Boxer Shorts

Thursday, 12 December 2002

i ran out of clean boxer shorts this morning. so i decided it was time for me to do some laundry. its in the dryer right now. but having to go commando for the first morning of study days got me thinking. i’m pretty damn particular about my boxer shorts. they can’t be tight at all, otherwise i might as well wear tighty-​whiteys or whitey-​tightys whichever. and boxer briefs are only for the indecisive. which i maybe don’t think i am. i’m not sure. when i purchase my boxers i have to like the pattern of them or i won’t get them. and i must never have boxers with the same pattern. even after this totally unnecessary decision-​making process (who else sees them but me?) i still have my favorite pairs. the ones that when all of my boxers are clean, and i’m going commando, i take first. currently i have two favorite pairs. this doesn’t happen often but since both pairs are really nice shades of blue i can’t really decide. one is a solid deep sky blue or maybe the color of a raquetball. the other pair is an altogether darker shade of blue with criss-​crossing navy blue pin stripes.

but it gets stranger. when i have an important occasion, say a meeting with a girl i like or a presentation or other special event, i make sure that i save my boxers for that occasion. they aren’t really lucky boxers, i’m not superstitious like that but in a sense they fulfill the same purpose. i guess if i feel good about what is surrounding my naughty bits then i feel good about my visible appearence.

but for that to follow i would have to hate myself when i go commando when in fact i feel liberated. and a little sticky. but that’s cuz i haven’t showered.