Breathing Again

Wednesday, 10 April 2002

i need to learn to breathe again. i went run­ning to­day. i ex­pect­ed jel­ly­filled legs and a gimp knee since i’ve been out of comis­sion for so long. my legs feel fine as does my knee, prob­a­bly be­cause i can’t breathe any­more. i didn’t even get to set a good pace be­fore my lungs start­ed stac­ca­to ren­di­tions of d’yer mak’er. on­ly 2 and a half miles be­fore i whim­pered back home. i need to get my ass in gear and get back in­to shape. i’m pissed. so it be­gins. twice a week lift­ing and se­ri­ous cals and 3 days of run­ning. i want to reach the point where it hurts so i know i’m get­ting in shape. the ad­dic­tive agony that do­ing the se­nior work­out of my cross­coun­try high­school days brings on. some of you know what i mean. i want to run un­til i throw up. what is wrong with that?