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About Giving Up

Giving up is something I’ve been trying to learn the last couple of years. It doesn’t come naturally to me (or any American, probably), but it does take away some chronic stressors. From a business standpoint, the things I’ve given up on are all things that have had no return on the investment I’ve made […]

Some Job Interview Basics

I’ve been on the other side of the table for job interviews the last few months. One thing that I’ve noticed is lack of candidate preparation in the interview process. I want to hire people who work hard to get the job they’ve applied for. Here’s what I like to see from a candidate: Clarity, […]


Over the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly learning how acceptance is a method of control. In this case, my definition of acceptance is the ability to recognize your own limitations and be honest about what that means in life. I want to say that this skill is an old person’s virtue, but that […]

Everybody wants to be the vanguard

I kibitzed a bit of online spill-over of an argument between anarchists, Occupiers, activists, & sundry interested parties regarding organizing & protesting around the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The discussion was about organizing & activist methodologies & the argument (whose provenance is in dispute) was about “diversity of tactics” which, as far as […]

A Wetting

we are hidden inside while it thunders when you call for me, in the three o’clock dark of my room, I roll off and curl fetal on the far side of the bed to test your temper. You come in, the dog’s eyes are sharper but the sound of your voice fills the room. You […]

All-American Hoodie Battle: HOMAGE v. American Giant

Almost a month ago, this tweet: Word-of-mouth! An $89 hoodie with a four-month waitlist! — Eric Minor (@EricMinorWVU) June 3, 2014 led to a bit of a challenge between two Made-in-America brands – HOMAGE & American Giant – that I volunteered to judge. @American_Giant @EricMinorWVU @HOMAGE @cutiepie9569 I’m planning on ordering an American Giant […]

Trying out Forestbare

So, yet again, one of my favorite men’s style websites, Well Spent, clued me in to a company selling exactly what I’ve been looking for. It might seem banal to you, but, as part of my quest to buy more American-made stuff & focus more on natural foods, cleaning supplies & grooming supplies, I was […]


I have some very wise friends. One of them has managed to discern and articulate an understanding of who I am that I, in my subjectivity, cannot. I am too close to myself to see all of me. I have been able to apprehend bits and pieces, but never comprehend the whole. Some aspects for […]

Heirlooms & Detritus

As I’m currently engaged in my biennial deep-clean of my house, I’m concentrating on getting rid of things that I don’t actively use. It’s an assortment of the usual stuff, clothes I bought, books I no longer want, etc. Disposing of that stuff is pretty easy, but this year I’m concentrating on the stuff I’ve […]


Als von des Drachen Wunden | floß das heiße Blut, Und sich darinne badete | der kühne Recke gut, Da fiel ihm auf die Achseln | ein Lindenblatt so breit: Da kann man ihn verwunden; | das schafft mir Sorgen und Leid. Das Nibelungenlied (928), Karl Simrock (1868 transcription) Last year had some pretty rough […]

A Further Examination of Beard Oil & Its Ramifications

Way back in September of 2013, I wrote a post about what it was like to lose my beard oil virginity. I’ve come a fair distance since Beard Oil & Its Ramifications, and I thought this might be a good time to revisit the issue. My beard is not as friggin’ huge as it was […]

For the Open Mic

I went to an open mic tonight. That might seem hypocritical based on my standard position regarding them, but this one was specifically for folks under 30. It was great. There wasn’t one person there whose name anyone who pays attention to Cleveland poetry would recognize. The poetry ran the gamut in terms of style […]

Digging Drifter Bags

I follow this style site called Well Spent. They “[feature] honestly crafted products that look good and don’t cost an arm and a leg.” Last week they did a Q&A with Drifter Bags. The first thing that struck me was that it was an Ohio brand. I shoved the link up on Facebook, and, lo, […]

David Bowie

I used to play a pirated copy of “Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?” on my DTK 386 back in, say, 1994. This was when “pirated” meant you just copied the files onto one of those 3.5″ floppies that AOL sent in the mail every two days. Since it was a pirated copy, I […]

Eating Better

There are lots of methods that folks evangelize about in terms of eating better. I don’t like to listen to evangelists, I learn from modeling and mentors. I learned some good things this summer that have helped me eat better and they’re pretty basic, so I wanted to share. Not evangelize. I don’t expect these […]

Beard Oil & Its Ramifications

So, beard oil is a thing that exists. I was intrigued that, thus imparted to me, in fact, some people oil their beards. The first thing I discovered is that beard oil is fucking expensive. The next thing I discovered is that making your own is only a modicum less fucking expensive. Dismayed but not daunted, […]

Cuckoo Wasps

and as the winged insects pour forth from hinged skull, a stretch no more than reason – the timbalous rudiments of flight on frisking wings – the staples of summered dusk – late sun shattering on nicks of stained glass – of infiltration – a stolen clasp of mind – a decanted vacuum where once […]

High Fives for Highlights High Five

My mom bought a Highlights High Five subscription for Abraham a few years ago. He loves it, and I make sure to leave it in the mailbox for his retrieval each time a new issue arrives. Reading to Abraham is always great fun, but I am quite conscious of how difficult it is to find […]

Father’s Day

I don’t really have a conception of what Father’s Day is like for dads in two-parent homes. By the time I reached the age where I could effectively understand what it might mean to my own father, he was no longer a part of my life. My son doesn’t know what it means any more than […]

A Decade of Organic/Mechanic

Somewhere in the last couple of months this weblog had its 10 year anniversary. It was emo and ill-written 10 years ago, and I’m sure at least one friend would still claim that it is. For me, browsing through the archives offers a good recapitulation of where and who I was, and how I’ve become […]

Groundhog Dream #2

One of the most interesting things about dreams is how we can hold them fully understood in our minds but, when we try to write them down, the structure collapses. This not only illuminates the imperfection of written or spoken communication, but also, more subtly, indicates the natural illogic and unreasonableness of our minds. A […]


I’ve been thirty for a couple of days now, but as I sit here watching The Return of the King & eating pizza rolls, life doesn’t seem that much different now than when I was 15. It is, of course. I’ve always been someone who wants to be taken more seriously than my age would […]

Brain Crumbs

I used to have a sideblog for one-offs, riffs and links, now that’s what Facebook is for. However, here are some things I picked up on, realized, or thought about over my trip to Indiana last week. The first thing is one I’ve always wondered about: Why is the Yellow Freight Company’s logo orange? I […]

New [to me] Wheels

I have a great family. My mom came up for Easter and spent a lot of time with Bram. Today we made an impromptu trip to Fort Wayne so I could buy a car from my uncle. Just like the last time I bought a car from him, he gave me a great deal. They […]

In Defense of the Catholic Church

I’ve been keeping a leery weather eye on the current incarnation of the chronic Catholic priest sex abuse scandal. It disgusts me. If you are Catholic and you have informed yourself about this current batch of priestly rape and torture of children and you ignore it, equivocate, rationalize, or otherwise attempt to defend or mitigate […]

Batshit Apace

The sheer, unadultered, WTF craziness that is this week continues apace. And it’s only just afternoon on Tuesday. Normally I’d be grouchy as all hell, but I’ve heard so many other relations of grouchiness from friends, family, coworkers and Facebook, that my anthropological observation mechanisms queued up my confirmation bias and now I’m just fascinated […]


The new semester has kicked off and any semblance of a holiday has finally left the building. The class I’m taking for the next 4 months is Applied Quantitative Reasoning. The instructor doesn’t appear to be a hard-ass, but he’s playing everything exactly by the CSU policy guide. I get the feeling because it’s easier […]

Cumulative Review Part 1 – The Crap!

From what I’ve seen, read and talked about with others, the consensus is that the first decade of the new millennium, the first decade of actual worldly-awareness on my part, sucked. For the most part, I’ve got to agree. Global terrorism, genocide in Africa, two unwinnable wars, Americans torturing people, two recessions (or economic downturns, […]


I had to take the day off of work because Bram has an ear infection. First we had to spend an interminable 2.5 hours at MetroHealth, but getting his $3 prescription one door down from the pediatric clinic was nice. It’s that pink stuff that tastes like bubble gum. Instead of studying for my Intro […]


Today was long and fruitful. I learned much, but the main thing is something I figured out just now as I fired up the browser to write this post. This last year has been a subconscious seeking of new pathways and challenges. I started two new blogs, joined the W3C, joined GovLoop, started the pursuit […]

Knee News

So I went to an orthopedic guy at MetroHealth to talk about my chronic knee trouble. He was the sports medicine orthopedic guy, a competitive cyclist and triathlete. We had a good chat. The initial x-rays on my knee showed a good amount of cartilage which was promising news. Dr. Schaefer still gave me an […]

Health Fair

At the health fair I learned many great things. They are great events that more people should take advantage of. I learned that my BMI says that I’m overweight (but only just). This is something I’ve known for awhile. I’m stuck at 190-192 and I should really by around 182-185. That’s my comfortable weight, and […]

Life is Good

My life has been extremely great lately. Abraham is a person now, even though I sometimes think we used too many monkeys when assembling him. He is someone I can interact with and play with all the time. I can anticipate the direction he’ll grow and be constantly surprised by how often I’m right and […]

Money Funnel

Today was a zoo. Got up early to do some fall cleaning, just the bedroom today. Finished at 9pm tonight. Upstairs tenant moved partially out today, roofers tore off and replaced part of the balcony roof, gas man came out to verify a leak (or three) in our natural gas line (end result, no gas […]

Public Administration So Far

A little bit below this are some good [but somewhat too dispassionate] quotes about the field of public administration. I keep waiting to read about how the civil service is service to the citizen, but I have a feeling I’m going to be reading lots more about pragmatic influence wrangling before I ever get to […]

Health Care

You can find any number of personal anecdotes about the health care in America just about anywhere in America you go. I’m late to the game, but I’ve got a story too. It’s not an outrageous outlier, or an edge case about just how messed up the health care system is. There’s too much pushing […]

Up To Two

Most of what’s been going on in my life and through my mind lately hasn’t really warranted a full post, but here are a few things: Carbon Motors & Connersville For years I gave my hometown, Connersville, IN nothing but scorn. Probably like most teenagers treat their hometown. Now that I’ve a family of my […]

Antiques Road Trip

I rented a truck in order to haul back an antique dresser that I picked up at auction in Indiana for $150. On the way back from the Independence Day celebration at my aunt and uncle’s (where I was bequeathed 3 antique chairs), since we already had the truck, we stopped at the Heart of […]


I’ve rarely been busier or more interested in what I’ve been doing lately. I was telling Debbie the other day that it is nice to have so many varied things to do that in my free time all I want to do is read instead of playing video games or something else. BLACKHEART Cleveland has […]

Other Swimming Holes

I’ve been very busy lately over at The Design State, and swimming around the eGovernment, Gov 2.0 web. Keeping in the GovLoop. Today I became an Invited Expert on the W3C’s eGovernment Interest Group. I’m trying to expand my expertise in my field, and talking with peers from around the globe on how they are […]

The Face of Solid Waste

This is the second video we’ve shot at my house for a County agency. I’m in this one instead of my offspring. We’re shooting another video for the Solid Waste District tomorrow, for their twice-annual Household Hazardous Waste round-up. My mug will be in that one too. One of my coworkers dubbed me The Face […]

Two Days

The last couple of days have been great. Good weather after a seemingly endless winter does that, I guess. Friday I got to work from home for the majority of the day since we were shooting a video for the Solid Waste District about the proper ways to dispose of latex paint. The night before, […]

Interviewed by CNN Money

I was interviewed by CNN Money about the federal stimulus tracking site I wrote a more detailed post about it over at The Design State. I would also like to take this opportunity to state officially, and unequivocally, that I love squirrels.

Weekend Update

I went for a run for the first time in a dog’s age today. Put in a little over 3.5 miles at 11 minutes a mile. Not so good, but not that bad for a 28 year old with an arthritic knee, a 9 month old, and a year plus of mostly sedentary living. My […]

Star Trek versus Star Wars

Let me open my big bag of geek here for a second. I always preferred Star Wars to Star Trek, but Debbie is a Trekkie, so when I decided to watch every episode of MST3K, she countered with a request to watch all ten of the Star Trek movies. I groaned, but agreed. Debbie was […]

Music Nazi

This may come as a surprise, but I’m a bit of a pole-in-the-ass organizing nazi. I’ve spent over the last year slowly tagging my music collection. Way back in the day I used RealJukebox as my media player of choice, it was basically iTunes before iTunes existed. The thing I liked best about RealJukebox was […]

The Twitter Nefarious

I’ve decided to use Twitter for my own nefarious purposes. I’ve never really liked the looks of the thing, and it seems incredibly boring viewed from the most common uses in which I’ve seen it implemented. It has also resulted in people referring to other people in comments using the @ symbol, which is mind-bogglingly […]

8-bit NES versus HDTV

A few months ago I shelled out for a flat-screen LCD. It is more energy efficient than my old CRT and much nicer for watching movies, which is almost all that we use it for. We also use it to play games on my original NES. Unfortunately, as I just recently discovered, I can’t use […]


Ever since I found out that Abraham was incoming, I’ve not worked out. First, I broke my elbow and big toe, then my membership at the gym ran out, then the weather turned nice right when Abraham showed up. I’ve put on about 15 pounds that I need to take off. Cardio and less gorging […]

Christmas Post-mortem

It is nice to be back home in Cleveland. I spent a week back in my old Indiana stomping grounds; mainly eating and visiting with my family. Christmas itself was excellent, even though I only managed to scrape together 2 hours of sleep after midnight mass. The grandparents and anyone who was on our Christmas […]

RIP Tremonter

I killed Tremonter tonight. It was a good experiment, and taught me a lot about the neighborhood. Through it, I met a bunch of wonderful neighborhood people and another bunch of wonderful Cleveland people. Through it, I became part of the Cleveland Foundation’s Neighborhood Connections Grant Committee, and was sent to some neighborhood leadership training […]

The Design State

I’ve started a new project called The Design State. It’s a weblog about government web design. I decided to start this up after attending An Event Apart. Much like Tremonter was started to educate me about the neighborhood I live in, The Design State is also meant to be autodidactic. There is no dearth of […]

I Voted Early

Today I voted at the BOE. Let me tell you, they are prepared. You should go vote early if you haven’t already. There are two large rooms full of people eager to make voting as easy as possible. It looks like there are a couple hundred available voting booths. The longest part of the process […]

Five Thirty Eight

While I was in Chicago, a couple of the guys from 538 rolled through Cleveland. Awhile ago, when they started their On The Road series, I sent Sean and Nate an email asking them to let me know if they needed any help if they came to town. They didn’t spend a day in Cleveland […]

Taking Stock

With the stock market acting like a bead of grease on a hot griddle, lots of folks have been talking about how the incoming 401k reports are going to affect the election. I don’t have a 401k; since I’m a public employee, my pension is managed by OPERS. I haven’t gotten that statement yet, but […]

Obama for President

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time. The power is out at work today, so I’m unexpectedly home with some time on my hands. My family, for the most part, and most vocally my uncles, are staunch Catholic Republicans, and have been for as long as I can remember. I was […]


So apparently the Toadies are back together sans Lisa Umbarger on bass. They had a new album called No Deliverance come out on August 19, and they are going to play the Grog Shop on on October 15. I am so there. The first and last time I saw them was right before their breakup, […]

Ticket Trials

I managed to get season tickets to the Notre Dame home games this year. This year it also looks like I won’t be able to go to any of them. Having a five-month old and limited child-care options will do that to you. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to enter the […]

Taxi Driver

A wannabe Travis Bickle in a green-colored van-taxi tried to kill me on my ride home from work today. It tried to squeeze me off of the road three times, the last time it cut me off, slammed on its brakes, and went up on the curb. Apart from blessing him with a few choice […]


With all of the stuff I’ve been up to lately, doing a bit of writing has fallen by the wayside. Work on the house is still incomplete, but has slowed down because what remains isn’t critical quite yet. Once all of the painting is complete, and I’ve managed to get all of the doors rehung, […]

How Many MPG?

The most common semi-smarmy question I get about riding my bike to work is: “How many MPG do you get with that thing?” So I decided to do more bike math. There are 2080 calories in one gallon of 2% milk. Using the calories burned count from last year [220 calories per day [6.6 miles […]

Custom Bike Project

While my Mongoose gets me too and from work dependably, the thing is so heavy and bulky that riding it into the wind is a real bitch, especially since I can’t even pretend to ride the thing in an aerodynamic fashion, it’s a mountain/road hybrid after all. When I was a kid I had a […]

Classes and Exercise

I’m taking Basics of Programming; Intro to ASP.Net; Intro to SQL and JavaScript classes this summer. So far I’ve had one each of ASP.Net and SQL. I’ve learned a bit about ASP.Net programming through having to mess with the code of the County’s CMS and tweaking what the developers provide me, but the class is […]


$30 isn’t a successful yard sale. I was pretty crabby that day; but that was made up for by grilling stuffed pork chops on Monday, making homemade green tea ice cream, and finding out that home renovations can continue next Monday. I just have to get rid of all the unsold yard sale crap, the […]


So Debbie calls me yesterday from the hospital. A kid fell on her and the kid. Or, to be precise, a kid pushed a kid right into her belly. I’d never ridden my bike home so quickly, and rolled out to Huron hospital to find out that everything was okay. So we sat starving [not […]

Lottery League Recap

To all those who have negative things to say about the future of Cleveland, I submit the Lottery League. I showed up to the Beachland about 20 minutes before the show started and stayed for the duration. The ache in my feet and knees today is a testament to the fact that I’m not as […]


Watched a hunting peregrine falcon from my office window and another raptor, much larger, stopped in for an inspection. Didn’t look much like a bald eagle, but could have been a juvenile; they don’t have the markings yet. I don’t know of any other sizable birds of prey in this area. Lost my fountain pen. […]

Video Variations

Quite the puzzle; the last little bit. After getting my iMac back in November, I had to refigure the best way of taking vids from my consumer model still camera and getting them YouTube ready. Hassle. Apples don’t like MPEGs, so I had to figure the loop-de-loops to get MPEG to MOV to MPEG, so […]

Pennsylvania Vacation

Debbie and I spent three days in Pennsylvania for a last gasp at coupled freedom before the Kid arrives. I planned out our itinerary well in advance and we had a great time; plenty of stuff to do and plenty of time to do nothing. We left Monday morning and went to Pittsburgh where our […]

Emo Tantrum

As I passed the House of Blues today on the way to my bus stop I saw a high school emo boy throwing a tantrum at his girlfriend. She caught it and threw it right back, but was certainly the more “mature” of the two. He was almost high-step stomping his way toward me with […]

Coroner Lamaze

I was at the County Coroner’s Office yesterday for a meeting about redoing their website, currently one of the oldest in the County. After the meeting we were given a tour of the facilities, which are impressive. I learned a lot about their procedures, saw where the autopsies are performed [on the top floor, with […]

New Board of Elections Site

The reason I’ve been putting in so many late hours since the first of the year is now live to the world. The new Cuyahoga County Board of Elections site is now live. Our whole group has done pretty much nothing but recode the site from the ground up since January 1st. I put together […]


Life has been too busy to pay much attention to this website. I’ve got a redesign about halfway done, but it will continue to languish until I don’t have to put in quite so many hours at work; so, after the March 4 Primary. There have been a lot of errands to take care of […]

