Religion and Literature

Wednesday, 2 April 2003

The Religion and Literature talk I went to regarding C.S. Lewis’ Planetary Theme in the Chronicles of Narnia was quite good. Each book in the chronicles has a subtext filled with the oeuvre of a particular medieval planet. Apparently such cosmology was central to Lewis throughout his life. I’m having dinner with the speaker and my Tolkien prof late this evening, I hope the conversation will be good.

No one in my poetry class had anything to say about my latest. apparently it was too weird. the teacher went on this long rant about how it was a metaphor for literary history and the creative process. I guess that was sorta floating around in my head, especially since she does not want us to use archaic diction, that has been hassling me all semester. whatever.

Poetry Writing 402

Sunday, 3 November 2002

apparently if i want to get into Advanced Poetry Writing 402 I need to submit 5 poems to the prof for her perusal and judgementation. i sifted through the pigsty last night and tried to decide if i had 5 pearls to send her. i scrabbled some sort of semblance together. Meagan thinks i should make untitled 9 into a story: ‘it sounds like a story,’ she said. I told her she would have to illustrate it. ‘If i make it a story you’ll have to illustrate it,’ said I. I didn’t submit it though.

Next semester it looks as though I will be taking 3 english and 2 film classes. I wanted to take a computer programming class, but they are only open to majors. So instead, hopefully i’ll be taking Film Theory; Irish Cinema; Advanced Poetry Writing; C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and the Inklings; and Fictions of Insanity.

and for no particular reason: blort, poon, troz, wooble, gloty, yarf.