A Decade of Organic/​Mechanic

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Somewhere in the last couple of months this weblog had its 10 year anniversary. It was emo and ill-​written 10 years ago, and I’m sure at least one friend would still claim that it is. For me, browsing through the archives offers a good recapitulation of where and who I was, and how I’ve become who I am now; both in the things said, and the things left unsaid. It started out as a diary and emotional release during rough college times, and once in Cleveland, I became defined by, and accepted to some extent, my status as a “blogger”. I have what web design skills I have today directly because of this weblog. I spun off a few other weblog projects and became slightly “Tremont-​famous”. It was the first peer group I became associated with in town, and I’m still friends with the best of them.

Along the way, different priorities asserted themselves and I became more interested in practical action than cyber-​noodling. The frequency of posts dropped off as my focus became centered on my meat-​space life. A few years ago this post would have been filled with detailed links to the archives, and much more omphaloskepsis. I have a confidence now that I didn’t have then, and part of the reason I have it is due to this site.

Here’s to another 10 years.

Integrating A Sweetcron Firehose/​Lifestream into WordPress

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Whatever spare spare time I’ve had the last couple of weeks I’ve spent trying to figure out how to make a lifestream page for this site. A lifestream is basically a page that shows as close to everything possible that a particular person has been up to on the internet. A firehose is somewhat similar.

This was tough. I first started out using Yahoo Pipes to create a feed of all my feeds. Yahoo Pipes is pretty cool, but the feed it outputs doesn’t always work and can’t be styled or easily integrated with WordPress. So I looked around a bit, and found Mark Pilgrim’s Firehose. I liked the way it looked, so I found the post explaining how he did it. Unfortunately, he’s much smarter at the internet than I am, and his solution, though it looked promising, was beyond my ken.

My next stop was MetaFilter, since I hang out there frequently and the hive mind knows all. I found a couple of good resources pointing me to other possibilities; namely Sweetcron or reBlog.

I chose sweetcron and got to work. I even found a way to integrate my WordPress theme into a sweetcron theme. This setup process was not easy and hasn’t worked completely. The sweetcron-​run firehose uses my WordPress theme brilliantly, but there’s some sort of conflict engendered by the WordPress mod-​rewrites in the .htaccess files, which results in the page header always displaying 404 Page Not Found. How to fix this? The aforelinked integration mentioned a few steps to take care of this issue, but in my case they didn’t work.

I dug around in the WordPress forums and found out that Apache’s mod-​rewrite in the .htaccess file for WordPress has often caused this error for any non-​Wordpress subdirectories on a domain. None of the suggestions mentioned in that thread worked, so I think there’s some sort of conflict between the root-​level WordPress .htaccess file and the sweetcron directory .htaccess file. I might be wrong, that sort of thing is out of my depth.

However, apart from the 404 Page Not Found in the page header, the rest of the lifestream/​firehose works just fine. If you really want to monitor most of my online activities (and I know there’s at least one person in the County Administration Building who does), this should make it easier for you.

Always happy to help!


Sunday, 29 November 2009

I’ve been neglecting this site for quite some time. There are a bunch of reasons for this, but none of them are good excuses. I’ve been a busy man, and real life has been keeping me blessedly busy with school, conferences, holiday travel, holiday shopping and collaboration with some local folks. When my life rearranged itself a few years ago, I decided to only write when there were important things to say. When Bram showed up, I told myself I wouldn’t let this place turn into every other weblog of a new parent.

All of which is a betrayal of the main reason I started this thing, way back in January of 2002. To write things down that I thought or thought were important on a daily basis. As a way to find my voice. Time to get back on track. I’m going to write at least a small post on a daily basis, just like back in the day.


Monday, 8 December 2008

Since I haven’t updated this site in over a month, I’m punishing myself [and you as well] by forcing myself to redesign. Again. Only the twist this time is that I’m not doing it behind the scenes, but, bit by bit, while trying to make the site remain readable as I go.

Playing with a baby is much, much more fun than keeping a website updated.

Temporary Switch

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I’ve switched back to my old Minima theme until I figure out what I incorrectly coded in Mark Elf that breaks it in WordPress 2.3. This Dexter release is pretty awesome looking already, especially the native tagging support, so I’m anxious to get all my ducks in a row. Maybe I’ll even take the time to widgetize my themes.

I updated the Sideblog plugin and FlickrRSS plugin and now I’m good to go. I figured that was what.

From the Ashes

Tuesday, 13 May 2003

Here I am, back again and fancier than ever. I’ve finally inched toward a higher echelon of blogging authenticity by hopping on the MT bandwagon. Now that I have redesigned and have nifty auto-​archiving et al. there is really only one thing about this site that bothers me. You might be able to help…

I cannot get my parent DIV table in which all else is nested to auto expand when the nested DIVs within it do so. My only recourse was to make the parent DIV inordinately long. If you have an idea for what I should do to make the parent grow in proportion to its children please, by all means, help this poor sod out.

All the links should work, but I still must put forth what little powers of design that are at my disposal in order to make those pages jive with the new ones. please bear with me, and if you see anything that needs fixed, holler.

Search Strings

Monday, 28 October 2002

a hand picked list of search strings that have resulted in a hit on my site (there could be funnier ones, but I only see 50 and there are over 140 for this month):

  • dirty toenails
  • drunk and shaved my head
  • girls that are crosseyed
  • goth roommate from hell
  • how to prevent a dislocated kneecap
  • redheaded virgin catholic goth
  • a written description of the appearance of a scary person
  • funding circus performers 2002 (my personal favorite)