Notes, Lately

$110 will get you approximately 250 items of secondhand baby clothes. No one needs to buy us anything resembling a baby cloth for at least the next 9 months. The Bobby website accessibility validator is no longer available online. It is now bundled into a piece of IBM software for purchase only. This makes it […]

Bear Paw Mittens

I received bear paw mittens for Christmas, and they’ve become my favorite gift. They give me near endless amusement, I get to act like a bear and make infinite puns about doing things with my bear hands. In addition to this, I also get to act like a bear and make infinite puns about my […]

Work at Work

The new year always kicks off some great new projects at the County, mostly because everyone has money to spend after budget approval. The focus last year was getting the new county home page off and running, and in the year since we’ve made sufficient technological progress that the home page now requires another rewrite. […]

Recently Read Resonations

The creation of enclaves of like-minded people had a second effect: It made both liberal groups and conservative groups significantly more homogeneous — and thus squelched diversity. Before people started to talk, many groups displayed a fair amount of internal disagreement on the three issues. The disagreements were greatly reduced as a result of a […]

New Year Announcement

I’m pregnant. That’s right, you heard me. To be perfectly specific, my girlfriend Debbie is pregnant. I’m going to be a father! We’re going to be parents! This wasn’t expected or planned, but we both want children so we’re making the best of it. This news explains the intermittent noise amid all of the radio […]

New Hybrid Apple

Nearly a month ago I received my new iMac. I got the 20″ with a 750GB HD, 2.14GHz Core Duo and 1 GB of RAM. I ordered it after October 26th, so it shipped with Leopard. My intention in getting an Intel-based Mac was so that I could avoid all of the cruft that now […]

The Price is Wrong, Bitch

I used to watch The Price is Right all the time with my grandparents. It came on and still comes on at 11am, right when they’d eat lunch. Plinko was my favorite game, of course; my least favorite: Blank Check. Today in the Canteen at work The Price is Right was on with Drew Carey […]

City of Illusions

I finally had the chance to try out the Euclid Corridor today, riding the #6 to a Flash ActionScript class at the Cole Center for Continuing Education. When I started at the ISC just over a year ago the director emphasized his encouragement for us to take skill-building classes. If there was an award for […]


Birthdays get progressively more boring as one ages. Other than the initial “Yay It’s my birthday!” upon waking up today isn’t going to be much different than usual. Although I might stop by Dave’s and pick up a sugar-cream pie on my way home. Oh man, I love me some sugar-cream pie. One year ago, […]

Physical Therapy II

I had my second physical therapy appointment today. The therapist put heat on my bicep for ten minutes and then gave it a massage for a bit more. She thought that it might be tightened and preventing my arm from full extension. She was right, a bit. I’ve made good progress with the exercises already, […]


I received an Airport Express Base Station today and just got it configured. It was nearly a life-changing experience. My speaker-out jack has been busted for 9 months or so, so listening to music on my computer while doing other work was nearly impossible. But thanks to AirTunes and the handy 3.5mm stereo-mini jack on […]

Physical Therapy

I had a physical therapy appointment today at MetroHealth. I must say, I’m impressed with their hospital. They’ve got excellent, good-natured staff, and they follow-up on small problems like a dachshund down a badger hole. I’m sans 70# of grip strength in my right arm because of the broken elbow, and my range of motion […]

Titanic Trashcans

My street just made the cut to be one of the pilot areas for a retry at Cleveland Curbside Recycling. I’m quite pumped about this because I recycle most of my waste, and piling it into my car and driving to the nearest dropoff point seemed a bit cockeyed. My cans showed up today. In […]


The doctor told me that I don’t need a sling anymore, [the elbow is still broke-joke, but a sling would hinder more than help healing] and gave me a better boot to wear while my toe heals. What I haven’t figured out is how the hydrocodone and prescription-strength ibuprofen is affecting me. I try to […]

Halloween 2007

This is the first Halloween in something like a decade in which I’ve not watched The Crow on Devil’s Night and The Rocky Horror Picture Show on All Hallows Eve itself. What with my double-gimpédness and various other responsibilities, I had to forgo the pleasure. I did, however, get to hand out candy for the […]


A few months ago the web group at the ISC was approached by a local design firm to host and code, a site meant to provide information about art put on the construction fence surrounding the Breuer Tower, a space for public comment on the construction, and an interactive Flash gadget where visitors could […]


Even with my wisdom teeth extracted, in addition to all of the other current injuries, it all still hurts less than one dislocated kneecap. However, it is hard to do most anything without the use of my dominant arm. It is pretty much like I only have one arm, period. It is hard to wash […]


It is starting to get cold enough that I am anticipating the end of bike-ride-to-work season. I was surprised this morning to feel a pang of regret over this. The early morning exercise, concentration and surprises [like the groundhog across from the VTR] helped me be a better worker. That was written yesterday. There is […]

Paper Crane

You can make six paper cranes out of one letter-sized sheet of paper. The two smallest ones would make perfect earrings. The conundrum is that the language to describe the ineffable splendors and possibilities of our lives takes time to master, takes a certain unhurried engagement with the tasks of description, assessment, critique, and conversation; […]


On my wet, windy walk to work this morning, a broken umbrella flapped on the sidewalk like a dying bird. Lamb says somewhere that if, of three friends (A, B, and C), A should die, then B loses not only A but “A’s part in C,” while C loses not only A but “A’s part […]

Ticket to Where?

I’ve finally started painting, I have to have three rooms completely painted by November because I’m getting flooring put in then. My life has been topsy-turvy of late, very busy and alternating between ridiculously stressful and ridiculously chill. I think it is going to take another few weeks before I know for sure where I’m […]

Attack of The Stupid™

The only downside to having a second generation iPod Shuffle is that the damn thing is so tiny you can lose it fairly easily. I can’t find mine. I remember getting into my car last night and taking it out of the ashtray, but I don’t remember where I put it. I searched for awhile […]


Tequila and I got reacquainted last night. Our relationship has matured and doesn’t hurt me as much as it used to. I surely needed some of that after getting called into work yesterday for six hours of frustrating, ill-planned, deadlined updates. I was gung-ho to get some significant work accomplished at home. The Blue Collar […]


Decided to head into work a bit later than usual today and biked into Jeff Schuler at the downtown end of Carnegie bridge. He invited me to the brief Bike to Work Day meetup at A.J. Rocco’s and I tagged along and met a few folks. Ended up with a Cleveland Bikes t-shirt and a […]

Cleveland Plus Craigslist

I see plenty of those huge banners downtown and billboards in the immediate Cleveland vicinity promoting Cleveland Plus, but I’ve yet to see one anywhere outside of Cleveland proper. I was under the impression that this marketing campaign is for folks outside of the region, trying to attract them [and business] here. Has anyone actually […]


I’m retiring this week. I got a wire through my back bike tire on the way home from work last night; I was coming around the corner of Abbey and Columbus at a good clip and the back tire felt fat and fishtaily making the turn, so I got off, checked, and ended up walking […]

Illustrator Class

I’m taking an Illustrator class at CSU’s CCE. I’ve picked up a couple of good tips, but what I’m starting to discover is that all of these continuing education courses move far too slowly for me. These classes only move at the pace of the slowest student, which is typically someone who has never used […]

Things I Learn

How DNS works. How to set up a Mac share that is accessible by PCs. How good challah bread is. Especially with Boar’s Head tavern ham, a slice of edam and some brown sugar and pecan mustard. [I’m also aware of just how religiously inappropriate that sandwich is.] That sex can sometimes feel so good […]

Busy Few Days

It has been a busy few days. Thursday was the Night to Unite which I have a bunch of photos of since I let Amy use my camera. Friday I ended up working a bit later than usual since some important web maintenance came in right at the end of the work day and I […]


In other gym-related news, there is this dude who I’ve seen at the gym since I started going there that never lifts weights. He dicks around the entire time, almost always looking at himself in the mirror and going through the motions of lifting weights, setting up the bar, adjusting seat heights, switching out handles […]


Lou shot me an email today to help him restore his WordPress after his site was hacked, he came over right after I got home and we fixed it fairly quickly. Then he and I met up with Shawn at the Lincoln Park Pub for Taco Tuesday and I ran into my old boss. Found […]

New to Me

My tolerance has been wearing thin lately for unreasonable bullshattery. I’ve got a pepper-pot of rants a-simmer on a fair range of topicality and have for some time. My typical behavior is to only be as salty as necessary when necessary, but I’ve had some visions of using my still camera and making some video […]


I thought I just invented a word, a portmanteau of man and answer: manswer. This word would indicate a man-standard response to a given question. Thus, Question: “Honey, do these pants make my ass look big?” Manswer: “Baby, you look great in everything you wear.” or Question: “Want another beer?” Manswer: “BELCH.” Turns out the […]

Library Table Finally and Sidebar

I ran around the secondhand furniture stores and antique strip on Lorain today in search of furniture. I’d forgotten how ridiculously over-priced most of the antique places are compared to back in Indiana, but I lucked out and found a dude actually interested in selling some merchandise and finally picked up the exact kind of […]

A Few Notes

Samurai Appliance Repairman rules. HyperTemplates has some sweet stuff, but finding it is a bitch. I swear to God that the panhandling one-legged saxophonist that sits outside the West Side Market on Saturdays was playing Albert Ayler’s Love Cry today.

Dream City Box

I made another collage box last week. I’m still lacking a critical mass of materials to choose from but I think this one turned out a bit well despite the restrictions. It was also a welcome break from washing wallpaper glue, scraping linoleum off of wood floors and noticing various cock-eyed tipsies in my 107 […]

Flash Class Redux

I’m taking another Flash class today, this time through CSU instead of Tri-C. Not only is it cheaper for a longer time period, but my instructor actually knows what the hell he is talking about instead of constantly having to backtrack and recant and figure things out as he goes along like the last dude. […]

Bicycle Calculations

I’ve come to enjoy riding my bike to work, even on days like today when it is 82 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. It saves me money and is good exercise. For me it doesn’t take much longer than driving either. Time seems to be the #1 factor that people ask about; there seems […]


I have exactly 15 ft3 of books. Not all of them are pictured. I am worried that 15 ft3 is too few? I can build a sweet fort out of them though. I can’t figure out if I have too much crap or not. Packing things typically makes me run across stuff that makes me […]


You know social networking has jumped the shark when your university creates its own social networking site. It is a bit primitive, but they’ve got a thing where you can add your own HTML snippets. Could be good, could be bad. If they don’t have it locked down, someone could send some serious virulence through […]

House Hoop Stress

Buying a house is ridiculously stressful. I’ve never had to jump through so many hoops, had so many balls to juggle and people and things and documents and who knows what to coordinate in my entire life. I’ve been on the ball the whole time, but waiting for other folks to catch up or follow […]


I’ve been making lots of phone calls to various utilities and insurance companies lately and it appears that I’ve walked into some sort of Alterna-Earth where the automated phone services I’ve had to utilize and the operators at the end of the line are all eager to facilitate a swift and hassle-free transaction. This started […]

Canada 2007 Wrap-Up

After 21 hours in a van with 4 old men this is what I look like. I’m finally back in Cleveland and despite the excellence of my trip, the city was a sight for sore eyes. I had 12 messages once I got cell reception back, most from my banker and realtor and each more […]

Canada 2007 Day 7

Day 7 and my trip is mostly at an end. We got up early and made one last jaunt to Lost Lake to get our limit in walleye. After returning to camp we had a long chore of packing and cleaning ahead of us before we could enjoy steak night. Now that it is over […]

Canada 2007 Day 6

I got up around 5am today and went out with my cousin Luke to cast for pike before the old folks woke up. The night before I beat my Uncle Corbin by 72 points at bid Euchre. Overall, Luke and my boat had the best day, we came home with 3 walleye, one of which […]

Canada 2007 Day 5

Best day yet, at Lost Lake. I caught another trophy walleye and we tied our boats together and ate lunch in the middle of the lake. We’re eating fish again tonight so that we can go out and fish more tomorrow. We’re sitting right at our limit for the next half hour or so, then […]

Canada 2007 Days 3 and 4

Day 3 sucked. I didn’t catch a damn thing worth keeping. Today was almost as slow, but I caught a 24.5 inch, 4 pound trophy walleye, which made up for the drought. We’ve had some serious thunderstorms, too. Thunder and lightning rattle-cabining. My neck was ridiculously stiff yesterday, so Luke lent me a Vicodin and […]

Canada 2007 Day 2

Another good day of fishing, although the after-dinner fishing trip was less-manned due to scotch and thunderstorms. I only caught a mid-sized walleye, unfortunately, but my boat driving skills gave Corbin some nice catches. One of his friends caught a nice 34.5 inch Northern Pike that we released so someone else will have the chance […]

Canada 2007 Day 1

The Junior Boys lasted 4 minutes until the first complaint, so I ended up riding with Luke in his new truck; much better for all parties involved. First day at the lake resulted in 8 keepers, although 6 would have been better, one walleye and one sauger were a bit undersized for my liking. We […]

Rise Up

Post-game pandemonium. Coming back from Rafeeq’s; titties on top of Honda Civics on West 25th [they cease to be breasts and become titties when displayed as such] and Escalades blazing at the Lorain stop light. Streets filled with hoots and hollers. Rise up, motherfuckers. Rise. Up. [Update: “two more honda civics were stolen in the […]

I Only Come Out At Night

I’ve had this rash that has recently become a full body thing; it itches like a cayenne porcupine. Miracle of miracles, I managed to get not one, but two doctor’s appointments today; one with my primary care physician and one with a dermatologist. I was pleased to discover that every lifestyle question they asked about […]


I’m putting a bid in on a house today. This is serious business. I think that I’ve done as much research, planning and judgment as possible. I’ve consulted friends, neighbors, countrymen, undocumented immigrants, stray cats, augurer and haruspex. I’ve even done the math n times. Everything seems to be working out. Even with all of […]


One of my coworkers told me that I’m bowl-legged today. This is true. I tend to walk as if my insteps are treading an invisible line. Despite my bowl-leggedness, I still get knock-kneed, especially when running or around a pretty woman. All of this supports my theory that my legs tend to operate as a […]

Indians versus Twins

My buddy hooked me up with two suite tickets to the Indians v. Twins game last night. Free beer, free food, seats to the right of behind home plate, a flat screen TV with the Cavs game on inside the heated room, et cetera. At one point he checked outside and noticed that everyone in […]

Punk Rock Softball

Today, after missing it for two consecutive years due to not being sufficiently committed to in-the-loopness, I finally made it to a Punk Rock Softball game. I realized that no one who does it really likes to call it Punk Rock Softball, which is appropriate. I probably diminished its punkness by my mere presence, and […]

Bumper Stickers

I don’t drive very much anymore, but the last two days I’ve been at the Tri-C Corporate College West taking a class. What I’ve noticed on the drive to Westlake these two days is a preponderance of W04 stickers, Kerry-Edwards stickers and now the odd Obama08 sticker. I’m pretty sure I’ve bitched about this before, […]

Web Accessibility

My current focus is bringing my web accessibility, Section 508, and other usability guidelines to a higher level. To that end, The University of Washington’s massive and extremely useful Accessibility site has been a great help. And I only found it yesterday.


I’d say I’ve smelled someone smoking up in downtown Cleveland at least six times since I started work thataway. Usually on Ontario right before Public Square, but once I smelled it oh so briefly, on the bus, on Carnegie Bridge, right above the Cuyahoga. I think the neighborhood skunk or one of its progeny has […]

Club Soda

Club Soda does miracle work on my pots and pans. When the metal is still spotty after a wash I can pour a little club soda in the pan, let it sit for a bit and then wash it again and they pretty much disappear. Sweet Jesus!

Broken Switch

My Dell laptop is right at two years old and is starting to disintegrate on me. The sound only works if I plug a jack into it, the forward slash key only works if you press the top-right corner and the whole she-bang is getting bogged down because of my inability to reformat the bastard. […]


Although I’m no Jeff Schuler or Andy Timithy in terms of hardcore biking, I think I’m going to start riding my bike to work come Monday. I was gonna grill on Sunday but it looks like thunderstorms. I got my order from Toms Shoes yesterday. They are as comfortable as they say. I didn’t believe […]

PhotoShop Class

I took a PhotoShop class all day today just down the street from my office. I learned a metric fuckton of info that I can’t wait to put into practice. I used to wonder what could be so important that business folks would be on their cellphones all the time, but I was worried about […]

R2 Detour

Mom came up this weekend and bought a laptop. I was gonna pimp it out for her, but Adelphia/Time Warner decided to switch over their servers without notifying us, and it took them the whole weekend to turn it back on. Frustrating. On my way to work today I saw this guy.

Lucky Strike

I got lucky tonight when the power went off at my [mostly worthless] Flash class at the Tri-C Corporate College. We left early, which meant I had time to play pseudo-catch-up on all the crap that has been piling up at my apartment. I used to wonder how it could be possible that someone might […]

Shit Brickhouse

While I might think I’m improving my overrall muscular fitness, I’m still built like a shit brickhouse. I got a new workout schedule yesterday and I’m certain it is going to tear me apart. This is good. After a workout I don’t want to listen to Mastodon or Tad Morose, or any other technical metal […]

Fitness Evaluation

I’ve been working out at least three times a week since mid-December and I suppose that changes are starting to take place. I’m lifting more and might be putting on some weight, but for the life of me I can’t seem to get a decent ab-workout. I used to have this killer one that I […]

Flash Class

Today is a bit nostalgic of college, a 15 hour day, left when it is dark and won’t get home until it is time to go to bed. I’m at the Tri-C Corporate College right now taking a Flash course on the county’s dime. We’re on break right now, so no worries. Books recommended: Macromedia […]

It’ll burn the crops

On my way to work this morning I congratulated myself on the fact that I had not slipped and fallen during the entire winter. You can see where this is going. The only possible conclusion that can be reached is that such self-congratulation only draws attention to yourself. I sure hope having four more weeks […]

Link Dump

Web Kirupa – Tutorials on all kinds of web-oriented things. GoTo and Learn – Flash Tutorials Obscure Tags – HTML tags that should never have existed in the first place. Music RIAA Radar -Determine if an album belongs to an RIAA member. Check out their charts. Arty Prickie – Buttons. Readymech – Print, cut and […]


I think the most important thing I’ve ever learned from my mom [by her example] is that if you have an idea or a project that you believe in you have to internalize the necessary work to accomplish the goal, take responsibility for all of its aspects and get to work. If you wait for […]

Or Whatever

I’ve noticed that a typical Cleveland resident often ends statements with the particulate phrase “or whatever.” Semantically it seems to be the equivalent in function as “I guess”, a sort of simultaneous space-filler and dismissive qualifier; an intentional addition so that the speaker feels that he or she isn’t being overconfident in their statement or […]

Sawedoff Scattergun

I think the Dave’s in Ohio City must’ve had its High Life license revoked because the cooler was scoured bare of that shit. I almost never visit BFD anymore because the conversation reminds me of Feagler and Friends. It has been that way for months now. The most difficult part of working in web and […]


I think I’m finally fully recovered. It only cost me ten pounds, a few nights’ sleep and three rolls of toilet paper. Now I’m trying to get back into a routine. I wonder how this has messed up my workout schedule. I’ll figure that out tomorrow. I’m having a winter barbecue next Saturday so I’ve […]


I’ll be damned if I didn’t think I was going to make it through this winter without becoming filled with discontented rage as my peculiar form of SAD takes effect. The day started out with me getting completely ignored by the bus as it zoomed past its stop, and steadily disintegrated when I got to […]

Bruce Lee Squarepants

I’m watching Spongebob Squarepants right now and it is totally referencing Bruce Lee’s last, uncompleted film Game of Death. where he climbs the pagoda. The whole episode is Sandy Cheeks climbing the pagoda, and she’s even wearing the yellow with black racing stripe jumpsuit that Lee wears. Man, I’m such a geek.

