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Smober the Sock Goblin

Smober the Sock Goblin lives under your stairs if your home doesn’t have them still he is there. He’s clammy and dusty and a little bit mad not angry – but crazy – and little bit bad. When Smober the Sock Goblin comes out to eat he crosses the floor with slapping bare feet. He […]


In Castle-town at the salty docks the pirate rats sit on the rocks and peer about the piers in search of a certain longshoreman known as Lurch. Who has often been known to provide some cheese to these rats?on the side. It is easy to find him, you?ll know him on sight in every tavern […]

Miz Grumblewort

In Castle-town in the groping slums where rats hope for food, for crumbs there is a house, a hovel dark of toadstools and crumblebark. Lives in it a hag of terror fame Miz Grumblewort is her fearsome name. Her eyes are yellow, her teeth are green her warts are hairy and quite obscene her cat […]