Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Sunday, 26 May 2002

5.26.02 EXT. MOD QUAD. 6:03pm DAY

i think the extreme conservatism here at Notre Dame has made more of a liberal out of me. the hypocrisy, bureaucracy, and oppressive nature of ‘tradition’ that i am constantly faced with has slowly forced me from my rather apolitical fencesitting into a slightly more radical stance where i welcome effective change and rebellion against blind, stagnant, patronizing authority. perhaps i am wrong and my liberal arts (even though it isn’t called that here) education has changed me…

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was a good read. i wasn’t expecting to be confronted with the extensive philosophical discussion that it contains, but it was much easier to understand than say, Descartes “Discourse on Method.” The storyline is very good and i could have used more of it, but i understand that it merely functions as a frame to contain and direct the inquiry into values. i would definitely recommend that you read it, but be prepared to have your ways of thought challenged on a fundamental level.

there is a new link in ‘people’ to some ratbastard and another one in the ‘other’ section to all my poetry (which sucks and you’ve already read before).