Gun Show

Now that I’ve gotten back into an exercise routine, my old appetite is coming back. Yesterday after lifting weights I was ravenous. I ended up getting a 3 egg omelet with home fries and a side of fruit salad for breakfast from Juji’s. Lunch was light, a peanut-butter protein smoothie from Octane, but I had […]

Final Destination

I’ve almost been run over twice more since the near miss two days ago. Yesterday I was walking to the gym, about ¾ of the way across W. 4th Street when some guy in a z4 nearly clips my feet off turning onto W. 4th. He probably took that corner at about 30mph, which is […]


They say that if there is a hit our for you, you’re supposed to avoid routine, take different routes to work, never shop in the same place twice, move often. I walk a different route to work each day along the same street. Euclid has been undergoing infrastructure surgery for quite some time. When morning […]


People keep telling me to run for an elected office, and my automatic response is always leeriness. The hierarchical nature of any bureaucracy restricts initiative and that’s my main strength. There’s also always too much talk and too little action. I’ve been to far too many meetings and read far too many weblogs where people […]

Mark Elf

So I did a mild redesign. Not much changed on the front end, but I basically coded this one from scratch and it is 50% less crufty and 50% more cromulent than before. I had a half-formed thought last night about how moments are precious because most of them get lost to memory during the […]

Guilty Pleasures

• Joining various indie-rock Soulseek chat rooms and asking people if they have X song by Y artist that is on the Top 40 list and acting all hurt and offended when they tell me they don’t listen to that crap and to chrissakes try the search function you dumbfuck. • XHTML strict web design. […]


I have home internet access again for the first time in nearly two years. Hopefully I’m enough used to not having it that I’ll forget that I can be completely unproductive by surfing all day. I do have quite a bit of web-catching-up to do. All is nearly back on schedule. I’ve started doing a […]

Here Today Gone

I’ve been in Cleveland less than 48 hours and I’m heading off for a New Year’s in Canada. Eventually I’ll have a couple of regular weeks to establish some sort of routine, but until then it is party time, excellent.

Christmas Unwrapped

Well, I’m back in Cleveland after a few days in Indiana. Three Christmas gifts I’m excited about include my new sweet-ass pots and pans set, my ironing board, and my subscription to Paste [it comes with a comp CD every month!] The top Christmas moment was on Boxing Day when I came into the family […]

That Guy

I did a cheap hack of this YouTube WordPress plugin to make it function like a subscription to my vid feed. I’m sure there is a better way to hack it, but until I have a chance to sit down and examine it, the result on the sidebar will have to do. I’m currently redesigning […]

Work [out]

I signed up for a membership at the gym two blocks from my workplace yesterday and got up at 5:30am this morning and rode the 23 in for my first workout. I feel like I’m in the worst shape of my life, and I likely am, so I made sure to take it easy. There […]

Video Post

I’ve been utilizing YouTube more often lately. I took some video at Poetry at the Lit the other night and below is a vid I took of The Ex at the Grog Shop on Saturday. You can watch all of my vids here. I just need to find a YouTube version of the Flickr RSS […]

Right Path

I love my new job. I work with a great and diverse group of folks. an Uzbeki, a Russian, an Indian, a Brit, and a 1st-generation American whose parents came from Palestine. The work is also great. My bosses also have their act together, progressive skill-building initiatives and just a general understanding that when employees […]

Match Tip

You can prevent a match or candle wick from excessively smoking if you continue to blow on it after the flame has gone out. This message was brought to you by the Ex-Altar Boy Society for the Prevention of Excessively Smoking Matches and Candle Wicks.

Fin For The Season

That, my friends, is it. No more shopping until I see some crocuses. Although I do wish I could wrap a bit more. I’m finally getting pretty good at it. I think I’d better mail my Christmas cards this weekend, too. And start gloating to the people who haven’t even started yet. Which is what […]

Monkey Restaurant

My new job is awesome, but it keeps me busier than a monkey restaurant. I’ve also had meetings every night this week, and I have to leave in about 20 minutes and go to another one, and then go watch Parts and Labor this evening at Pat’s. Last night was The Cleveland Foundation holiday party […]

Repeal Day

I celebrated Repeal Day at the Velvet Tango Room yesterday with a Rusty Nail, a bouquet of Bourbon Daisies and some complimentary sushi from Ginza.

First Day

The first day at my new gig was pretty much as I expected, lots of meeting people and paperwork, but I did get to start out on some mock-up designs for one of our clients. The only bad thing that happened was the RTA. I’d had luck in the past with it, but that was […]

Casino Royale

Just as I was getting bored yesterday Rafeeq called me up because he needed a ride to Cracker Park to pick up some shoes. Rafeeq is good for me because he helps me loosen and lighten up. So we got valet parking for my car, which, if you’ve seen my car, is hilarious. We got […]

Dust Bowl

I don’t know what’s up lately, but I’ve been hitting a wall at about 8:30 every night. Last night I stopped for some deep-fried tacos from Big Guy’s and a few brews from Hotz’s and was back home in time to toss in Yojimbo. I had every intention of going to The Lit after this, […]

Public Office

I did my clothes shopping last night, and the bane of my clothes shopping existence continues. It is impossible to find pants in my size, especially when I’m looking for a certain style. The guy at Dillard’s told me that I should drink more beer until I have a 40-inch waistline, because then I can […]


I finally have to wear adult clothes to work, and alas, I don’t really know where to go to get them. Recommendations have included outlet shopping [which I’ll probably hit this weekend] and a variety of places that are too expensive for my taste. Although The Gap sounds like it might hold possibilities and there […]

Eyes Wide Suck

I watched the classic Christmas movie Eyes Wide Shut while wrapping gifts last night. Man does that movie suck. It was the only film left in my Stanley Kubrick Collection that I hadn’t made it all the way through. I’d usually get about ten minutes in and then glaze over. I did get most of […]

House Hunting

I can now certainly afford a house in Cleveland. Whether I can afford a house in Tremont is another matter. I’ve done some research in the past [1, 2] and the prognosis wasn’t good. There is an upcoming Tremont-wide open house that might be a good chance for me to find something, but it still […]

Birthday Present

Today is my 26th birthday anniversary. Today I also gave my two weeks notice at my place of employment. I finally have a new job after two years of looking! Actually I had two new jobs. On Thursday I received two job offers within a few hours of each other. One in New York City […]

Notre Dame versus Army

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of my first Notre Dame game: Lou Holtz’s last home game as head coach of Notre Dame, and the last home game in the old stadium. And my 16th birthday present. After ten years I’m now a Notre Dame alumnus and supplying my Uncle Corbin with tickets instead of […]


Almost a year ago I made my first Google Map for the redesign of the TWiFi site. I didn’t touch the API again until I finally started redesigning Tremonter a few months back. The idea for creating a neighborhood map for Tremont had been rattling around in my head since I first started the site, […]

Vehicular Homicide

It was almost death by vehicular homicide this morning on the way to work. I was cut-off almost side-swiped by a bumper-sticker ribbon-magnet engulfed old-school Chevrolet Suburban. Only my lightning reflexes and good brakes saved me from being sardined into the median wall. Since I was only the distance to the front of my car […]


Today is poem revision day. Currently Revised: •Starting easy: A title change, now Reveille. •Tightened up Cartography. •Grammatical fixes and less active wording in Oubliette. •Reformatted Crash and somehow fouled up the font size throughout my entire site? Stupid pre tag. Stupid autoadjusting text-size IE browser. What a waste of time. • Significant revisions to […]


I joined the iPod armada the other day. Ever since I heard about the impending release of the 2nd generation Shuffle, I’ve wanted one. The mp3 player has finally reached the exact size/memory/price point that I wanted, so I picked one up. At $80, for 1GB of storage capacity and an egregiously long battery life […]

Airport Purgatory

Wherever you go, there you are. Liam and precocious offspring. Pan-seared duck breast Thai delivery at 9pm at night. Upper West Side nice as always. Police locks on doors tell a ten year old different story. All airports look the same; still get slightly nauseous during descent. They shut off the air flow: hot and […]

Thank You For Flying

It is no surprise to me how badly airlines are doing as an industry. I fly only infrequently, but the new airport security measures since that fright in the UK a few months ago, the expense of tickets and the racket of surcharges if you need to make a reservation change make me want to […]


It has been so long since I’ve not had a movie to review that I kind of forget what other things I write about on here. I don’t think I’m going to weatherproof my apartment this year, because I seriously think it doesn’t do a bit of good. All of the drafts come from where […]

Bust Rod Halloween

I was Bust Rod from Forbidden Zone for Halloween this year. Click here to see the Flickr set of my costume creation process. You can find more information on my Forbidden Zone obsession here. While this mask looks more like an alligator than a frog, I was limited by the amount of cardboard at my […]

Woodland Creatures

Sam Brown at Exploding Dog offered to do an original drawing for everyone who sent in a SASE and title to him. I was a huge fan of ED back in its early days, but eventually stopped visiting every day for no real reason. I once made a huge jpg of my 16 favorites and […]

Another Tremont Weekend

On Friday I spent about 5 hours on the ArtWalk, including judging a Muttsquerade, and on Saturday and Sunday I spent much of my time on the redesign of Tremonter. The design itself is pretty much finished, and now I’m just tweaking the configuration, adding more content and a bit more functionality. If I can […]

DirectX Frame Grab/Screen Capture

I’d been frustrated trying to capture particular images from the films I’m watching in The Criterion Collection list. DirectX technology makes it hard to do a simple screen capture and paste into PhotoShop. But someone finally directed me to a way that works and doesn’t involve downloaded spy-and-adware full programs. And damn if it isn’t […]


Yesterday was a terrible day to be heading west on I-90. I hit Buffalo right after the Bills game got out, had torrential downpours all the way to Cleveland and arrived back in town right when the Browns game finished. People were driving and not-driving like jackasses in the rain. The people pulled over on […]


The night before last I met a relatively new Tremont resident for beer and tacos at the Lincoln Park Pub. We spent nearly two hours chatting about the various places we’d lived in Indiana, job prospects and how to fix Cleveland. Yesterday I was going to write more about this, but due to a power […]

Some Deal

I’ve got so much web-based work to do that I’m considering dropping the $50/mo it would cost to have internet access at home again. The redesign of Tremonter is moving fitfully, I’m having to teach myself much mySQL, and Drupal‘s documentation assumes a certain level of developer expertise that I’m just now getting. The interactive […]

Notre Dame versus Penn State

I went to the home opener this weekend, and in true football fan fashion I can barely speak today. I drove to my Uncle Corbin’s on Friday and had a flatiron steak and a baked sweet potato for dinner, and we got up the next day, rendesvoused with some of his friends and headed to […]


Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. After work I sat down and read for six and a half hours. I should have continued searching for jobs [currently looking in Toronto] or worked on the redesign for Tremonter or read some Neighborhood Connections Grant Proposals or done some more hoofwork […]

Yes, But What Goes Unsaid

I had a full and excellent weekend, full of superlatives. I had sushi at Pacific East because Kimo’s was closed for the Indian’s game, watched A Murder of Crows by Mac Wellman at The Liminis and had a Pisco Sour and Bourbon Daisy at the VTR. A Murder of Crows [I’m probably going to go […]

Passport and Tickets

I got my passport and my Notre Dame football tickets in the mail yesterday. I’ll be going to the Penn State game with my uncle, the same one who took me to my first ND game [and Lou Holtz’s last] as my 16th birthday present. Tickets for Michigan, Purdue and UCLA also go to him, […]

I Keep Forgetting These Goddamn Titles

My high school buddy Phil came in this weekend for a visit. We did a tiny music odyssey, went to a show at The Church, the Rock Hall, and the Happy Dog. Even though this wasn’t the best weekend to see a band [nobody particularly big was playing] we still rocked out to noise on […]

Art Acquirements

I finally paid Tim Herron for my portrait and brought it home. Now, what to do with it. Give it to mom of course. I went to Duck Island briefly last evening to meet another local artist and purchase something from him. I bought Metal Bird 3 from the sign guy [lots more of his […]

Mortgage Test Results

So it looks like I’m not going to be able to afford a house in Tremont. With only one exception, every house that I researched [about 2 dozen] would sell for significantly more than what I can get a mortgage on. There was one house on Auburn, purchased in 1997 for $13k, that was sold […]

Mortgage Test

I went to my local 5/3 branch in Tremont yesterday and sat down with a very nice woman who agreed to help me learn about house-buying procedures and hoop-jumping, the various programs that 5/3 has available and how much I could get a home loan for at my present salary. I learned about origination fees […]


I had a dentist appointment yesterday and I’m still cavity-less. I did get a referral to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed, as they’re causing some crowding again. I’m running on 5 hours of sleep since I was at the Lit last night listening to poets and eating cigarette smoke for a […]

This Is The Second Time I Forgot A Title

I received a call last night from some folks in Battle Creek, MI that wants to do a site much like Tremonter. I met these people when I was at NeighborWorks in Nashville. This is the second time I’ve been contacted by folks that need some consultation on how to build a useful community site […]


So I’m making a better effort to buy more organic foodstuffs. I was pretty well set in my ways buying from The Basketeria at the WSM but I’ve not been to the market in quite a while for no real reason. In any case, through the influence of certain various people in my orbit, I […]

Cleveland Bus Tour, The Compound, The Red Krayola

Saturday was an extremely full day for me. I rode my bike down to the Hanna building and then took a 6 hour neighborhood tour of Cleveland. Once that was over I went to a free all-day local band rock show at The Compound and then went to Parish Hall to see the legendary The […]

Furniture Search

One of the obvious flag-raisers for “maturity” is an interest in things that only codgers find interesting. For me this is antique furniture. Specifically antique oak furniture. Even more specifically, antique mission oak furniture. Even more more specificalliest, refinishing antique mission oak furniture. Patience is a definite virtue in a search for a specific piece […]

Grovewood Cavern

I went to the Grovewood Tavern last night to meet Chas Rich and finalize the site design for his reincarnated Pitt sports weblog: Pitt Blather. George Nemeth showed up as well and hooked me up with the CDs I won at Bloggapalooza and in trade I finally got rid of gave him my lava lamp. […]

Free Stuff and Other Stuff

If anyone wants a Smith-Corona electric typewriter that is in like new condition, it is yours. -sold! [or whatever] Same goes for a lava lamp with blue juice and white lava. -sold! [or whatever] I’ve also got an 8×10 [or maybe a little larger] mirror with a white frame if you’d like it. Let’s see […]

At the Grog

I went to the Grog Shop last night to see my friend’s band Humphry Clinker and Tim Fite and Tarantula A.D. and drink a few Newcastle’s. HC put on a good show, but the surprise of the evening for me was Tim Fite. He’s got a passionate Southern feel to his music, a bit of […]

This Week

…I am focused like a laser beam on nothing at all. This is a recipe for madness. A holding pattern, waiting to hear from several sources on several different topics. My plate needs one less side dish. To continue the metaphor, I feel like I am spinning plates on top of little dowels, and the […]

I Spilt No Milk

I wanted to have a bowl of cereal this morning. However, the new bag resisted my initial attempts to open it until it suddenly burst and toasted oats coruscated through my kitchen like underfoot-crunching manna from heaven. The bag split completely in half so every bit went to waste. I should stick with peanut-buttered toast. […]


In the past two days I have received The New Complete Hoyle [Revised] which has already heightened my geekery since it provides historical background for the games it then tells you the rules of. I used to read encyclopedias and dictionaries cover-to-cover when I was little, so reading a book of rules for games of […]

Ambiguity Festival

I was asked a good question yesterday. How well do you deal with ambiguity? Which probably only seems like an ambiguous question to someone like me. It is clever in its self-reference. I think I answered well enough, and even moreso if the questioner realized that I applied my way of dealing with ambiguity in […]

Kingston v. Le Ray

I had a long weekend in Kingston, Ontario. It is a beautiful town with awesome architecture and widely-available Orange Crush. Their annual busker festival was also this weekend, so the streets were full of street performers, playing instruments, telling stories, doing magic acts and acrobatics. I had poutine, sushi, and cornish game hen. On the […]


I hate this bloody weather we’ve been having. Every day when I get home from work it starts raining and then stops raining but remains overcast and threatening so all there is to do is sweat in the clammy darkness of early summer Cleveland afternoons. I’d be fine with sweating to death if it was […]


I’m the NEO webgeek profiled over at BFD today. Thanks go to Wendy Hoke for asking the questions and George Nemeth for providing the space. In other news I’ve been slowly but steadily refurbishing my 8-bit NES, its controllers, and now the games. Those things are filthy. Isopropyl alcohol wasn’t doing the job so I […]

Rockland, PA Poetry

I went to a cabin in back-country Pennsylvania this weekend to read poetry. 4 Tremont folks [Kate Sopko, Nick Traenkner, Steve Goldberg and me] made the trek out to a cabin in Rockland to stay up all night and share our stuff with other writers. The guilt-by-associations were all through Kent State connections and smatterings […]

Tremont Burger

My 4th of July would have been dead all day if it weren’t for Tremont businesses who were open. I dropped off Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World at the Library and ran in to Steve and Kathy Smith and Steve Goldberg on the way. I stopped in to Scoops and got a Wild Cherry-Cranberry smoothie […]

Geek Night

I was planning on a nice quiet night at home until Steve dragged me kicking and screaming to the Lit so I could make some changes to the TwiFi site design before he goes down to Columbus next week to present on it. While I did this Andy showed some geek porn on the bar […]


Getting to my apartment has been even hairier than usual lately. Both entrance streets are one way, but the one that is most accessible to me is on-again/off-again closed by a construction company that is building 5 $200k tax-abated townhouses on about 2000 ft2 of land. Each townhouse is, literally, ten feet wide. Would you […]

Neighborhood Connections Party

Today I rode my bike a nearly equivalent distance on the east side, to the City Greenhouse in the ridiculously pretty Rockefeller Park. Neighborhood Connections was having an event for all the grantees and anyone else who wanted to come. The weather was perfect, and most of the folks did some sort of presentation or […]

Saturday Bike Tour

I got up early this morning and rode my bike from Tremont to the Memphis Drive-in for the flea market. I killed about an hour and a half browsing through all the booths, eating some soft-serve and shooting the breeze. I ended up buying Dr. Mario and Pro Wrestling for my NES for $5. Then […]

Skill Set

If I’m ever going to get out of this rut and in a situation where I can do something that means something I’m going to need a stronger skill set. I think I’ve figured out why no one wants to hire me. I obviously don’t have enough experience or strong enough skills for the type […]


Lately I have this feeling that I liken to being inside an egg. I am inside this egg and what I do with my life paints the inside of the shell and everywhere I look things aren’t so bad, since I’ve colored every bit of space in the shell. Yet there is a feeling deep […]


I bought a grill yesterday and grilled some sweet corn and burgers and made Steve come over and eat some of it. It is an 18.5″ charcoal grill, one of the cheapo deals and even on sale. Nevertheless, the box said the grill was “deluxe.” Which makes me wonder just how crummy a non-deluxe grill […]

Forbidden Zone

My newest film infatuation is Forbidden Zone, a creation by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and featuring a great soundtrack enhanced by Danny Elfman. True to my ever-eclectic film taste, this cult masterpiece combines my favorite German Expressionism, old style Bosco cartoonishness, extra-dimensions, midgets [Herve Villechaize!], frog butlers, hot topless women, and bondage […]


My contract with Verizon Wireless is almost up, and since I’ve had consistently bad experiences with them when I got my contract two years ago I switched to T-Mobile. Not only did Verizon not send me the rebate for my phone, they fudged up my number transfer and had ridiculously crappy customer service. Oh yeah, […]


I have always been better at tactics than strategy and I’m not trying a new tactic at poem writing. Instead of putting it down fastlike, I’m working on it micro-sized for the mini-times a milli-muse comes stalking. Writing by attrition.

