceship with some random acquaintances who are my crewmates and we’re traveling through space and/​or time for some reason. The trip removes or retards all of our primary sexual characteristics but no one seems to care about that or anything much, except me, even when some folks die under mysterious circumstances. Eventually someone figures out that we’ve lost all ambition and will to power as well as the naughty bits. I still have some, but this is explained because I am Chief Engineer, and therefore have more in the first place. We’ve still got intelligence, but nothing to drive it.

We land on this planet and start a collective farm that looks like my Aunt’s in Noblesville, only not surrounded by development. There are lots of strange critters and more crew die, but no one is interested in helping out, or even mourning really. Then it turns out that one of the crew has become obsessed with a local devouring monster with spider-​like associations, and has been feeding other crew to it. This girl gets a cut on her finger trying to protect the evil thing when we burn the barn it is in, and an egg is secretly laid in the cut so another monster will be born and the crazy girl is sort of erotically and secretly pleased by this and doesn’t tell anyone. Somehow I just know it is going to hatch and devour her from the inside. I hate when my dreams set themselves up for obvious sequels. This one was especially weird due to the associations of gender identificaiton, sex drive, and ambition.