Thursday, 31 July 2003

hard concrete and sullen captive
holding other cards, still firefly lust
eureka, yearn wily muse at
relations, failures, balance
bound of random blueredges
sold for out of bounds fortune
a last hymn
submit mindsquared soulscraps
the fair rascal and wild king
no tarot needs culling
rest windy paradigm


soul tremble or
scratch completion dry
stumbling symbolic desire
content words dream
flowing themselves

tongue toss red
striving which fizzles
further frustration and
grasping black inspiration
blue lyric writing


Wednesday, 30 July 2003

time holds pressure less
into fifty-two bright strikes
grind memory gentle sifting hand
station-mold eyes and stretch clouds
or steal rain, envy the moment
wearing steel gladly, the passing
serene rolling grey evening
listen thundercrash


spread weight to defeat imps
surrender stress throughout
feint obstacles
crushing chaotic white scream
flanking creatures of the night
slowing down bloodlust
no break
stupid filth, a line of black disease
taunting (RAGE)
frail support, a rotting shield
complaints (several) disorganized
a wall, or red victory crumbling


dim, often ascetic, evade effort
anyone ungodly (hint) a chaotic disease

vague struggle, something thinks
for trouble is astute
seeking, once defeating
an oath seeming anchor

mean symptoms, anything seethes
stupid punk, someone like me


lonestar mirror, redefine simplicity
if the bastard, the awkward one
serious uptight people (so mundane)
sense works without their own
unwilling fortitude often points to
leftover signals (tired withdrawn
blackened) meaning control


I have manic bones
breathe machine!
a noxious self
his standard
considers red dollarsigns
without jerks doing things
behind doors
wizened men
symptoms of rich pricks
foregoing nothing
the question
creaking organic verse
here a time coming
mirrors worth
just penny one