Notes From the Underground

•The Cleveland Planning Commission has this awesome interactive map that I was shown last evening while planning the 2007 Cleveland Leadership Summit. If you like playing with statistics, or trying to get an overview of basic city situations, this is the site for you. • Here is a 2004 pdf from Juvenile Court with data […]

Tremont AlcoCrawl

I got sauced this weekend, since I organized and followed through with a tour of all the ritzy drinking establishments in Tremont. The Velvet Tango Room was by far my favorite, and I’m going to have to stop in for their complimentary sushi on Tuesdays. All the reviews start here and plenty of pictures are […]

Vague Directions

I don’t like vague directions when I’m trying out a new recipe. Not vague like Patrick’s black beans, but vague like this: I made mango sorbet this weekend and the recipe called for reduced sugar water, but the directions simply said bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for five minutes. .5C of […]

Adam Pets a Shark

I went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo this weekend and took a bunch of pictures. For just $1 extra on the ticket price I got to see the Touch exhibit and feel up some rays and sharks. Did you know that the zoo is free to Cuyahoga County residents on Mondays from 10:00 until 4:00? […]

Criterion Serendipity Continues

So I sold a bunch of NES, SNES games and my PS1 to the Record Exchange yesterday and found the Criterion Collection edition of Monty Python’s Life of Brian in-store. Since they really only want to give you a store credit anyway, I ended up buying it. They had a lot more Criterion films there, […]


I need to start exercising again. The marathon was aborted because of my knees and a lack of motivation, coupled with the fact that I was in Nashville anyway. Running and pushups and situps should commence now that the weather is nice again. If I can run 5 days a week in the middle of […]

Nashville Wrap-up

I’m home now, and I’ve finally managed to upload all of my pictures. You can view the set here. On Sunday the Cleveland Contingent met to create an action plan for a project here in town. We didn’t have very long to work, but we decided to structure a survey to be submitted to Cleveland […]

Downtown Nashville

Trying to get a WiFi signal in Nashville is like trying to find a pair of fishnet pantyhose at a hardware store. Or like being sent on an errand for headlight oil or a football bat. After my last workshop yesterday I attempted to go to the one WiFi coffee shop I had seen in […]

NeighborWorks: Adults and Youth Working Together

My first workshop was focused on building lasting and effective relationships between adults and youth in neighborhoods. To our benefit, there was a 17 year old girl in our workshop whose insights vastly improved the quality of the workshops. I was looking for information on how to get youth in my ‘hood involved and keep […]

NeighborWorks Opening Plenary

The NeighborWorks Peak Performance Opening Plenary just finished and I’m chowing on a bagged lunch. The opening remarks were pretty standard, and there were the inevitably long people-we’d-like-to-recognize sessions, but now that it is over I’m ready to go on my first workshop, Adults and Youth Working Together.

NeighborWorks in Nashville

I’m in Nashville for a weekend conference on community organizing sponsored by NeighborWorks America. The weather is beautiful and the people are quite friendly. The downtown is thriving and fully exploiting its country-western roots. I think Cleveland should really put a similar pull on rock and roll. The Country Music Hall of Fame looks about […]

Stock Tip

When gas sticks above $3/gal, I’m going to unveil my greatest invention. A milk-powered engine. Invest in dairy cows and breast pumps!

Ice Cream When You’re Sick

When I used to get sick and mom would take off a bit of work to care for me, I wouldn’t have much of an appetite. Often, I’d request ice cream, and, not getting it, would be told that I’m obviously not that sick if I want to eat ice cream. A compromise was usually […]

Upstate Camping

I went camping at Fair Haven Beach State Park in New York this past weekend. The park wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, since it was quite small and mostly marsh, but it was still a fun time. There weren’t very many campers so early in the season, but our site turned […]

Jessica’s Wedding

I had a long weekend, travelling to and from Indiana for my cousin Jessica’s wedding. The wedding went off without a hitch, and Jessica was the least stressed and happiest bride I’ve ever seen at a wedding. I had to be down for the rehearsal, since I was reading petitions, and I left work early […]

Wherefore Art Thou, WiFi?

I’m currently in the backwoods of Indiana. [Noblesville to be precise. Hamilton county is one of the richest and fastest growing counties in the nation, but it still feel like backwoods because] My aunt and uncle still depend on AOL dial-up for internet access, but I’m currently stealing WiFi from one of the $400k clonehouses […]

Adam’s Rules of Interstate Driving Etiquette

CAVEAT: This post contains egregious amounts of cursing. • When merging and you are in the yield lane, yield you motherfucker. And for chrissakes speed the fuck up on an on-ramp. You should be going at least 60 by the time you reach the merge area on the interstate. • When on the interstate and […]


Well if I hadn’t been convinced before, this month’s attempts at writing a poem a day should have convinced me that my writing process cannot be disciplined and effective. I write when the spirit moves me, when Papa Legba uses me as his horse and what not. So I’m bailing on National Poetry month a […]

Spring Cleaning

I spent the entire weekend cleaning my apartment. It wouldn’t pass a military inspection, but it is much cleaner than it was even when I moved in. Cleaning the windows was the worst part since they were sealed with caulk at the beginning of winter and I had to pick it all off. My hands […]

Art Purchase

Pavanna Gallery in Tremont is going out of business, so I got this painting for 42 bucks. This is one of my semi-annual art purchases. I like that it is blue and tall and skinny. I sort of feel like they are soldiers taking a break between battles, and I feel outside of their camaraderie.

Grill Paste

hey buddy, what’s up with your loco motive? you think you can touch her and make her want you? you think because you’re bigger and stronger and creepier she should give it up to you? or you’ll what? tie her to the tracks? twirl your mustache? I’ve got news for you. you’re the one roped […]

heartbeat 2

my slumbering tides shall not coalesce into the tramping of office buildings cannot not coerce me into stuffing meaning into words like too tight clothing or coincide with the temper of my weekend. There is no coordination between my foot and mouth, though following them often brings me to the same place. I will no […]

Young Mr. Lincoln

rail spli tter tall like pine thin like reed lick  any  man that will  wet  his horns. you’ll talk’em down first if you can or if you cain’t you’ll put fire on the mountain and in our bellies teach us to speak lead lead us to speak of your speaking as of prophets and martyrs […]


National Poetry Month doesn’t start for another week, but I’m already psyched. I don’t think I’m going to have a haiku or poetry contest this year, since entries have tailed off significantly since I was in college, but I will once again do my poem-a-day thing that I started last year. I feel like I’ve […]


My apartment currently looks like what most people expect a bachelor’s apartment to look like. It is in post-sickness disaster recovery mode right now. That means that I’ve picked up all of the sopping handkerchiefs and thrown away all the snotty tissue. I’ve yet to wash all of the sticky with dried orange juice dishes […]


I don’t write here because I think that my life and thoughts are important, but sometimes I wonder if I write here to make myself think that my life and thoughts are important. It is a small change. They are removing the ceiling tiles and doing electrical work in the office, the result is a […]

Question Day!

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Ask me any question about any topic and I will intrepidly endeavor to answer it.

St. Patrick’s Day 2006

I took the day off of work and went downtown for some beers and the parade. I didn’t have anyone to go with, so I did it on my own. I also rode my bike, which wasn’t as bad of an idea as I’d feared. I stopped by Flannery’s, which appeared to have a much […]

Why Dominion East Ohio Sucks

The gas company only comes around every six months or so to check my meter reading. The rest of the time they overestimate my usage and charge me about $200 a month in gas for living in a one bedroom apartment. We’re encouraged to do the gas man’s work for him by reading and submitting […]

Credit Card

Today is a good day. It only took me two and a half years, but I’ve finally managed to pay off the credit card debt I racked up while working for peanuts on Into the Fire, moving to Cleveland, and wrecking my car. Now I can start paying back my mom what I owe her […]


heartbeat hear  eart h      beat      be he r  ear   art      bea    r    t he hea t I woke up in the dead of night, and for once it was completely silent. No changes in air pressure from the furnace causing the ductwork to flex, no rattle of my upstairs neighbor’s furnace, no truck rumbles from 490 or creaks […]

Psychological Warfare

I’m trying to come up with effective ways to get this place at which I interviewed last week to hire me. I woke up Sunday morning with the idea to make a Flash infomercial showcasing my talents. It was only the third time I’d used Flash, and hopefully the end result didn’t look too PowerPointy. […]

Clusterfuck at The University of Notre Dame

I had a brief chance to check out my old university newspaper during a break in the directing over the weekend. I jumped right to the Viewpoint section to see if the same old was still the same old. And it is. I read a letter from two of my favorite professors that frankly and […]

Email Blacklist Spam Madness

If you’ve sent an email in the past three days to my email account on this domain you need to send it again. The blacklist on my webmail isn’t the most intelligent and spammers are ever devious, so when I ran my blacklist over the 70+ emails I had waiting for me this morning all […]


This weekend I’m going to be directing at the Notre Dame Fencing Invitational. It’s an easy way to make a couple hundred dollars and an excuse to eat at CJ’s. I’m doing some serious brushing up on my USFA rules, since I’ve not actually fenced since I’ve graduated. [I can’t believe it.] The Invite is […]

Chai and Turkey Portobello Panini

I’m currently at the Phoenix on Lee [Where is Jeff Hess?] applying for jobs. Ever since George posted my frustration, I’ve gotten quite a heartening response from folks in the area. I just finished a meeting with a fellow blogger about applying to his company. You people are the reason I love Cleveland. I’m starting […]

Statement of Ambition

This is posted on my brand new résumé page. I am a man of action, and a man who thrives on communication. I do my best when I am constantly challenged and required to use critical thinking and problem solving to reach a desired outcome. Yet this is all too general. If you are involved […]

If I Had 40 Thousand Dollars

I feel a bit mercenary doing this, because money isn’t the only reason I’m seeking a non-dead-end job. But while I’m crafting my online Statement of Ambition as it pertains to my career, I might as well dish out some basic metrics for what certain salaries would mean to my lifestyle; at least in Cleveland. […]

Catching Breaks

Life in Cleveland is becoming increasingly unfulfilling for me. I have spent the last 9 months looking for another source of employment in this area, and have been most unsuccessful. This is my third Cleveland winter, and in the time I’ve been here I feel that I have offered plenty of myself to Cleveland through […]


My left eye has been twitching an awful lot lately. Not the eye itself, but the flesh and muscle around it. I’m sure I don’t have a vitamin deficiency and pretty sure I’m not dehydrated, so until it goes away on its own I’ve decided to make good use of it. I’ve added a hunched […]


This is the time of year when I’m extra-fidgety, extra-grouchy, and extra-dissatisfied with life in general. The miracle that is February, and perhaps Seasonal Affective Disorder; but diagnoses for every little thing aren’t really my bag. What I could really go for is about three hours in a fencing gym and a lazy dinner with […]


I went to the dentist for the first time in several years today. They kept exclaiming over how nice my teeth were, but it seems like going to the dentist is now akin to getting your oil changed at LubeTown; every three seconds someone is trying to sell you a little perk that you don’t […]


I try too hard and then I marvel at the patience of others. I was hanging out with Girl the other night and after breaking her work computer once, and thereby causing her workplace to institute a “you break it, you pay to fix it” policy, I did the same dumbass thing that I had […]

Online Tax Returns

I filed my Ohio Tax Return online in about 20 minutes last evening. It was a piece of cake, you create an account and can then save your return as you work on it. I highly recommend using I-File if you live in Ohio. They’ll even direct deposit your refund. Of course, bureaucracy increases by […]

Smart/Jack/Dumb Ass

I’ve decided I tend to be excessively jerkstore when I’m hanging out with friends and making small talk. I think it is a combination of being slightly bored with small talk, and only-child-trying-to-be-the-center-of-attention-ism. As soon as something interesting catches my attention, however, I become my basic ever-curious self. Now that I realize why I’m an […]

Partner of the Year

Tremont West Development Corporation gave me some nice compliments and a plaque for Tremonter. Thank you, and thanks to Steve for taking the picture.

A Day in the Life

Yesterday I snapped a bunch of pictures of the various things I did throughout the day. I got this idea from Peppermint who did something similar way back in the day. [Can’t find the link to the exact post.] You can see all the photos in the set here.

Eulogy for Calvin

Today my cat Calvin is getting euthanized. I’m okay with that, since he is withering away, incontinent and likely senile. He’s lived a life that any cat would be proud of and I’m going to tell you about it. We don’t know exactly how old Calvin is because he adopted us. Or, to be completely […]


Here is a picture of my Christmas loot. If you click on it you’ll go to my Flickr page where you can read the detailed notes I left on the photo. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Pig’s Eye

From: Web Developer (Specialist I), Law School, (Job No 6282), posted 12/1/05, minimum annual salary is $35,665 (Apply-by-date 12/7/05) The Web Developer reports to the Webmaster and is responsible for projects and tasks related to designing, developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining any internal or external law school web presence and supporting infrastructure using industry standard […]

Birthmas List

In which Adam tells you what he wants for his birthday and Christmas. You don’t have to buy him anything though.

Meat Weekend

In which Adam relates the adventures of his Meat Weekend with a little kickass football thrown in as a side dish.

New Design, Again

So here is the new design I’ve been working on. I had lots to learn about PHP, but it seems to be working okay so far. None of the links on the side work yet, but if you notice anything else funktastic, please let me know. [Update] I’ll be updating it as the day progresses. […]


I’m feeling alot better today. Thanks for the empathy and prayers [you didn’t call mom, but i know you did that]. I went to Duck Island last night, which is a cool little bar that is like a living room, with couches and stuff and 50 games of pool. The folks there made me feel […]


Today I am feeling like I am a failure. I am also feeling frustrated. My job is unfulfilling and a dead end. My Cleveland friends have either moved away or my behavior has driven them away. I know virtually no one my age, and while I find it easy to talk to people I don’t […]

Lazy Labor Day

I had a long and unproductive weekend, but I did get quite a bit of exercise, counteracted by eating a few pints of ice cream. I managed to finish Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and I’m still processing it. One thing is for sure, Stephen King knows how to catch you up in his writing, […]


Some dude sent me an email saying he was having difficulty using the Tremonter forums. He said he was getting a “user already exists” error when trying to post. I thought I explained the difficulty quite well. He had registered an account and then tried to post without having logged in. The forum then asks […]

Inaugural not “First Annual”, You Commies.

With all the talk about the upcoming Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, I’ve had plenty of exposure to my greatest grammar pet peeve. I wouldn’t even have this almost psychopathic hatred of this common mistake if it weren’t for my high school communications and journalism teacher, Mr. Glowacki. There is no such thing as FIRST ANNUAL. The […]

Any Which Way You Can

I got zero sleep last night and no one likes my shirt today. Also, my bike tire is flat. Your challenge is to guess why I’m in a good mood when I’m not too tired to think.

Another Weekend, Another Party

Back to the grindstone, although the weekend was pleasant. I took off work early on Friday and got my shopping done. I had a couple of girls over and we got drunk and had a pizza and played cards and just talked for awhile. Saturday I worked on my redesign in WordPress for awhile and […]

My Physical Deformities

Today I will describe, in minute detail, my various physical deformities. Drumroll, please. I have a slight limp in my left leg. My nose is crooked. The left side of my face is lower than the right side. My left eye is less open than my right eye. Sometimes I get long pubic-like nosehairs. I […]

Life Update

My old college buddy Liam and his wife Anne and their baby Moira were back in town last night. They moved to NYC back in January. I managed to have an Edmund Fitzgerald with Liam last night, and hopefully I’ll get to hang out with him again when they pass back through on Sunday. Patrick […]


I found out yesterday that one of my good friends from high school lost a child. Poor guy recently got married to a wonderful girl, too.

Curse of the Laptop

I’ve been “working” on switching to WordPress and coming up with a nice redesign for a few months now. Working is in quotes of course, because every time I open up the CSS files I immediately lose all interest in cobbling everything together with duct tape, silicon caulk, spit and piano wire. I healthily place […]

Running Racing and Ruminating

I’ve been doing pretty good on the running front this summer. At least, I’ve kept with it, despite not really having a regular schedule. Finally, this week, I found my stride again. I’ve also managed to start running for longer periods, I’m now up to 45 minutes with ease. Now, I plan on running a […]

Thursday Night Recap

I had a busy day yesterday. After work, I put another coat of polyurethane on my kitchen table, then went for a run, which ended up becoming an abbreviated hill workout. Abbreviated because I bombed out early. I usually run at around 8, not 4:30. When I got back and cooled off I made blackened […]

Weblogs I Read

I visit every weblog on my sidebar every day, I also visit the ones on my [woefully outdated] link list a few times a week. Since bunches of the other Cleveland webloggers are posting about which blogs they read, I’ll do the same, but a bit different as well.

Rain Running

I took a run last night at around 8 and got caught in the rainstorm about 1/3 of the way through. It was awesome. I’ve always loved running in the rain, all you have to concentrate on then is how much you hurt, no need to worry about how hot you are. The first few […]

Mother Visit

I had a long and busy weekend since my mom was in town. I managed to finally get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we had a great dinner at Parallax, my corn plant was divided and repotted, so now my cage cube is a bit nicer. She also helped me sand my […]

This Post is Blather

I was rewatching This is Spinal Tap for the first time in about a decade last evening, and this time around I kept thinking, “Electric Six totally reminds me of these guys.” The whole movie took on a new light for me, considering the fact that I was 14 when I last saw it, hadn’t […]

Spectacular Spectacle SMASH

My titanium spectacle frames broke this morning. I accidentally sat on them last night after getting home from the Sokolowski Benefit. Figures, instead of putting my extra check this month toward my debts, I have to purchase new glasses. Needless to say, I’m grouchy today.


My buddy’s band [the one I was briefly a part of] had its last show last night at the Rain Nightclub. A good crowd showed up, and Greyson and Patrick debuted some new music and provided an entertaining an intent show. They played all my old favorites too. Surprise of surprises, I even ran into […]

Talking Points

I’m a bit too spread around at the moment to come up with nice, thick and chewy weblog entries for further mastication. Thoughts still burble up but I don’t seem to have time to fatten them up. I’m going to list a few here in rough form for later exercise.

