Weezer, buh-​dy

Thursday, 18 July 2002

Weezer, budd-​y! Last night was a good concert night and could only have been improved if the Strokes hadn’t had to cancel. Of course, there was the inevitable roadtrip associated with attending a concert in the midwest but O My how fun it was. I got some free concert tix to a 12 local band show in September and a drumstick. The first band Phil, Kyle, Cramer, and I saw was loudermilk. Apart from being rather small and effeminate they rocked out pretty well. The singer had a good scream. Then we went in and got our seats.

The next band on was Sparta. They are good, punk rock message with a laid back controlled stage presence. Next up on second stage was my pleasant surprise of the evening. Hometown Hero kicks lots of ass. They really got into their act and were goofing around quite a bit, but not so much as to prevent massive guitar riffage and rocking out. I definitely recommend buying their CD. Dashboard Confessional was next on the main stage and he was boring as hell. Emo music just ain’t my thang, in fact, it makes me angry listening to it. All of the sweaterwearing thickrimmed glasses wearing huggy pseudo prep-​hippy hybrid sensitivity first Emo kids really dug him though.

Next on second stage was AM Radio. These guys were all about getting the crowd to have a good time. I enjoyed them but probably wouldn’t buy their CD. They are the type of band that you go see live. At the end of their set, they had the guys from Hometown Hero come on stage and the Dashboard Confessional dude did as well. Once he walked out everyone started screaming as if he were Jesu Cristo himself, which stole the spotlight from AM Radio who were doing a damn good job. After their set I got one of the drumsticks (I was right up against the stage), and we went to see Weezer.

First song played, my favorite, Say it Ain’t So. Suh-​weet. Next song Dope Nose, even better. What followed was happy rock bliss. They played Hash Pipe and El Scorcho and of course Buddy Holly. They played Keep Fishin’ my favorite song off of their new album. It was good. They lit up the big bright W and even had pyrotechnics. The encore was Death and Destruction, which was a rather strange choice, but hey, they’re Weezer, and weird.

show was over by 11 we didn’t get back to Purdue till 2, took us forever to get back to the interstate. Then we ate at Denny’s and I had the lumberjack special. Once we got to Purdue, I crashed at Phil’s place for 3.5 hours, got up at 5:30 and drove back to ND to come to work at 8. I was only two minutes late. so today I am a zombie.

In other news, I am also now using the yellow bar for random links. thanks for sharing now shut up adam.