80s Movies — Blech

Sunday, 21 July 2002

The on­ly way to watch com­ing-of-age fliks from the ‘80s is while drink­ing. at least if you are me. the best word to de­scribe my feel­ings re­gard­ing said films is ab­hor. We watched Can’t Buy Me Love and Footloose last night. It was, per­haps, more fun to rip on the rel­a­tive­ly in­no­cent an­tics and ec­cen­tric film tech­niques than it was to ac­tu­al­ly watch the film. Did I men­tion this was a film ma­jor par­ty? Footloose would be an ex­cel­lent movie to ap­pear on MST3K. There are so many scenes with lit­tle di­a­logue that Ryan and I had a blast rip­ping it to shreds. Mullets and bad mu­sic de­fine the emo­tion­al high­lights of any ‘80s teen­pic.

I am glad I was an in­no­cent lit­tle hick boy in the wilds that are east cen­tral in­di­ana dur­ing the ‘80s. And for those of you who are won­der­ing, no I did not have a rat­tail or a kid­die-sized mul­let.

For the next month I am go­ing to be teach­ing my­self CSS and by the time my se­nior year of col­lege starts per­haps I will have a CSS ver­sion of my page ready to go. Wish me luck, I don’t know shite about it and my ver­sion of Dreamweaver doesn’t seem to know shite about it ei­ther.