Canada 2005

This trip to Canada was a good one, despite some minor inconveniences. Much good food was eaten [I’ve regained all the weight I lost through mono], many many fish were caught, and I even managed to get a little suntan.

Father’s Day

So it’s Father’s Day, and I’ve not spoken to my father in almost ten years. I rarely even think about him, but lately I’ve been feeling the need to write him a letter. I am a vastly different person than the 14 year old who jumped out of a car [not moving] to get away […]

Habitat Workday Take Two

Today I was able to dust off the skills I learned in my metal sculpture class in college in order to fabricate some anchors for the retaining wall. Sparks were flying just like the old days. I also had to thread some piping, which was basically large scale epee building. I wish universities required more […]

Habitat Workday

My company lets us have two days of paid volunteer work a year, I used my first day today and will use my second day tomorrow, working for Habitat for Humanity. Last year involved lots of earth-moving and bucket cleaning. This year I managed to get my hands on some power tools and did some […]


I’m back in the saddle but not riding far yet. My throat has gone from red giant to white dwarf and I’m sort of always tired, but I think that is because I lost a few pounds in my deletrious delerious weekend.

Mono My Ass

I’ve been flat on my ass since Thursday, throat so swollen that I could barely swallow a Tylenol. So, I’ve not eaten since Thursday either. I’d write more but I don’t have the energy. I’ve started dreaming about donuts and macaroni and cheese.


I don’t want to make this blog about Cleveland. That is why I started Tremonter. But, I live in Cleveland and I’m constantly putting myself in positions where people are talking about Cleveland. So, I’m getting Cleveland on the brain. Which is funny, since I don’t care for any of the sports teams, go downtown […]

Old Page Designs

In the process of tranferring stuff from computer to computer and from zip disk to computer, I stumbled across a bunch of saved page redesigns from back in 2002 when I was first teaching myself HTML and CSS. So I snitched some screenshots and here they are for you to laugh at.

Iodine Tang

Like anyone cares to hear about someone else’s medical stuff. I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. I had a CT scan on my abdomen yesterday. This began with consuming a litre of a tang and iodine solution and ended with me pulling my pants up. If this sounds like certain movies you’ve […]


Adam is now doing it again. Yes, it. If you’ve known me for awhile then you still might not know what it is since I’m being deliberately vague, but as soon as I describe what it is you’ll probably get really bored.


Got my bloodwork back. Low platelet count, which, coupled with my symptoms, indicates something wigged out in the spleen. I checked out the symptoms for mono, and a lot of them match up, except I don’t have a sore throat, swollen lymph glands or lethargy, and the headaches and fever are long gone. Anyway, I […]

New Computer

I got my new computer in the mail the other day. I saved around $500 by purchasing it through my employer’s discount program. Some specs past the jump.

More Morsels

Went to the doctor, getting some blood tests, he don’t know what it be that be swelling inside of me. Nexium is about five bucks per pill. Got my new computer, didn’t get system disks or the OS disk sent with it. Instead, some sort of utility partition that takes up 10 gigs of my […]

Riversweep 2005

I’ve been feeling weirdly sickly lately. Recurring headaches, a pain in my side, vague feverishness, no appetite. I still hauled my ass out of bed to do the Riversweep today. We cleaned up a lot a lot of crap. I didn’t realize Tremont was still so scuzzy around the edges. After, I came back to […]


I saw Santo versus Frankenstein’s Daughter last night as a part of SynthCleveland’s Unsilent Films series. It wasn’t as bad as I’d heard, and while unbelievably crummy, the fact that each new scene was like the beginning of a different porn plot [night in the woods, chained masked guy in a dungeon, girl locked up […]

First Salsa Lesson

I went salsa dancing with a friend for the first time last night. We went to Modä and took advantage of the the offered lessons we discovered through I think this is something I could become addicted to, seeing as I woke up this morning with the salsa beat still churning through me.

Wedding Week II

I have returned to snowy Cleveland. Yes, I said snowy. After an eight hour drive from Effingham, IL the last thing I wanted to come home to was slushy snow and a 50° apartment. Anyway. The wedding.

2005 Wedding Bells

I’m going to three weddings in two months. All my old buddies from high school are getting hitched. It is both strange and disconcerting to know that the same people I used to go TPing with, the same people I used to get in mud fights and bottle rocket fights with are now being turned […]

Health Care Rant

I’ve been trying to get a dentist appointment for the last month and a half. It is, apparently, impossible to do this. The first place I called didn’t call back for two weeks, after I’d already called several other dentists. These other dentists have all been booked for the next 3 months or so and […]

Easter Weekend

I went home Friday and had a busy weekend stomping around the old stomping grounds, going to Mass for 2.5 hours, snagging a Pizza King pizza, watching a rugby game and antiquing. Not in that order

Morbidity Chess

The last few months I’ve had a growing sense of horror stemming from the crumtasticness of current events. It isn’t fist-in-the-mouth screaming horror, but more like being slowly covered in slimy ice water. It isn’t fear, this horror is something different. I guess fear is when you give something power over you and horror is […]


I’ve got contacts again after a three year hiatus. So now I’m even more stunningly handsome than I was while wearing spectacles. The contacts are pretty expensive—about $200 for a six month supply.


I linked to a long list of sites to ping when you update your blog a few days ago. Well, now that I’ve finally used it I found that a bunch are borked. The functioning list is past the jump.

2 Minute Drill

I went to the optometrist yesterday and am trying out contacts. It has been about three years since I last wore contacts. I stopped because of weighting problems. They’d always spin around and not fit correctly. So far these new guys are working well. We’ll see how they stand up to a day in front […]

Doctor Roulette

People make a big deal about wanting to pick their doctor as a part of their health plan. I guess so they can get the person they want who will provide the care they want. Ostensibly. I’ve not been to a dentist in at least five years [since before I got my braces], and it […]


I went down to Akron last night with my friend Lauren to meet Peppermint. Contrary to popular belief, she is not a 45 year old woman with smoker-voice, frizzy bleached hair, hairy legs and a penchant for wearing muumuus. She does have a wicked cool apartment, a couple of cats and some tables she wants […]


I have crummy handwriting. It isn’t particularly illegible, it just lacks character. I’ve not written in cursive [apart from my signature] since 3rd grade, when we stopped getting graded on it. I’ve printed ever since, and to this day there is still something rather juvenile about the way my words appear on paper.

Superbowl XXXIX

Last night I went to a Superbowl party at the Harry Buffalo across the street from my old tenement. It was held as a fundraiser by the Cleveland Iron Maiden’s Rugby team. A friend of mine is on the team so the least I could do was drop my last twenty bucks for some wings […]

Rodeo Roundup

I forgot to watch the State of the Union address last night. Grr. What did I miss? Stealing a bunch of links from this MetaFilter thread on Alone in the Dark: • The Filthy Critic • Defective Yeti • Rotten Tomatoes • Uwe Boll

Words Needed

I haven’t tried to write anything somewhat imaginatively lately. If you are reading this you can help me out by leaving a few words for me to use in a story. I will then use them to write a story that I will post tomorrow. So if you would like to leave me a few […]

Appetite Moustache

I just polished off a bag of bourbon brownies in about a minute. My appetite is just as, er, healthy as it was when I was in high school. This is a mixed blessing. I seem to be physically incapable of putting on weight, but I’m also always ravenous. That is not much fun.

El Loani Studenten

Since it seems almost unanimous that interest rates are going to rise the next time the Feds get together I decided to re-consolidate my student loans at a fixed rate instead of the variable it is currently running on. Boring stuff.

Red Tape

It is hard for me to motivate myself to do things when I get home from work. Things like call RITA and ask questions about my taxes, call a dentist or optometrist to schedule appointments, do research and apply to take classes to get my teaching license.

Another Question Day

Ask me questions and I’ll answer ’em. Can’t really come up with anything worth writing. [Questions from people named RayRay will not be answered].


I played Othello last night with a friend. I’ve never actually played the game against another person, usually I’ve only played it on the computer [and always gotten wailed on]. It is much more fun playing with an actual person, especially if a little wine has greased the old headgears. So today I will inundate […]

Hosting Changes

I finally changed my hosting since the old host, logjamming was being so crotchety. I probably should’ve switched long ago when I got hacked. Now I am with 34sp, which offers dirt cheap and much better hosting than logjamming.

Blizzard 2004

Driving home on Wednesday was the worst idea ever. It took me twenty-two hours to drive from Cleveland to Connersville. I was doing okay until I got just past Dayton. Then I was stopped in my tracks on the Interstate for 10 hours.

Drunken Santa’s Christmas Party

I was at a party this past weekend and at this party I consumed enough alcohol to become intoxicated. I have not been intoxicated for quite some time. There was turtle cheesecake, Dutch spice cake with tasty Dutch spread, Christmas cookies of several varieties, Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies [made by me] and dancing […]


I went to Hilarities last night and laughed at some comedians. The first guy looked like a punk/hardass and his shtick sort of played off that by undermining it. The second guy was lame [apart from some jokes about toilet paper and his last name, Northern] and the third guy, Tom Ryan was expectedly the […]

Drunken Barber

I received a haircut yesterday. I think the barber was drunk. I’d never been to this place before. Joe’s Barbershop in Lakewood. Right next to the crappiest fencing club in Cleveland. I walk in and the place is dead quiet. Empty.

Feliz Navidad

The worst Christmas song in the world is Feliz Navidad. I had hoped to make it through the holiday season without hearing its Nutra-Sweet™ world-music, Broadway-Elvis pastiche, but my plans were most cruelly foiled yesterday at the post office.

Christmas Shopping

I have mostly completed my Christmas shopping for this year. All I have left to buy are stocking stuffers and some random stuff for the person at work for whom I am a Secret Santa. I’m really in the Christmas spirit this year. I feel that I have a firmer grip on my life than […]

25th Birthday

I turned 24 a few days ago and it doesn’t seem much different than 23. Although my back is a bit stiff. I had a pretty low-key birthday, just like I wanted. As of now the gifts I have received include: 1 9oz bar of Malley’s Dark Chocolate, 1 standard wall clock, coolly altered into […]

Cleveland Morning News

I flip on the boob tube early in the mornings to catch the weather, since I’m still without internet access. As I have sampled each network it has occurred to me that every station has its own jerky quirky thing going on.


Today I am wearing my grandfather’s cufflinks. I need a pocketwatch, zippo, money clip and an old fashioned shaving razor and kit and then my collection of malephernalia will be complete. Cufflinks are pretty hard to put on by yourself. We’ve got this potluck lunch thing going on today at work, I volunteered to bring […]


Here is a list of all of the fun things I want for Christmas. Adam’s Wishlist What do you want for Christmas?


The Big Wigs™ are here today for a powow with my boss’s boss. The actual President of the Company™ is here with an Infinite Coterie™ of Vice Presidents of Sometherorother™. The President of the Company™ is still a rather small part of the Bigger Company That Oversees All™. So I am not even a Cog™, […]


I have borderline high cholesterol, which basically means I need to get my act together and start a regular exercise routine. I already eat rather healthily, so the most I can do there is cut out what grossness still exists. I walked around the perimeter of Tremont on Saturday after I discovered that the local […]


I am finally and utterly moved in to my new place. I am constantly catching myself grinning like a fool as I observe my domain. I can actually walk from room to room I don’t have to use my bed as counterspace when cooking, after 6 years of owning my TV I am actually in […]

Cookery and Crookery

I am not going to have internet access from my new apartment for a while. That means my plugged into the Matrixness will only be prevalent during work hours. Whatever will I do without the internet? I will most likely:

Show, Rugging, Move

Three separate incidents, unrelated except that they all occurred this past weekend, they all occurred in Ohio and they all occurred to me. I had Pelicano’s pizza for likely the last time. It was tasty, but I still haven’t figured out what the little tub of honey is for.

Lazy Eye

Do I have a lazy eye? Or, to be mildly more or less nicer about the topic, do I have amblyopia or strabismus? No one has ever brought this up to me before, but while having dinner in an Indian restaurant a few weeks ago, one of my so-called friends mentioned a lazy-eye in my […]

New Apartment

Over the past year I’ve done quite a bit of bitching about my apartment. That will all soon end, since I now have a new apartment elsewhere that is loads better than my present leaky shoebox. Rejoice ye children of Ctown. Verily I say unto thee, w00t! Anyway, on with the description.

The Celibate Life

That a woman conceived me, I thank her; that she brought me up, I likewise give her most humble thanks: but that I will have a recheat winded in my forehead, or hang my bugle in an invisible baldrick, all women shall pardon me. Because I will not do them the wrong to mistrust any, […]

Wedding Weekend

This is another one of those multi-day quick rehashing of what I’ve been up to as of late. It has been busy.

Personality Inventory

I spent all day yesterday taking a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [MBTI] class. The main reason for this was to escape Cubicle Land™. Results herein forthwith.

Work Week

This is a very busy week for me, I don’t know if I’ll have much time to blog or not. That said, here is the rundown.


Finally picked up my Spencer Tunick print from MOCA Cleveland this weekend. Now I just have to get it framed. If you can find me in this photo you are lying since I’m nothing more than a little splotch way up in the distance. Click the pigs for some context. Click the people for a […]

Punching the Clock

To round off the week on the corporate theme, here are some emails we have received for logging our hours. The rules are more intricate than Sharia law. But Don’t Call It A Time Clock.

Corporate Feudalism

I must’ve picked up the phrase ‘corporate feudalism’ somewhere, and as I continue working as a serf this situation is constantly reinforced. Tuesday we were required to attend a meeting that would apparently explain how we are compensated for our work. Not only was it terribly thought out and presented, the obvious illusion-work and statistical […]

Etymological Roots

I’ve been looking for lists of prefixes, suffixes and word roots, and while I’m not finding exactly what I want, I am finding somewhat interesting tangentiums.

Best Things

I thought I had written a list of things I really like awhile ago but I cannot find it. So I will do it again. I must be getting old.


Today is ‘Ask Me A Question And I Will Answer It Day.’† I don’t really have anything to write about, nor do I know why I chose a picture of some teapots. I’ve not been thinking very much as of late.


A friend of mine and her two sisters came to visit me for the weekend. They are roadtripping across the country, stopping when their money runs out, and then making cash by selling their art work. At least, that is the plan.


I hacked out a roughest draft of a poem last night. First I have written in a long while. I talked to a poet friend in NYC and something sort of fell in place. The poem is about a pelican.


I thought this weekend would do a bit to raise my lowly of late spirits. It did while I was with my family, but coming back to my apartment and finding a note saying my June rent was ‘overdue’ was enough to drive me back into apathy and bitterness. Apparently it doesn’t take much. Apparently […]


I was a nude model for Spencer Tunick‘s latest installation this morning. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. Genesis 2:25 Several thousand other folks followed my lead and were naked too. My Defective Life was probably there as well. I did see her car. It was fun, […]


Yesterday, for not much more than an hour, I toyed with the idea of getting a full arm tattoo, apparently known as a ‘sleeve.’ I asked for and eventually received the opinions of the large number of tattooed folks with whom I work.

Business Hours

I have absolutely lost every last smidgen of patience when it comes to dealing with integral businesses and their business hours. Let me tell you about the title bureau. Pretend it is Andy Rooney speaking.

Some Jokes

There was less joke telling in Canada this year than usual, here is a recounting of all of the ones I heard. The cannibal ones are my favorite. I also like Helen Keller jokes, dead baby jokes, misogynistic jokes and one racist joke. I am obviously a tasteless bastard.

Canada 2004

Herein lies, in a rather large and ungainly fashion, the account of the expedition of six men into the cold and crusty taiga of Northern Ontario, Canada as related by one of the party members, one Adam Harvey hailing from the Midwest of the United States of America. This account has been culled from his […]


TO THE PUBLIC Before going down among you to pull out your decaying teeth, your running ears, your tongues full of sores, Before breaking your putrid bones, Before opening your cholera-infested belly and taking out for use as fertilizer your too fatted liver, your ignoble spleen and your diabetic kidneys, Before tearing out your ugly […]

Memorial Day 2004

I took a break manually updating entries from two years ago to go to the park and toss the ‘bee for a bit. What started out as a sodden day turned out better than expected. I enjoyed the weather, my time off from work and some thoughtfulness.


My hosting company,, was hacked last Thursday. If you missed it and would like to see what the hack ended up looking like, look at this. I’m keen to think that they were nice hackers.

Running Into Things

I ran into near rush-hour traffic this morning on the way to work and then discovered that many people must have decided that Monday was get to work ass-early just like Adam day. Yesterday, I ran to the library and picked up a couple of books, [The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. LeGuin and […]


I’m going to get a new window in my apartment. I should be terribly excited I suppose, except that my apartment also needs new closet doors, new cabinets, new carpet and a good scrubbing by a HazMat team. Also, the communication of the landlord to the tenants is of the highest technology. Someone slid a […]


I woke up today to this on my weather page: But I’m not going to let that get me down. This weekend is the Cleveland Music Festival, and while GWAR is no longer headlining, I’ll still get the chance to see The Misfits and avoid Mushroomhead. Tonight I’m going to see one of my ex-coworkers […]


It is probably pretty obvious, but I am filled with feelings of inadequacy. Like most things, it has its positive effects and negative effects, but I think, for the most part, that this/these feeling[s] hinder more than they help. [sometimes when i write, i have far too many weird things going on in my sentences, […]

Thoughts on Beheading and Torture

I saw a video of the beheading. I’m not sure if it was uncut or not, as it was a bit jumpy. It definitely stuck in my craw to watch it, but I don’t feel the outrage that so many others seem to feel. I’ve cut the heads off of living creatures before [mostly just […]

Incoming Assault

Friday’s adventures in the land of Habitat for Humanity were alright. Since the weather forecast was a bit random we started out working in the HfH headquarters and I cleaned old drywall sealer and primer out of buckets with the kid of the guy who is getting a house built. There were a bunch of […]

Well isn’t this place a geographic oddity.

This week is a bust as blogging goes, since tomorrow I’m working on a Habitat for Humanity house with some coworkers. I’ve obviously changed the stylesheets around a bit and hopefully they are a bit more readable. Thanks to A List Apart for giving me the necessaries. I still can’t figure out why there isn’t […]

Well I don’t want Fop, godammit! I’m a Dapper Dan man!

