Dry Spell

Haven’t done any cre­ative writ­ing in a long while. Years, in fact. First, I ran out of gas and inspi­ra­tion from being too immersed in the poet­ry scene, and then, life inter­vened. I stopped writ­ing poet­ry reg­u­lar­ly in June of 2007 (By Brakhage), only two poems since then (Tide Line, This Domin­ion), both over two years ago. They’re okay, I guess; abrupt but unpol­ished. I was intent on oth­er things.

Late­ly, in the rare moment of approx­i­mate peace, I’ve been hear­ing a cer­tain blue­bird singing in the dis­tance of my heart.

It might be time to start writ­ing again.