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In other gym-related news, there is this dude who I’ve seen at the gym since I started going there that never lifts weights. He dicks around the entire time, almost always looking at himself in the mirror and going through the motions of lifting weights, setting up the bar, adjusting seat heights, switching out handles […]


Girl and I had dinner at Opa! over the weekend. It was both a tasty and nice time. We started out with an Octopus Salad which was a bit too smoky and olivey for our tastes and I had Pulled Lamb over Penne and Girl had Cherry and Apple glazed Pork, both of which were […]


I am a mild sort of womanizer and I’m trying to get over it. I’m always talking about some random girl that I think is hot, and basically being a big fat middle school kid. I think my friend nailed the problem when she said: i just think that when you are so preoccupied daily […]

Personal Ad

If you aren’t in the mood to listen to me pule like the waste of space I am then you probably want to stop reading right now. LiveJournal lies ahead.


I work with two women that I think are just dandy. I’ve talked to the one on the third floor briefly and I was, just as briefly, her secret admirer. The other one has fantastic red hair. My crushes on them swing like a pendulum.

Short Story

Dear girl who I once knew, It’s a shame we never hooked up. The Lord knows I wanted to. All those times we spent hanging out [with all that tension hanging between us] we should have done something about it. I used to look at your hair or your eyes or the arch in your […]

Null Set

i’ve done my part, but nothing has come of it. i have received no sign from her that she might be interested in what i have to offer. i was a good friend, i helped her move out, i wrote to her in Spain, i wrote her a poem, i visited her when she was […]

Confused Little Ant

I had lunch with her today. She had been gone to Spain all last semester, and had just gotten back the previous week. She came up to South Bend to get her job at the Center for the Homeless settled, and to run a few other errands. She cut her hair. I really like the […]


a friend of mine had a booty call drive the two and a half hour trip from Purdue just to come visit her. apparently she got all she wanted from said booty call but the booty himself was unsatisfied. as she put it: all he wanted was my body, which is nice at least. the […]

Dating Race

i often think that i am too far behind in the dating game to ever make a good play of it. resignation fills the air like stale gym socks fill the locker room with that stale gym sock smell. (horrid simile intentional). i’ve still no idea what i’m doing. pretty much ever. everything gets recycled, […]

No Love Songs

i realized as i went through my collection of mp3s and deleted 853mb of them that i have very few of what might be termed ‘love songs’ on my computer. most of the few that i had were subsequently deleted. what does this mean? does it reflect an inherent lack of love within myself, or […]

Full Immersion

i used to think that when i finally met the girl of my dreams she would be one to know everything about me. every last detail. i realize now that is bull. i don’t really think anyone truly wants to know everything about someone else. after all, most people have trouble trying to know everything […]

Her Room

i went over to her room last night and watched her pack a little and drank some wine. it didn’t take much convincing to get her to stop and come sit on the futon by me. we talked, i babbled, things were slightly awkward but so very slightly it was only noticeable if you looked […]

Her Poem

I gave her her poem the other day as a christmas gift. the edited version. i think it reads better. she said she likes it alot. but when she says that, i’m not sure what kind of friend she is being…either the “I’ll say I like it because I don’t want to risk hurting his […]

Slipping Beauty

-she looked up at me over her falafel and told me about her plans for spain. lots of literature it sounds like, and a film class that counts for literature. i wish i could read her. it is so easy spending time idly catching up and its true, as she says, that when we are […]

Attractive Generalization

Generalization: Everyone in this world has seen or knows someone that they find so amazingly attractive in all ways that it hurts to be in their presence. I’ve got three girls that do this. one in my monday anthro class, one in my tuesday/thursday anthro class, and one on the cross-country team. i say everyone […]

Lonely Guy

i’m a lonely guy, no doubt about it. it is my choice and my consequence. but whenever i decide to try and do something about it, the stupid mating game that must be played makes me saturnine. i am a man who does not like to bandy about emotions and i am not a man […]


i did it! i, the incompetent foot-in-mouth antisuavo geekoid, asked a cute girl to go for some coffee and a chat! this is uncharted territory for me because i have been way too shy up until this point. she couldn’t do it because she has to look after her sister but she left me an […]

Jack Squat

i guess it goes without saying that being involved in a relationship is a very interesting and sometimes frightening experience. but i need to say it. hell, i don’t have much experience along these lines. what y’all know is new to me. i think the two fundamental aspects that should be basic to any relationship […]


“i’m not intimidated by you.” “i guess that’s a good thing…” “i’m gonna scale this wall of yours. i’ll kill you with kindness until you think i am the greastest person (all the while knowing i’m not) on earth and your ‘wall’ crumbles and you let me see the beautiful person inside. then i’ll laugh […]

My Heart is Yesterday

this morning my heart is yesterday, for sometime between dark and light, chest and thigh, the imp of Spring began his mischief. the world cannot be the same after curiosity and false constructs (built on foundations all too physical) have opened the modern pandora’s box of complications. that is why i feel like shit. i […]

Freak On

today has been interesting. does the fact that i desire a beautiful woman make me shallow? if so, then i guess i am shallow. however, i believe that since our first instinct is physical, it should be accepted, provided that the attraction is not only limited to that. seriously, if you knew a person of […]

Yarf 1

Few things are more disgusting than walking in on your roommate shirtless and seeing his apelike back getting a backrub from the girl you were interested in until he went for her despite you. I do not even care for either of them anymore because their disregard is so obvious. I walked out until I […]