Rapid catch up. Friday I ate a mushroom forest, played pool with pool sharks and other deviants [including a goatherder and coxswain] and won at poker. Saturday and Sunday nothing happened. Yesterday my redesign went live and now has groovy style sheet switching on the right side. Whichever style you choose should remain that way […]

Random Is As Random Ever Was

So I was across the street eating lunch in the cafeteria with some coworkers when, out of nowhere, I run into Chris Sikorski, a buddy of mine from college. The last I had heard from him he was working for the SEC in Chicago; he still is, and was in Cleveland doing an ‘examination’ [not […]

Same Old Dog and Pony Show

So when I was talking with someone [ok it was my mother] over the weekend she once again raised a concern about my content on this thingy. She worries that my Mennonite uncle, who apparently reads this… actually I can’t even tell what she worries about because she just says ‘I read it and then […]

Bedside Ontology

The moments right before I fall asleep are my most thoughtful moments of the day. It is when I get philosophical or, more often, obtuse. Sometimes this happens in the shower in the mornings but not regularly. There is something about having my mind in this liminal state that lets my subconcious and conscious work […]

Job Hunt Redux

After I got my car serviced and a belt replaced today I went around getting applications for a part-time job. I snagged apps from Waldenbooks and Suncoast and applied at Target. What I’ve got my sights set on, however, is a job as a projectionist at a movie theater. I’m not sure how to go […]

The Young Guy

I met a bunch of folks from Urban Dialect last night at the Excursions event at Peabody’s. It was good to meet other people working at the magazine. I don’t really think I’m working for the magazine right now, I’m just sort of peripherally involved, although I have submitted a few music reviews. I’m the […]


I woke up this morning feeling very anxious and I cannot figure out why, exactly, I am feeling this way. The fact that I followed a hearse most of my way in to work today seems a bit coincidental [to use the word in the wrong context for the wrong reason] since I am not […]


The haiku contest is still rolling and submissions aren’t pouring in! I’m still waiting for some of you who I know read this to submit something. [Meagan, Lauren, Kara, etc.] Get to work! I added a link to Daily Contentions, a blog by a fellow Domer named Lucas Sayre. In lieu of an actual post, […]


Today for your reading pleasure I had described my sickness in detail. However I forgot to save it and I lost the entry. Therefore you only get one sentence of description. When I cough up my phlegm it immediately sinks to the bottom of the toilet and looks like dried wood glue.

Weekend Thoughts

I’m sick so this entry might be a bit more erratic than usual. My internet is still down at my apartment, and has been so since Friday. Cox said they had no room this weekend to send someone out to take care of it. The only two possibilities that come to mind for why I […]

How to Play Double Bid Euchre Part II: Strategery

This is Part II of my How to Play Double Bid Euchre series which began with How to Play Double Bid Euchre Part I: Basic Gameplay, yesterday and will conclude with How to Play Double Bid Euchre Part III: How to Really Play Double Bid Euchre, tomorrow. Woo. Strategy: Bidding: If you are the first […]

How to Play Double Bid Euchre Part I: Basic Gameplay

Players: Four people in teams of two. Your partner should sit across from you. Materials: A pinochle deck or the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine in all four suits from two regular decks of cards. This means each card will have a duplicate of itself. If you are already confused perhaps you should […]

Grandma’s 80th

This weekend was another whirlwind spently mostly in my car. I got home in Connersville at 8:30 Friday, ate dinner and then passed out. Saturday I was up at 7:30, ate breakfast, packed my car and went to Cambridge City to put some stuff in my mom’s antique booth. Then I continued on my way […]

Things To Do Before 30

Run a marathon. Spend a summer wandering through Europe. Write, sing and perform an original blues piece. Publish something I’ve written. Buy a classic automobile. Learn sign language. Find the right woman and get hitched. Initiate contact with my father. Buy a house. Direct a short film.

Living in the Moment

It is imperative that I keep myself busy. Excessive downtime tends to make me surly because I think about myself too much. I get lonesome and withdrawn, I feel cut off from society. When I’m out and about doing craziness, when I’m hanging with my friends, when I’m not stuck in my apartment, none of […]

On Loan

These are my books, fliks and CDs currently on loan to people I thought would be interested in them. The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow The Decemberists – Castaways and Cut-outs George P. Cosmatos – Tombstone Harlan Ellison, ed. – Dangerous Visions Kurt Vonnegut – Welcome to the Monkey House Braudy & Cohen, eds. – […]


Caesar crossed the Rubicon 2053 years ago today. Unfortunately he did it on the 10th of January from what I can find, but for my purposes I’ll say he did it today.

Call for Guest Bloggers

I would like to have some people write some stuff for my blog because it amuses me and impresses me and lets me be lazy. It doesn’t matter if I know you or not. Some of these might be better written by someone who doesn’t know me at all. [#1] Shyness is discouraged. If you […]

The Weekend

The weekend went very well apart from it being spring break and me not seeing everyone i wanted to because of this. I got to eat at both Macri’s and CJ’s and actually slept on a mattress for the first time in three months. my computer is nearly three times better than it was since […]

Office Space

Today I am learning about MAP [Managing Accountability and Performance] Goals in a day-long training session for new hires. These are goals that we set for ourselves to accomplish over the next year. It is all a bunch of self-aggrandizing hoo-ha. We have to make up goals that fit with company goals, site goals and […]

Work Email No Work

The Microsoft Exchange Server is whack today at work, so no one has access to email or their calendars and schedules. It is a bit of a hassle because people don’t have all of the information that they need, but it has also created a subtly different atmosphere that is a welcome change. People are […]


I really like this redesign. Although for whatever reason, IE doesn’t like parsing it like a normal browser should. That is why there is an uncoded break between the flame banner and the div containing all the text. for whatever reason as well, though the images are the same width as the div, the layer […]


Within the last week I have been in conversation with three different people, at different times, on the same topic. I say things that hurt the feelings of my friends and family and, apparently, I do it pretty often. There was no hesitation on the part of two of these people in saying so, once […]

Guitar Lesson

I had my first real guitar lesson last night. I feel much more satisfied with this teacher than I ever did taking class lessons at Notre Dame or the few crappy lessons I took in Connersville. Since I can read music [or at least, since I used to be able to read music] we were […]


If I could have a harem, these are the famous people that it would contain. Non-famous people have been omitted to protect my innocence. Judy Greer– She has played mostly small but important roles so far in What Women Want, Adaptation [briefly topless!], and The Wedding Planner. I love me a hot redhead. Winona Ryder– […]

Worst Things

A list of some of the worst things in my world. – A pile of week old, encrusted and molding dirty dishes. – Sitting cross-legged on the floor for an extended period of time, getting up and feeling your kneecaps slowly squeal and grind against your leg bones. – Being incapacitatingly allergic to warm, cuddly, […]


I went sledding today for the first time in several years. We went to Edgewater and discovered that a plethora of earlier tobogganeers had packed the entire hillside into a perfect sledding slope. Anne had gotten her childhood sled from her parents place and she and Liam had picked up a cheapy plastic one from […]


I know I’ve had the South Park Avatar thinger on here before, but its updated and much nicer. To save your character you must do a screen capture, the site gives you instructions on how to do that. Click on the pic to go there. This guy is from a downloadable program called Hero Machine. […]

Hades Arrow

i’ve finally gotten just about everything i need in order to start building a website for meagan. she managed to scan a bunch of her artwork with the hi-res scanners at ND and i’ve been busy downloading it to my machine. the *.jpgs are so large that they threaten to crash my browser and perhaps […]

VDS, Mofo

Fin! Finally. I no longer work for VDS. Monday I start my new job as a manuscript editor. It should infinitely better, even though I’ll be working in a cubicle. At least the people I’ll be working with will have decent oral hygiene, and a modicum of common sense. I don’t have to make copies […]


my computer is slowly approaching the event horizon of unusefulness. [damn that word has one prefix and a dual suffix, how awful]. it is toast. the main problem my machine has is lack of HD space. i’m still running on 8.5GB; this makes it quite difficult to download the amounts of stuff that i wish […]

Brake Pads

The brake pads on my car have been shot for weeks. I’m finally getting them replaced this Saturday, and I will feel infinitely better afterward. Not because of apprehension regarding my lessened stopping ability but because I’ve been putting up with this heinous screeching noise as the warning guide scratches against the wheel. It has […]

Another One

Anyone have a clue who those ladies are to your left? I sure as hell don’t. I’m not even sure why I have some film with them on it in my apartment. They are only temporary, till i find something more appropriate. The sideblog should cut down on the random links that often appear at […]

Christmas 2003

Man did I rake it in this Christmas. I must admit that I was spoiled this year. I got pretty much everything I asked for. Highlights include a DVD home theater system, new messenger bag, fountain pen ink, and books galore [including cookbooks]. The extended weekend was quite tiring though. I arrived home Christmas Eve […]


a habit is something that is considered rather constant i think. if you do something only once or once in a while then it is not a habit. a habit is something you do all the time – like rubbing a balloon on a cat or throwing toasters at things. my habits constantly change. or […]

Fuck This Place

How creepy is this place I work at? Appallingly. My boss is cut from the greasy used car saleman in a pr0n video mold. He also has teeth that are very British. Runofthemill questions become snide and insinuating when he asks them. I feel soiled when I am around him. When he oberves my work […]

Flat Tire

i work with two rappers. this is completely unforseen, but i suppose not unwelcome. Augy is the driver, and his rap name is A.U.G. for Always Underground game. he is a bigger dude, about my height but maybe a deuce and a quarter. he’s pretty quiet and shy unless you joke around enough and talk […]


This is what I got for my birthday. Made by my buddy Brian Stone. An enormously gigantic version can be found here.


Today I have entered a new phase in my life. Not only have I turned a whopping 23, but I started a really real world job doing video duplication. I am no longer in some sort of post-graduate liminal limbo. I’ve got something that will pay the bills, gives me health insurance and a 401(k). […]

Boom Biddy Bye Bye

the move went with relative ease [my mother helped – get it? hardyharhar] and now that i have a bookcase, all is tending toward well. tomorrow i start the job offensive. been listening to a lot of Cypress Hill recently for some reason…

Spastic :

Transmission Record 2003.11.06.1410 [static] …’host::hailing.. . … ident:ified.. . … vali::dated opening freq:uency .:..::: beginning transmission sequence …[[this being the last posting from indiana: [zoom] fayette county: [zoom] connersville: [zoom] mitsubishi ad::. all post/receding commentaries: will be hubbed in and around ohio: [zoom] cleveland: [zoom] lakewood::::. tom:orro:w i leave. to :quote: Bloom County :and/or: Outland: […]

I Voted

I did my civic duty today. I vote with much more confidence than I used to. Probably because since the last time I voted I have become a much more political person [thanks, kate maich]. Although this was a local election for a place I will be living in for only the next three days, […]


For Halloween I am going to dress as a Scarecrow. I am also going to Cleveland for a Halloween party given by my buddy. He has one every year, and it has been several since I was last at it. I am seriously looking for a place to live there, and employment. I need to […]

Opossum Boy

Last Friday I managed to go see KILL BILL with my buddy phil. I enjoyed the movie in a vague sort of way. oh sure it was entertaining, but i felt a sort of lack to it, all of the editing flourishes, the fx, etc… just there because they’re sexy. i expect a bit more […]

Hay Hair

i’m back in the tucky, unfortunate in some ways. i’m looking for guidance in Chicago of all places. been reading Dangerous Visions, the classic sci-fi anthology. its editor Harlan Ellison spearheaded it and sought no-holds barred, no such thing as a taboo topic short stories. they are all pretty amazing. Philip Jos? Farmer’s piece Riders […]


I finally met up with my Cousin Mea. We went to a couple of bars and talked for awhile. Even though I didn’t really remember her, I can see why we got along years ago. Perhaps this weekend I will go see her apartment and her mom. Today is the last day of shooting on […]

Crow Recipe

yes yes, i know. i should update regularly. instead of giving excuses i’ll just get to the news. i haven eaten my crow and now own a cellphone. it is impossible to work in the film industry effectively without one. i have been apartment hunting and the one i looked at today in Jersey City […]

soap opera

Many things need be said herewith. i was a set p.a. for only two days. they were rather uneventful days at that, and mostly consisted of me running errands for people less competent at their jobs than me at mine. [i suppose that isn’t saying much, because a semi-housebroken colobus could be a p.a.] then […]


i’ve had a busy last few days. each day has been around 16 hours or so, running all over brooklyn and the village doing various and sundry things for many eclectic reasons. it is major fun, but also quite tiring. i haven’t had a chance to check my email for three days now. i’m enjoying […]

Several Circles

Saturday I went to the Guggenheim, where the exhibit was titled ‘From Picasso to Pollock’ and was a collection of Moden Art from those bookended by the timeperiods of those artists. One of the annexes was dedicated to the works of my favorite modern artist Kandinsky. It was absolutely wonderful to see the collection they […]


This place is great! Yesterday I put in a 16 hour day, we shot the Manhattan skyline and the twin searchlights that were at ground zero. it was most certainly an unofficial shoot, Lee Jordan [son of the wonderful folks i’m staying with] was cameraman and I was his assistant. we shot Vision500 16mm color […]

B & H

i was all over the place yesterday as well. i made a fake diploma for one of the characters’ set dressing, and ran a merry chase in an attempt to get an antique Coney Island Steeplechase poster scanned and printed without destroying the original. then i ended up over at a Home Depot in Queens […]

First Day

Yo, my first day in NYC! I met all the girls that are working in the office. A few of them are quite cute too. I’m did clearances today and a bit of public domain research, as well as a few messenger errands. Clearance consists of getting release forms for whatever commericial items might be […]


i made it out to Jersey just fine. nine and a half hour drive. tonight i’m going to read the script for “Into the Fire” so i’ll have a good handle on it for work on monday. the offices are right outside the Lincoln Tunnel on 36th street very close to Times Square, but the […]


i’ve sorta got a job! i’m on as a PA intern for an independent film being shot for 4 weeks in NYC. i don’t get paid, but i’m damn well prepared to impress those folks enough that they’ll help me find a paying gig. my former teammate but forever friend Mags[nificent] Jordan has some ‘rents […]


i’m busting my way through more of the top 50 sci-fi/fantasy list. three books in two days. i’ve also applied to a few more jobs – in chicago, bloomington, cleveland, whiteland, indianapolis. two seconds ago the fedex guy delivered my tix to my Notre Dame games – Michigan State, the game against USC where i […]

Insert Title Here

I’ve been home a day and I’ve done a lot, but accomplished little. I already feel like I’m being hassled by various people for Still Living With Mother. I went to the library and got three sci-fi novels [including 2001: A Space Odyssey which, interestingly, was written as the film was shot] and a couple […]

Grass Grow

I’m back home again, in horrible old Connersville. It is nice to be back here for some reason. I know with my mother and grandma around, I will have plenty of ‘advice’ and ‘prodding’ to assist in my neverending quest for employment. Perhaps too, I will run into some friends from days of high school […]

Douchebags of the Day

I’d forgotten about this from Rock & Roll Confidential. The gallery you are about to enter contains graphic, often puerile language that may upset sensitive readers. If you are offended by scatological humor, foul and unquestionably NON-PC language and countless photographs of guys who think they are way cooler than they actually are, you may […]

Kazaa Ta-Da!

If you use Kazaa as your P2P of choice and try to download an mp3 or two you probably often run across fake copies of songs, the ones that fade away to hiss after a few moments. Usually this doesn’t happen to me, but often enough, an album or a single I would like to […]


Since I am experiencing a drought of things to say on here, I present you with a few links. Hopefully, something will happen relatively soon that will give me a reason to be excited about the future [like a job]. Samorost [Flash] More Flash make sure you play the Battlebots game. an arbitrary list of […]

Interstate Everywhere

I returned late last night from the wedding of my friend Jeremy in Tipton, KS. For the most part, the trip was eventful, or boring, and sometimes both together. The Interstate system is a wonderful thing, It can take you most everywhere, and if it cannot get you there, it can get you damn close, […]

Want Ad

I want a job. However, getting a job is pretty hard. Especially when submitted applications to open positions get no response, and follow-up emails go equally unanswered. No one wants someone fresh, it seems that all jobs demand 2-5 years prior experience, at entry level pay. It must be quite the competitive market, when a […]

Adam The Saurus

The following words [and their various manifestations] should be used more often. flummox cattywampus flabbergast hoosgow dreadnaught oaf poxy simulacrum sepuchral winsome maleficent malfeasance mallard gander discombobulate rhetaphorithetically [yeah i made that one up. you could also try hypotoriphorically or metathetatorically.]

Bo and Kerri

I’m gone for yet another weekend. My sort of high school friend Bo [who became a better friend post-HS] is getting married on the solstice to Kerri, whom he met in college. *bloop* Phil, my high school buddy, is best man, and brother to Bo. *bloop* I’m doing the video work and editing gratis as […]

Great Outdoors

I just had the most wonderful walk. The house I’m staying in this summer is less than a hundred yards from a river, and right up the street from a park. The neighborhood is quiet, and the park [apart from some litter] is just right. The trees are monstrous, thick trunked and towering. Meagan should […]

O, Canada

Damn, I sure needed that trip. Canada was excellent, the fishing was great, the food was wunderbar, the weather was perfect. I caught the biggest Northern Pike, the two largest walleye, and the largest perch [insert snicker here]. and read on. It had been seven years since I had last made the trek to Ear […]

Gone Fishin.

I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go fishin’ in Canada. I’ll be back on the 15th, hopefully with a load of walleye and northern pike filets. This will qualify as my first vacation in about ten years. The last vacation was my last trip to Canada. I was only twelve or thirteen. I’m […]


Spring hath affronted me with her most blatant display of new life, babbies [the british version of the word]. Most everywhere I have been today, I’ve seen babby aminals. First this morning, there were ducklings. All over the place along the river, trundling after their parental duck. No drakes were to be seen. Damn missing […]

3 teeth

Yessiree, you heard it here first. I truly am teething. Or, perhaps, toothing, to be more precise. A [singular] wisdom tooth has deemed its time ripe to emerge from the evolutionary boondocks that forms the backplates of the mandible. My wisdom tooth, instead of being a mere nuisance, and a reason for people to look […]

Computer Crapola

The past few days have been spent in a flurry of sundry computer cleaning procedures. We’ve ghosted the summer image onto the business clusters, we’ve scraped the hand salsa off of innumerable keyboards and mice, we’ve shined monitors and razed the cluster kiosks of any and all unnecessary paraphernalia. On the personal side, I reformatted […]


I was going to write my senior year reflection tonight, but I feel like I’ve been shat out by howler monkeys, eaten by them once again, regugitated, and then flung against a cold slimy window. I’m going to go nest under a massive pile of blankets now and sweat this fever away. It is, after […]


sometimes i worry that people will think i’m a poser because i am just interested enough in something to find out a bit about it, engage myself within it, and ride for a bit. then, when questioned upon said something i cannot satisfy that person’s requirements of knowledge and failure ensues. both of us fail, […]

Easter Weekend

as usual i accomplished little enough this easter weekend, but hopefully i will get significantly more done today. i finally get to do some video editing after a hiatus of a few months. unfortunately i have a fencing reception in the rotunda of the main building right smack dab in the middle of the 6 […]


with four relatively decent sized papers looming over me this easter weekend i am staying on campus for the duration. the papers are due as follows April 24th – Film Theory – 8-10 pages. I’m writing on how class structures are assumed into racial identities and how that plays into film spectatorship in Spike Lee’s […]


i’ve been getting emails from the class i dropped lately. apparently, the group i had signed up to do a presentation with at the beginning of the year had not realized i dropped the class over a month ago. i’ve been reveling in their email struggles to set up a time to meet with my […]

Iraqi Stereotype

i’ve found something disturbing. whenever i catch a bit of news regarding the war, which is not much because as long as people are dying i don’t care for it, but whenever i catch a bit of news containing a picture of a moustachioed Iraqi, they all look like Saddam Hussein. It is quite hard […]

St. Patrick’s Day at Notre Dame

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! w00t! This is the only St. Patrick’s day that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing at Notre Dame. For some unbeknownst reason, ND usually arranges it so that March 17 is during Spring Break. Hypocritical that the premier Irish-Catholic university avoids celebrating said day? of course, ’tis to be expected. We […]


i received a notice in the mail the other day explaining to me just how much money i owe the federal government for my Stafford loans. now i feel like a true adult, because i have something resembling adult size debt. discussing this with real adults has led me to conclude that debt only grows, […]

Job Market III

back at ND after my 3 day spring break. i’ve written a generic cover letter and am primed to send it out amongst various production companies to see if they would like to hire me. do you know of anyplace to work? i’ll go anywhere. i’m serious. i have three more things to type today. […]

Round and Round We Go

round and round we go. i’m dropping my Fictions of Insanity class. but if i drop it i’ll be two credits short for graduationg. so i’m picking up a 2cred Sociology class that starts in april. in order to do this i had to call the institute for latino studies who had an open spot […]

Film Theory Grade

my Film Theory midterm was returned to me yesterday. i didn’t miss a damn point. 25/25=A. in celebration test your vocabulary. i got 161 correct. apparently that only puts me in the lower 25th percentile. i guess i’m stupid after all.

