Video Games Ahoy!

Tuesday, 10 December 2002

yeah, so how many people could tell i didn’t have anything to write about yesterday…

my stress level has decreased exponentially since i turned in my big ole papers. now all that is left for this semester is a questionnaire for my Cinema Ideologies class, a 5 page ‘how do i feel/what did i learn’ paper for my production class, as well as the final cut of Vice Versa for it. and two finals. One for Film Noir and one for Archaeology. Basically this gives me a chance to do a couple of things: apply for Grad School or slack off…

Video Games here i come!

Early Film Shoot

Tuesday, 12 November 2002

at around 2am this morning i woke up a little bit anxious. ok, alot anxious. my film shoot was to begin at 4:30 but the anxiety came first. i lay in bed while my mind raced and worried for an hour and then some. i dozed. at 3:45 i got up went to the bathroom and heaved a little bit. some bile and most of the anxiety left with it. i do that whenever i get superstressed. i took my shower. i went to our location and began setting up. the talent arrived around 6:00 and around 7 my mind went soft-focus. we finished the shoot at 8:45 and i drove one of the talent back to his dorm. i have just come back from my 9:30 class. it is 11 and i don’t know what the hell is happening and i don’t care i’m so tired. not just tired, not just fatigued…i’m non-functioning, but that’s not right either. is there a word for what i am feeling?