hard con­crete and sullen cap­tive
hold­ing oth­er cards, still fire­fly lust
eure­ka, yearn wily muse at
rela­tions, fail­ures, bal­ance
bound of ran­dom blueredges
sold for out of bounds for­tune
a last hymn
sub­mit mind­squared soulscraps
the fair ras­cal and wild king
no tarot needs culling
rest windy par­a­digm


soul trem­ble or
scratch com­ple­tion dry
stum­bling sym­bol­ic desire
con­tent words dream
flow­ing them­selves

tongue toss red
striv­ing which fiz­zles
fur­ther frus­tra­tion and
grasp­ing black inspi­ra­tion
blue lyric writ­ing


time holds pres­sure less
into fifty-two bright strikes
grind mem­o­ry gen­tle sift­ing hand
sta­tion-mold eyes and stretch clouds
or steal rain, envy the moment
wear­ing steel glad­ly, the pass­ing
serene rolling grey evening
lis­ten thun­der­crash


spread weight to defeat imps
sur­ren­der stress through­out
feint obsta­cles
crush­ing chaot­ic white scream
flank­ing crea­tures of the night
slow­ing down blood­lust
no break
stu­pid filth, a line of black dis­ease
taunt­ing (RAGE)
frail sup­port, a rot­ting shield
com­plaints (sev­er­al) dis­or­ga­nized
a wall, or red vic­to­ry crum­bling


dim, often ascetic, evade effort
any­one ungod­ly (hint) a chaot­ic dis­ease

vague strug­gle, some­thing thinks
for trou­ble is astute
seek­ing, once defeat­ing
an oath seem­ing anchor

mean symp­toms, any­thing seethes
stu­pid punk, some­one like me


lon­es­tar mir­ror, rede­fine sim­plic­i­ty
if the bas­tard, the awk­ward one
seri­ous uptight peo­ple (so mun­dane)
sense works with­out their own
unwill­ing for­ti­tude often points to
left­over sig­nals (tired with­drawn
black­ened) mean­ing con­trol


I have man­ic bones
breathe machine!
a nox­ious self
his stan­dard
con­sid­ers red dol­lar­signs
with­out jerks doing things
behind doors
wiz­ened men
symp­toms of rich pricks
fore­go­ing noth­ing
the ques­tion
creak­ing organ­ic verse
here a time com­ing
mir­rors worth
just pen­ny one