Brain Crumbs

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I used to have a side­blog for one-offs, riffs and links, now that’s what Facebook is for. However, here are some things I picked up on, re­al­ized, or thought about over my trip to Indiana last week.

  • The first thing is one I’ve al­ways won­dered about: Why is the Yellow Freight Company’s lo­go or­ange?
  • I saw a big bill­board with a bald ea­gle and American flag that said “America — Bless God”. This doesn’t make any sense. America can’t bless God be­cause God is from whom all bless­ings flow. The top 3 hits for the phrase could gen­er­ate no end of cul­tur­al crit­i­cism writ­ing. I could go on, and would re­al­ly like to, but I’ll spare every­one.
  • It took over a year, but I’ve now trained my­self both phys­i­cal­ly and psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly to eat small­er por­tion sizes. That means, on the oc­ca­sions that I pig out, I’m ac­tu­al­ly just eat­ing what Americans con­sid­er to be nor­mal por­tions. My weight fluc­tu­ates be­tween 178 & 182, and since when­ev­er I try to dip be­low that, my ap­petite goes in­to over­drive, I fig­ure that’s right where my body wants to be.
  • Picked up this sweet piece of fur­ni­ture for $70:

Antique Oak Dresser

Where Did the Weight Go?

Wednesday, 22 January 2003

i don’t put on weight very well, so this is of ut­most im­port. since the end of last se­mes­ter i have gained 10 pounds. i am now a 62170 pounder. the on­ly prob­lem is that i can­not fig­ure out where it went. my pro­por­tions are all the same, i still don’t have a hind end, but per­haps it isn’t quite so easy to see my ribs (and my heart­beat) any more. if i put on 10 more pounds i’ll be right where i want to be weight­wise. per­haps it is all of the Subway sand­wich­es i eat. I don’t know how Jared lost weight eat­ing sub­ways. I’d think reg­u­lar­ly eat­ing foot­long sub­way melts or steak and cheese subs with dou­ble meat dou­ble cheese and ex­tra sauce would make you gain weight not lose it. hell it guess its worked for me.