Film Theory midterm

i’ve a Film Theory midterm today. last night was spent wrestling with concepts of the ontologies of cinema, soviet montage, theories and requirements for cinematic Realism, questions of auteurship and genre and a little bit of semiotic icing to top it off. currently i’ve something akin to Walter Benjamin’s Marxist ideas of base/superstructure (in re: […]

Clone High

MTV actually has a good new show for once. It is called Clone High. The premise, famous dead people were cloned years ago and the clones are now all in high-school. apparently they are supposedly being trained into a clone army, but that isn’t really happening. forget the nature/nurture argument. the clones act like their […]


senioritis is officially here. i’ve this class called Fictions of Insanity. It is insanely boring. we are supposed to have the next book read for thursday. i have not purchased said book, nor do i intend to. i also firmly intend to not read a word of it. this class does not deserve my time […]


Millions of young men have now been vindicated by the actions of one of the greatest anathemas of our time. Steve (a.k.a. Benjamin Curtis; a.k.a. The Dell Guy) was arrested on 2/9/2003 for criminal possession of marijuana. Now all of the mothers, friends of mothers, aunts, great-aunts, grandmothers, older female coworkers, lunch ladies, and nuns […]

Beard Accident

-Why are things like this reported? Honestly, it serves only as an explication of cultural values instead of anything remotely health-related. It is also far too narrow, dealing only with Welsh men. Now, they mention that social factors are probably the cause of a majority of the diseases, apparently because men that don’t shave regularly […]

Job Market II

this job hunt thing is rough. i’ve been looking at the National Park service, and related jobs, the Smithsonian, Discovery Channel, National Geographic…but all of the job openings are aimed at people that have 2-3 years of experience in the field. no one wants some apparently wet behind the ears college kid. i’ve got the […]

Some Favorite Things

A selection of my favorite things: a warm bed showers fencing letters in the mail poetry an unread book fresh socks tall glasses of cold water spontaneous hugs massages witticism What are your favorite things?

Job Market

today i attempt to secure employment. there is this career fair thing. the smithsonian is going to be there. also a bunch of businesses, and the CIA. its rather sad that only businesses really actively recruit people. places that i would love to work like the smithsonian like you to come to them. i’m not […]

Cold Everest

’tis currently 1° outside my window. coupled with the wind chill and the weight of my fencing bag, i am not looking forward to the 20 minute walk to work today. i haven’t been outside for about 24 hours but i still feel like pretty much any old guy from a Jack London short story. […]

Where Did the Weight Go?

i don’t put on weight very well, so this is of utmost import. since the end of last semester i have gained 10 pounds. i am now a 6’2″ 170 pounder. the only problem is that i cannot figure out where it went. my proportions are all the same, i still don’t have a hind […]

Blast from the Past

One of the guys in my section Freshman year sent me this email the other day. Hey Harv, I know that I don’t talk to you much any more, and we didn’t really talk much once I moved out of 4B, but I figured that I needed to send you this email. The other day, […]

First Impressions of Last Classes II

O’Shaughnessy Hall, the crumbling hub of Arts & Letters at Notre Dame, is always plastered with posters, flyers, and announcements of upcoming events. A constant presence are the flyers that the Foreign Language Departments post in an effort to get more students to take those classes. Most of them run along these lines: Benjamin Franklin […]

First Impressions of Last Classes

Irish Cinema Culture: the professor is a veritable well of irish vernacular. i know very little about irish cinema, but i’m familiar with the concepts he wants us to utilize. i believe this class will be a better example of a combined anthro/film class than the one i took last semester. tonight we watch When […]

Last Course Load

in less than a week i begin my final semester as an undergraduate. the clich about college flying by holds true. i’ll probably be pseudo-nostalgic bordering on cathartic testimonial regarding my college career often in the next few months. but thats not the real reason i’m writing this. actually it is 11:20pm yesterday and i […]

Lazy Day at Home

today was another lazy day at home. i’ve started taking afternoon naps. and i’m slowly running out of things to read, which means i’ll most likely play more playstation and go rent movies i should have seen in the theater. i’ve assembled all of my poetry books for transport and inspiration for my poetry class […]

Spoiled Rotten

i am spoiled rotten: a list of christmas booty. Cordial Cherries National Geographic Walden Crime and Punishment House of Leaves Norelco Beard Trimmer a coat (middle row fifth one down #4203) a Sony DSC-P51 my buddy neal got a beard trimmer and camera as well.

Christmas Break

today, my first day at home, was spent christmas shopping with mother. i convinced her to spend $90 on a coat for me. and apparently i was a good luck charm for finding the gifts she needed to. i’m still a little lovesick, coweyed, moonstruck, but that is only to be expected. apparently, i, he […]

Film Noir Gone Away

Film Noir is out of the way. somehow i managed to get an A on my bigass paper which counts for 25% of my grade. apparently i was ‘provocative.’ not a word that i think is usually applied to me. maybe the prof was just trying to hit on me. i received a distinctive not […]

Video Games Ahoy!

yeah, so how many people could tell i didn’t have anything to write about yesterday… my stress level has decreased exponentially since i turned in my big ole papers. now all that is left for this semester is a questionnaire for my Cinema Ideologies class, a 5 page ‘how do i feel/what did i learn’ […]


last night was spent doing another cut of Vice Versa. I tightened up a few shots and did considerable work editing the ending collision sequence. its still missing one more thing apparently. if i had gotten a few reaction shots and maybe another take or two, i’d be set. there is still something about actually […]

Damn Film Noir Paper

well its over. both the snow (for now) and the ND football season. after the disasterbacle of last night i don’t believe we’ll make it into a good bowl game, though we’ll probably end up in a second tier bowl. i now have the rest of the saturdays of this semester to myself. both of […]

Assembly of Vice Versa

last night i put together an assembly of the rushes for Vice Versa. i think today we’ll probably watch them in class. I’m pretty sure the rest of class time is going to be spent watching clips. and talking about clips. or listening to Bill talk about clips. in minute and downward spiraling detail. i’d […]

I’ve Got to Move Out of This Neighborhood

Before we get to the mp3 i’ve got some news. my good friend Meagan painted me this sweet ass watercolor from Lord of the Rings, Its when Sam helps Frodo out of the water after Old Man Willow has entranced them. Its farking badass. I have one and you don’t so there. also, here are […]

Too Much Work

i spent my birthday asleep. i went to bed at 9:30. maybe i am depressed. i have three weeks to complete 22 pages of papers and to edit my 16mm film. my day began at 8am and will end at 1am tomorrow morning. i went to schedule a haircut for sometime next week and then […]


senioritis has officially made its appearence. well, actually its been more like a rash that has slowly spread during the course of the semester. its definitely the workload that is causing it. Intermediate Film Production should be a 6 credit class. there is so much that i don’t want to do, i’m not sure if […]


FIN! no more shooting! now i can just concentrate on the fun part, editing. I won’t be updating friday, saturday, or sunday because i am going to Penn State to the Max Garrett Invitational for fencing. i am going to kick some lily-white nittany ass. so in honor of my victory to be i give […]

Busy Bee

i’m still not quite done yet. i’ve several more hours of filming to do today as well as a paper to write. last night i finally got a bit of time to myself at around 10:30pm when i ate my subway dinner. then i passed out on my bed. after today, everything calms down, at […]

Early Film Shoot

at around 2am this morning i woke up a little bit anxious. ok, alot anxious. my film shoot was to begin at 4:30 but the anxiety came first. i lay in bed while my mind raced and worried for an hour and then some. i dozed. at 3:45 i got up went to the bathroom […]

Did It.

I got permission to be in Advanced Poetry Writing. I had to submit a 5 poem manuscript to do so. Here is the email from the prof: Dear Adam, You can print this out and take it to Kim in the English department as permission to register for Engl 402, Advanced Writing. I’ll look forward […]

Poetry Writing 402

apparently if i want to get into Advanced Poetry Writing 402 I need to submit 5 poems to the prof for her perusal and judgementation. i sifted through the pigsty last night and tried to decide if i had 5 pearls to send her. i scrabbled some sort of semblance together. Meagan thinks i should […]

Report Card

a protestant work ethic, coupled with a catholic guilt complex results in neverending stress for me. i got back two midterms and a paper, a- on all three. good for me. however, trying to get approval to shoot and to coordinate 7 different film shoots around everyone’s schedules and at the different times in three […]

Space Age Toothbrush

of all the things to have space age design, toothbrushes should be rather far down on the list, but instead of driving a car that runs off the constant bombardment of neutrinos from space, my toothbrush can do it all. I just bought it a few days ago. apart from the now standard ergonomic body […]

Shit Gets Crazy

8-0!!!!! Beating our 4th ranked opponent of the season. Neal has unsuccessfully predicted our loss for two straight weeks. Maybe now we’ll get some respect. i was supposed to get the storyboards and a paper typed over break, I completed the storyboards, barely, and didn’t do shite on the paper. Starting Monday shit gets crazy […]


today i submitted my first ever letter to the Viewpoint section of the Notre Dame newpaper publication the Observer. It was in response to this letter: Bedwetting limousine liberals are overrunning the traditional values of American society and our campus, our University of Notre Dame, has become a breeding ground for these ideas. It started […]

Eponymous Duty

another boring night of Society and Culture through Film. We watched Its a Wonderful Life. And the discussion thereafter was just as nickel-and-dime as the film itself. the most interesting thing in the class is the girl that sits next to me. Her name is Anne. i’d rather watch her than another stinking movie. at […]


we’re now 6-0! Yesterday’s game was perhaps the worst college football game i have ever seen; but, we still won! today will be spent preparing for midterm week. i have homework out the wazoo. this weekend steve and ward came in and i finally met their buddies miller and jorg?. the weather is changing to […]

Not All That Much

well, i don’t have all that much to talk about today so i’ll just give the news. i turned in my first paper today and got a take-home midterm. my intermediate film class is a lot of work. working in the anthro department is not that stimulating although my alphabetizing skills are now exceptional. fencing […]


i’ve never been what someone might call a troublemaker. mischievious yes, but i’m not a bad boy. in my grade school days, the very first time i got in trouble it was for curiosity not evil. i don’t even remember what i did, but i told my mother that i ‘just wanted to see what […]

ND beats Stanford

Booya!!! Notre Dame is off to a 5-0 start baby! My cousin Anthony came up for the game, his first for Notre Dame. Late last night i managed to scrounge up a ticket for him. I gave him the whirlwind tour and got him a free sandwich from the Knights of Columbus concession stand. Stanford […]

Chariot Race

Today was the 5th annual Keough Hall Chariot Race. Last year, my section, 4B won the race. This year we were eliminated in the 1st round. These chariots are constructed out of plywood and 2x4s by the various dorms on campus. Keough, as host, has a chariot from each section. Our chariot was constructed by […]

Blessed Be

May a blesséd star shine upon Alissa and Sarah and Salim. I give them thanks a thousand times. As I struggled to haul my several hundred pounds of film equipment across campus, I passed at least a dozen guys who I know. None of them asked to help. However when Alissa and Sarah saw me […]

Some Girl

today was even longer than usual. i got up early to stand in line for the extra stanford tix and waited for an hour and a half to sign a piece of paper and dish out the 43 bucks necessary for the tix only to be told to come back between 3-4 that afternoon to […]

Location Scout

Emily and I did the location scout for our film today. we hit up 3 coffee shops, a deli and a bakery. We like Molly McGuire’s the best so far. we need to ask our prof what the best way to shoot through a window would be. reflection and enough light inside the room will […]

ND beats Michigan State

we’re 4-0! this is the best start for ND in a looonng time. I’m very glad we finally beat Michigan State, i’ve been waiting for a victory over them for 4 years. next week we have a bye and then the following week on October 5 we face Stanford at home. i’m going to buy […]

Bloody Long Day

what a bloody long day! got up at 8 and went straight until 10. got my first food of the day at approximately 10:12. film idea is approved and is now being fleshed out into a screenplay. i’ll probably start storyboarding the bastard next week. film noir was boring. work was even more so as […]

Hanged Over

as i write this i am experiencing my first ever hangover. its not too bad, but i had no idea wine would affect me in this way. now i do and can avoid repeating the performance. the fencing party last night was a good time and my croatian teammate Ozren’s 25th(?) birthday. who knows, happy […]

ND beats Michigan 25-23

i love to win. Notre Dame beat our archrival Michigan 25-23. we were ranked 21 and they were ranked 6. can somebody say upset? fuckyeah! so after we won, we rushed the field and i got a chunk of the north endzone as a souvenir. i cannot speak and am rather dehydrated, which must be […]

Friday Jabber

Happy Friday the 13th! Waking Life was very interesting animation indeed. at times the dialogue (indeed for most of the middle part of the film) was heavy-handed timeless philosophizing, stuff that is permanently asked and never answered. it was damn trippy to watch though. today i have meeting galore. and now: The Friday mp3. today […]

Malicious Mechanisms

tonight i’m going to watch Waking Life (Linklater, 2001). its supposedly a very interesting type of animation converted from live action. i’m skipping out on my Film Noir screening of Double Indemnity (Wilder, 1944) to go see it. its just another one of those malicious mechanisms that prevent film majors from going to NDcinema by […]


I found out yesterday that the University switched to using Olestra during the summer. This explains why I haven’t had a nice healthy dump since I’ve been here. I suppose you don’t care to know this, but I don’t care. As you may or may not know one of the side effects of Olestra is […]

Weekend of Visitors

This was the Weekend of Visitors for me. Steve from Syracuse, Brian and Kyle from West Lafayette, Jesus, Liam, AJ, Ann, Laura; all seniors when i was a freshman, and my aunt and uncle from Fort Wayne. When it rains it pours and Notre Dame home football games always call for a weather alert. our […]

Purdue Game

Alright! so begins the 1st football weekend of the year! My alumni buddy steve came into town yesterday and we went to Senior Bar for a bit to shoot the shit. Brian and Kyle, my bros from Purdue are showing up for the big game against their college of choice this weekend. it will be […]

First Game under Ty

What a football game! Notre Dame didn’t play the best football in the world but it was 5 times as solid an infinitely more unpredictable than our game under the Davie Regime. I don’t know how many times i heard the phrase “West Coast Offense’ used, but it became rather grating. But in the end […]

Friday mp3

last weekend was freshman orientation. this weekend is freshman disorientation. *evil laugh* they’ll be ok, i’ll watch out for ’em. i’m going to try something new for Fridays. I guess it needs a name so I’ll call it the Friday mp3. Every Friday, for a 24 hour period or thereabouts i’ll put up an mp3 […]

Senior Year Day 2

Intermediate Film Production: is not a class about filmmaking, but instead about stress management, so sayeth my prof Bill Donaruma. I believe him, he runs it like a Hollywood production, but since we have significantly less funding and less experienced people than Hollywood it must necessarily be more difficult. Film Noir: will be interesting at […]


Fundamentals of Archaeology: This class is going to be easy. Two tests, two quizzes and thats all. Professor Schurr is a character, but I already knew that. What I didn’t know is that he is a Super Tolkien Nerd like myself. Bonus! Cinema Ideologies: Taught by my FEMINIST, socialist, jewish, buddhist film prof Jill Godmilow. […]

Cream Soda

Reason number 64 why Connersville sucks. It is a whiskey town. I stopped at 3 liquor stores in search of my alcohol of choice: Stolichnaya vodka. none of them had it. Absolut is the “high quality” vodka. however, if you can think of an obscure brand of whiskey they had it, in all its varieties. […]

End of Summer

the summer is over. it was a good summer. i read very much. Its a tossup as to whether Walden or A Clockwork Orange was my favorite read. Pretty different books, eh? I wasn’t quite as active as I wished to be, but I got 6 more fencing lessons than I expected. I watched Lawrence […]


i was going through the stash of pictures i have on my computer and came across this one from January moments after shaving my head. since i just shaved off my beard attempt, my logical progression led me to decide that i should put up this picture. people said i looked like Moby, Billy Corgan, […]

Baldur’s Gate

i finally conquered Baldur’s Gate. Its a damn long game. damn good too. i only have one beef with it: the experience cap. wtf is up with that? the game has a built in mechanism to limit my character’s growth!? 89,000 experience is the limit, and leveling up to (prepare for condensed nerdiness) an 8th […]

Behold! The T-shirt

last night i awoke with a film idea at 3:46 in the morning. i cannot tell it to you though for fear that the fascist elves will acquire it and manipulate it toward their goal of world domination. went shopping today. bought clothes. saw a shirt reading: Video games don’t affect children. If Pacman had […]

Packrat Purge

the packrat purge is complete and several grocery bags are now filled with random paraphrenalia that i deemed unneccessary to store for another year. today i also washed my car and bought a picture album to house my collegiate photographs. my room is now livable for the next few weeks. we need water terribly. we’ve […]

Stubborn Son of a Bitch

its in my blood to be a stubborn son of a bitch. i hate it when people tell me that i have to do something. my immediate response is the challenge their order with a question. Why do i have to do it? Huh? Answer me! however, using a different word will often slip by […]


CSS is cool! i love it but i hate it. just got back from the mall. wtf is up with the cheapo picture taking things?? they suck now. they aren’t cheap and they only spit out one photo. remember how they used to spit out a strip of 4 different shots so you could have […]


well she had fun, but not until her ‘brother’ and my good friend brian showed up from Cleveland. she didn’t yarf, but she did go to the restroom about 70 billion times. we ate at the Mishawaka Brewing Company, which was excellent as always. Great Irish Meat Pies. then we left to go to the […]

Meagan’s 21st

today is my friend Meagan’s 21st birthday. she is not a drinker at all. in fact, i think she can count the times she has had a drink on one hand. but not after tonight. i am skipping my work shift tonight to take her out with some friends and get her wasted as hell. […]

Bad Hygiene

i’ve stopped even making the attempt to get up early enough to do basic hygiene before stumbling into work. at the beginnning of the summer, i strove to start my schedule at 9 in the morning but since clusters open at 8 i was not permitted to schedule myself at 9 without also signing up […]

