Video Games Ahoy!

Tuesday, 10 December 2002

yeah, so how many peo­ple could tell i didn’t have any­thing to write about yes­ter­day…

my stress lev­el has de­creased ex­po­nen­tial­ly since i turned in my big olé pa­pers. now all that is left for this se­mes­ter is a ques­tion­naire for my Cinema Ideologies class, a 5 page ‘how do i feel/​what did i learn’ pa­per for my pro­duc­tion class, as well as the fi­nal cut of Vice Versa for it. and two fi­nals. One for Film Noir and one for Archaeology. Basically this gives me a chance to do a cou­ple of things: ap­ply for Grad School or slack off…

Video Games here i come!

Early Film Shoot

Tuesday, 12 November 2002

at around 2am this morn­ing i woke up a lit­tle bit anx­ious. ok, alot anx­ious. my film shoot was to be­gin at 4:30 but the anx­i­ety came first. i lay in bed while my mind raced and wor­ried for an hour and then some. i dozed. at 3:45 i got up went to the bath­room and heaved a lit­tle bit. some bile and most of the anx­i­ety left with it. i do that when­ev­er i get su­per­stressed. i took my show­er. i went to our lo­ca­tion and be­gan set­ting up. the tal­ent ar­rived around 6:00 and around 7 my mind went soft-fo­cus. we fin­ished the shoot at 8:45 and i drove one of the tal­ent back to his dorm. i have just come back from my 9:30 class. it is 11 and i don’t know what the hell is hap­pen­ing and i don’t care i’m so tired. not just tired, not just fatigued…i’m non-func­tion­ing, but that’s not right ei­ther. is there a word for what i am feel­ing?