A Decade of Organic/Mechanic

Some­where in the last cou­ple of months this weblog had its 10 year anniver­sary. It was emo and ill-writ­ten 10 years ago, and I’m sure at least one friend would still claim that it is. For me, brows­ing through the archives offers a good reca­pit­u­la­tion of where and who I was, and how I’ve become who I am now; both in the things said, and the things left unsaid. It start­ed out as a diary and emo­tion­al release dur­ing rough col­lege times, and once in Cleve­land, I became defined by, and accept­ed to some extent, my sta­tus as a “blog­ger”. I have what web design skills I have today direct­ly because of this weblog. I spun off a few oth­er weblog projects and became slight­ly “Tremont-famous”. It was the first peer group I became asso­ci­at­ed with in town, and I’m still friends with the best of them.

Along the way, dif­fer­ent pri­or­i­ties assert­ed them­selves and I became more inter­est­ed in prac­ti­cal action than cyber-noodling. The fre­quen­cy of posts dropped off as my focus became cen­tered on my meat-space life. A few years ago this post would have been filled with detailed links to the archives, and much more omphaloskep­sis. I have a con­fi­dence now that I didn’t have then, and part of the rea­son I have it is due to this site.

Here’s to anoth­er 10 years.