End of the Day

i like being the last person in a building at the end of the day. i get a feeling of mysterious importance, as if i were responsible for maintaining and controlling some sort of secret powerful project. or, as my feet echo through the hallways, i become an interloper, discovering and wondering at the stories […]

Vaguely Disreputable

most of the programs on my computer have been obtained through vaguely disreputable means. its not that i stole anything, no product or service was literally taken from anyone. yet when i am tooling around the intranet here at ND and i happen to find a folder that has no password protection on it and […]

Made for TV Movie

I had a nice weekend. Friday, I made a new friend and stayed up all night watching movies with her. We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Trainspotting, and If These Walls Could Talk. This last movie she had rented because it had Cher in it. It was an awful movie; it had an […]

Car Stolen, Almost

I thought my car had been stolen yesterday. Turns out the University had decided it and 3 other cars needed towing to another parking lot farther away. Why? So a temporary chain link fence could be put up. The reason for the fence is not obvious, it merely partitions part of the lot from the […]


bleah. i’m tired and my eyes are crusty/crunchy since i chose sleep over shower this morning. but on to today’s rant and my first shot at metablogging. what i get tired of seeing as i search through the morass of the wideworldofweblogging are the sites in which the entries become nothing more than linguistic acrobatics. […]

Pretty Faces

today i am surrounded by beauty. the cluster is filled with pretty faces staring intently at the sundry tasks before them. a wrinkle of concentration here, the trout look there, bits of half heard mumbled spanish. innumerable sighs. here come three more pretty faces. i hope we have enough workstations to trap them in this […]

Summer Rant

my writing has started to change in many subtle ways. it is becoming less rigid in structure and less angst filled in content. perhaps i am finally getting a sense of perspective and a useful outlet for whatever wisdom i have gained during my time on this mortal coil. only problem is, i still don’t […]

Eclectic Dorm Rant

i live with the most eclectic gathering of people. for the summer this dorm contains the Notre Dame football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and track teams. however only one person in my hallway is from one of these teams, the other thirty-so people in my section are biblethumpers. i am not kidding when i […]


hoo-ray for the weekend. alas for the demise of hunter-gatherers. if i were a nomadic hunter gatherer from one thousand years ago i would only have to work about two hours a day to supply myself with everything needed for survival. this is documented. (best i could find given 5 mins searching.) the risks of […]

Blah Blah Blah, Yakkity

right before i came into work i was sitting outside enjoying the day and watching two girls who were asleep on the quad out in all that sunshine. well hell, i got inspired and wrote a poem on the spot. i was planning on taking it over to them and just leaving it once i […]

Addicted to Weblogs

signs you are addicted to weblogging. 1. your weblog is the startup page on your internet browser 2. you spend more time reading weblogs than doing work 3. you make lists about weblog addiction 4. when you meet friends who also blog, you talk about your respective weblogs with them (very nerdy) 5. you use […]


i just found out that my 85 year old great uncle was Murdered. they found him in his garage with multiple stab wounds to the neck. Murdered. 85. what reason is there to Murder and 85 year old man. reason doesn’t enter into the equation, causing the problem. if the Murderer had reasoned (a socially […]

Phil’s 21st

well, watching my buddy Phil get wasted with the whole cross-country/track gang from the high school on his 21st birthday was fun. even the point when he yarfed all over my car. sure it was gross but it is only a once in a lifetime experience. i was rather silly myself. then yesterday i did […]

Recent Books

random post today. books i have read recently: Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems; Henry David Thoreau, Walden;George Orwell, Animal Farm;Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Good Omens; and i am beginning Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. the only one i didn’t particularly care for was Animal Farm because it is just a […]

Computer Lab Cogitations

one of the worst things about working in a mindless job in which you don’t actually DO anything is that you get to the point where you think too much. you begin to doubt yourself and question it all. in fact this is the seminal sign of insanity. a mere atomic particle of imbalance that […]

Absurdity and Sprinklers

albert camus had a pretty damn good idea about what it was to be human. his belief that our lives are mere absurdity makes alot of sense. bad things happen, yes but when you think about them not in just the mundane journal entry analysation but instead you grit your teeth and stare at the […]

Brain Jam

there are times when i sit in a stupor at one of my mindless collegiate sources of employment and think about communication. i think much better than i speak. oftimes i will think of a very well formed idea and then when i attempt to put it down i’m like charlie brown trying to write […]

Redesign as Self-definition

this whole farce, redesigning, tweaking, nudging, calling upon various obscure and eldritch powers to give my blog some semblence of coherence is nothing more than a visual manifestation of my errant questing in search of another selfdefinition. id like to think it is helping, but honestly i have not a clue. in my struggle to […]


last night i treed a raccoon. then i climbed the tree after it. then i barked at it. then i went to bed.

Southern Accent

last night i was working my shift behind the desk in McGlinn and a pretty girl comes and needs let back into her room because she locked herself out. she was from leesburg, georgia and had a great southern accent that knocked my socks off. i unlocked her door and showed her how to keep […]

Staring at Women Day

6.12.02 here i am in the Mendoza College of Business Computer Cluster, surrounded by attractive women (no i’m not kidding) and i am totally socially impotent. all i can do is look. i have no guts, testicles, huevos, balls, whatever. even if i do go up to one and ask her, rejection by her means […]

Bitch Session

6.11.02 downloading bitch session…. …. …. i keep losing sight of why i do this. i keep trying to do it for you whoever the hell you are, when in fact it is me who needs this place. i try to fulfill what i think your expectations of me could be. i shouldn’t do this; […]

Goddamn Rap-Metal

6.10.02 LATE NIGHT UPDATE: 11:27pm i am sick and tired of angstridden its the world against me bad parent blaming venom filled pseudo intensive kill you all rap metal. while listening to the radio on my shift i decided to listen to the Bear (contemporary rock) instead of WAOR (classic rock). bad decision. after three […]

5 Loads of Laundry

6.9.02 EXT. NORTH QUAD 1:00pm DAY 4 more hours of drudgery in the lafo computer cluster resulted in two things 1) i realized i am a mere pawn in a cosmic game of screw-the-dealer euchre 2) a new icon for verbal impotence. then i went into the glorious outdoors and lay around shirtless for awhile […]


6.8.02 INT. COBA 3:45pm DAY mom has assigned me to come up with three things that i like about ND. here they are: the education, the fencing team, the squirrels. easy enough. i spent the whole damn day inside in the basement of lafortune. it is a perfect day for being out in the sun. […]

Idiosyncratic Desk Shift

6.7.02 INT. MCGLINN HALL CLERK DESK 12:34am NIGHT the proper word to describe my desk shift last night is idiosyncratic. the class of 1962 is staying in McGlinn this weekend. in 1962 Notre Dame was still an all male school. throughout my four hour shift i heard a steady stream of ‘back in my day’ […]

Book Review Soup

6.6.02 INT. VARIOUS COMPUTER CLUSTERS 9am-7pm DAY i have neglected a discussion of On the Road and here i am finished with 1984 and starting Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. Kerouac influence and that of the beat movement on my present understanding of popular culture came through with full force. however the bohemian lifestyle is […]


6.5.02 INT. BOND HALL PC 28 7:23pm NIGHT i am such a pirate. but i really like the way my page looks now. i’ll admit it, i stole some of the code, but it took me a helluva long time to debug the bugger. it actually looks professional now. now i just have to make […]

Character Sketch

6.3.02 INT. 450 SIEGFRIED HALL 1:05pm DAY to ensure my continuing nerdiness here is what my character sketch would be like if i lived in a fantasy world (apart from the one i am in currently) name: Herin (but known to most as Erandir) race: elf job: mid-level mage, user of blue magic (magic used […]

First Shift in Knott

6.1.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 9:10am DAY today i work my first shift as a hall clerk in Knott Hall from 1-8 i expect to be bored out of my mind. in other news i am going to order tix to see my idol David Bowie this august in chicago, it is going to […]

Two Girls

5.28.02 EXT. NORTH QUAD 4-6pm yesterDAY yesterday was surprisingly enjoyable. i went and lay out in the sun for a couple of hours and when i woke up there was a pretty girl laying about ten feet away from me. SHE struck up a conversation with ME! then later on i was playing frisbee golf […]

Hani and Haggai

5.23.02 INT. FITZPATRICK ENGINEERING CLUSTER 1:30pm DAY today i worked with a Palestinian and an Israeli; Hani and Haggai respectively. they got along fine, speaking arabic and joking around. if they can do it why can’t all of the others? fighting for your beliefs is one thing, fighting another person because of their beliefs is […]

Day on the Job

5.21.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 7:01pm DAY well i’ve changed the damn thing again. hopefully i also solved the problem with the way it looks on macs and lesser versions of explorer. have i? do tell. anyway, i spent the day moving unix engineering computers made by Sun Microsystems across campus. those bastards are […]

Ready to Go

5.8.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 2:03pm DAY mostly packed and ready to get the hell out of south bend for a few days. i hope i can fit everything into my car, but i’m not too worried. this summer will be used to heal the damage that this year has done to me, both […]

Reason #7004

5.7.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 10:19am DAY reason #7004 why my roommate is a piece of shit and his girlfriend is a worthless ho: i am asleep. they come into the room, climb up into his loft, eat lunch and carry on like nothing, then go to sleep. who in the hell does that? […]

Dead Animal

5.6.02 INT. DEBARTOLO HALL RM. 316 9:43am DAY there is a reason i smell like a dead animal. marmoset body count: four new film link: curious today i am rancid

Just Say No to Porno

5.5.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435. 10:19am DAY a few more days and i will never have to put up with my roommate and his apelike behavior ever again! just say no to porno. in other news happy cinco de mayo! i have completed (pretty much) 3/5 of my finals and am studying for the […]

Rally Behavior

today marks the beginning of my finals week rally behavior. no shaving, minimum grooming, only necessary washing. i’ll be wearing the same clothes until i go home on the 9th. disgusting i know. there is a reason. it makes marmoset hunting much easier. the pygmy marmoset is the tangible form that all things stressful in […]


5.2.02 INT. LAFORTUNE STUDENT UNION COMPUTER CLUSTER. 2:41pm DAY yeah so i’m typing this paper on the rhetorics of self-making. i’m talking about agency, use-value of autonomy versus relationality, and the intrinsic unnatural, variant and dynamic nature of selfhood. i even understand most of what i am talking about. the postmodern is alive in my […]

Keep on Truckin’

4.30.02 INT. MAIN BUILDING, OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE. 7:53am DAY signing up for my summer hall clerk hours i realized that red tape is the manner in which bureaucracies remain in existence. they convince you time and again that they have a new organizational plan that will make things run very smoothly and they make […]


INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435, ADAM’S COMPUTER. 7:30pm NIGHT i reconnected with a couple of old friends last night and it was good. it was nice talking to them and catching up on what is going on in their lives. it made me feel good to know that out there are still people who feel […]

Eric the Half a Bee

INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435. 11:00pm NIGHT. ok so last night at 11, after being gone from my room since 9 in the morning, i come back home to find the door locked. great, roommate hooking up again…well that hasn’t stopped me before and i want in my damn room. i unlock the door and […]


we have to start packing up our rooms in the next week. it seems kind of dumb that they expect us to move everything out of our living space and study for finals in a little white shell. hopefully the weather will be nice and i can do my work outside. i am anxious for […]

HUGE CO…rooster

yeah so i cleaned my room and did laundry. yeah and my mom asked me if i was satanic the other day. she meant it too. i think she just assumes the worst since i don’t live at home under her protective wing. its boring under a protective wing, i’d rather go exploring. i’m not […]

Fed a Squirrel

I fed a squirrel today. She was pretty fat and I think pregnant, but I’m not sure. She ate out of my hand which I felt honored by. Except that gaining the trust of squirrels on this campus isn’t that difficult. the best part was that she put her little claw/paw into my hand at […]

Metalheads and Goth Chicks

this place needs more metalheads and goth chicks, if we had them in significant numbers (instead of just me a few football players and one pseudo-gothesque art girl) things would be alot more interesting. metal just makes things better. and pretty goth chicks are just yummy (especially redheaded ones). a girl can be normal and […]

Part Chameleon

i believe i must be part chameleon for i am the fastest tanning person alive and also the fastest to lose it. i was out for 2 hours today and changed significantly in color. tonight i will spend most of my evening in oshag editing a section video for aussiefest this weekend and then mayhap […]

‘bee in the quad

today was spent in another filmic indulgence that all too often turns into a monstrous beast of unimaginable power. murphy’s law applies to filming more than any other activity. i tossed the ‘bee a bit in the quad after, with my ‘roos which was a good relief for the mental stress that 7 hours of […]

Exercise in Futility

my life is an exercise in futility. even when i do nothing wrong, i still fail. my bad karma must have no end. even when things are not my fault, i still hurt. i must be too sensitive. we knew this was going to happen, i guess it was worth it, but for some reason […]

First Day of Spring

the first true day of spring! whoohoo so many people laying around and skipping class. it was nice to see that some people still enjoy nature, even if it is only once in awhile. i wrote a pome about it.

thump Thump THUMP

thump Thump THUMP thumpthump thump bump flash stomp brash green/purple/yellow swingin swayin discoplayin’ backin that ass up, hypnotic mantras bloodpulse grind and grab half caught eye shine thumpthump thump bang your head intergalactic planetary more vodka in my tonic more light in my face ringin’ ears pushup bra strobe aladdin sane thumpthumpthumpthumpthump…yeah…so i went out […]

2 pomes

easter was great! filet mignon was even better. two new pomes. shuffel7/firefly paradigm and untitled8, plus a new link to Digital Ghosts.

ND to Fargo

distance from ND to Fargo…734.2 miles…estimated hours of traveling time 12hrs, 27mins. thank god for instant messenger. too bad you can’t actually look at or touch the person you are talking to. i’m gonna write a paper on the reflexivity of anthropological filmmaking now.


i’m trying to get a comments thing up and running for these random musings. it is tougher than it looks especially for someone that knows no HTML. i don’t like it when people get sick. i never know what to do to help them out. whenever i get sick i just wrap myself up in […]

Extreme Sleep Deprivation

extreme sleep deprivation. i smell nice though and will hopefully accomplish some work this night. i do not have anything particularly enlightening to say today, but i do have something that is important anyway. be honest, brutally so, with everyone that is important to you. it gets easier after awhile. and they will respect you […]

A Kiss

i got a kiss however i am also leaving today for the NCAA fencing championship at Drew University in New Jersey. I won’t be back till Monday sometime. roadtrips are great especially since i’ll have a DVcam with which to document and then create a cool thingy on the tournament. Go Irish Fencing! i’m riding […]

Coloring Books

life is good. i am glad i have found someone i can talk to about anything and everything, someone who is as driven as me but in a different direction, someone who is stimulating and intriguing. someone i want to get to know so much better. someone i can be totally me around. someone. (smilingconstantthoughtsofwarmtheyessmellfeelandfreedomtobealive) […]

Molly is a Dork

judging a body on its attractiveness is fine (see entry for 3.6.02) here is a more succinct explanation. the body can be objectified because it is simply an object. the danger lies in treating the personality by the same manner. so looking and admiring a person for their body is fine. using that measure alone […]


Phil was here. Molly is coming back today from Appalachia. i guess i had better help her make her own website. i got one of my papers done, finished my shotlist for my dialogue script and ate at CJs last night. saw Ice Age too. funny shit. LATE NIGHT UPDATE: I now know what spooning […]

Pinched Nerve

i must have a pinched nerve or something in my neck cuz i can barely move it. i got my mop chopped today, 6 weeks after shaving my head, it just needed smoothed out. i requested another gig and a half of drive space so i can fit more quicktimes on my site. started doing […]

Spring Break 2002

well i’m back from break. this one is gonna be long so prepare yourself. it was nice being home for even a few days, as it is also nice being back here when mike isn’t around so i can actually be in my room. i read “let us now praise famous men” by james agee […]

Unstoppably Passionate Sensualist

going home today for spring break. i’ll be back in three of four. just to let the thousands of people that read this know… i’ve got some goodbyes to make and i’ll be eating with my uncle and his family for dinner. yumyumyum. on a completely unrelated note, i think if i ever got into […]


is it beginning again? am i getting my hopes up? will she tell me? the new site is done. what do you think? i love. going to McCormick’s with the team. goodbye.

Silent Narrative

Fuck the Po-lice! woohoo for rubbings of the back. lonnnnnggggg daaaaay! I got a lot accomplished yet am still behind. I pretty much finished my silent narrative and should have a link up to it on my webpage as soon as i convert it to quicktime. talked with luis, he seemed helpful. really cold out. […]

Meagan Doesn’t Like Rhyming

meagan doesn’t like my rhyming. personally i don’t like it much either. however, it helps me learn rhythm so i play with it every once and awhile. here is the latest installment.


today was a little better. i only saw the little fucking bonobo twice. unfortunately both times he made some sort of greeting directed at me. also unfortunate, he was with his redheaded cockwarmer one of those times. The Vagina Monologues were awesome though. Women like that are cool. all of the people bitching about it […]


Well I have my camera…getting it to work is the hard part. Slow and steady wins the race except I have alot of work to do. I am almost ready to burn my old sketchbook journal. Parting with it will not be bittersweet. I’ll be glad to see it go. Besides, I’m saving the good […]


JPW is over and mom had a good time. I bought a new sketchbook today, my old one is full. I think I am going to burn it.

Valentine’s Day my ass

Valentine’s Day my ass. At least my mother loves me. This is the story of my life. I ordered a webcam yesterday and hopefully I’ll get it hooked up and functioning as a part of my website once it arrives. I figured out what I want my domain name to be when I get a […]

All Generalizations

creative writing is synthesis, not analysis. when i write things i tend to deconstruct as i have been taught. i must learn to combine in order to give things meaning apart from what they already have. i hope that my experiences here have not permanently made me into the bitter man i am becoming. life […]

A Very Bad Thing

Well the weekend is over and it is time for me to get back to work. I spent way too much money on Magic cards, but I did manage to get my fix. I had trouble sleeping last night. I only slept for 6 and a half hours instead of longer as is my wont. […]

Cosmic Joke

Sometimes I wonder if I am the butt of a cosmic joke. I’m doing better though. Enlightenment. I am invincible. I’ve got RA interviews tonight. I hope they go well. If I get selected it will save my momma about 6k in college expenses next year. God will do as he deigns. All you have […]


I love the frozen tundra that is the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Why did Cro-Magnon have to follow the game north? Couldn’t we have just been happy as frugivores? I am a tropical primate dammit! I need 70 degrees and 80% humidity. If I lived in Fiji I could run around naked […]

Sucked Ass

Today has sucked ass again. I must have the largest self-esteem problem in the world. That and I get a swollen eye and rugburn across the face because I said “How does it feel to be from Missouri now?” when the Rams lost the Superbowl. Women are attracted to my nincompoop roommate in droves, I […]

The Beginning

Ahhh! Escape! I got off campus last night and I think that is just what I needed. You can go slowly insane without even noticing it around here. As usual I am still having trouble with a social existence at ND. This place is like junior high school, only even more grotesque since we are […]


how much are people willing to give of themselves? are the majority satisfied with superficiality? it is a lonely world if noone wants to be there for you. it must be even lonelier if you do not want to be there for anyone else. different masks for different tasks, i’m a different person around different […]