A Clockwork Orange

Thursday, 30 May 2002


it took awhile to get used to the malenky slovos in A Clockwork Orange but once i got it through my gulliver to understand what it meant to go out with your droogies and use your rooker in order to tolchock some grahzny veck and smeck about while the red red krovvy flows due to a few knocks on the litso (i’m describing ultra-​violence), going and finding some devotchka with real horrowshow groodies and razrezz her platties and get a little bit of the old in-​out in-​out, and grab some pretty polly (or cutter, o my brothers) to put in the carmans of my platties, it filled my mozg with visions of Bog and All the Heavenly Saints with fascination. i viddied very horrorshow the type of vesch that Burgess was going for.

A Clockwork Orange functions on multiple levels of meaning and seemed to me to fluctuate back and forth over normal prosaic forms and radical experimental structures. there are echoes of Orwell’s 1984 and a bit of the coming of age of A Separate Peace. but on the whole it seems that Burgess creates a provocative look at the effects of a future in which a society has the power to ‘medically’ force conformity on a person. this results in a total inability of the brainwashed individual to function. (i believe the underlying position of this is that life = violence and struggle = natural competition). so when someone is physically unable to compete, they are destroyed. read it my malenky little droogs and ptitsas.