Go Fish

Sunday, 10 November 2002

i’ve been play­ing Halo way too much for my own good. i’m get­ting much bet­ter though, enough so that when i play mul­ti­play­er i can ac­tu­al­ly con­tribute a lit­tle bit in­stead of suck­ing. i still need to be­come more ma­neu­ver­able though.

we are shoot­ing again to­day for my film and more all this next week. busy busy busy times for me. to­day we on­ly have three shots to get which shouldn’t be too hard.

i al­so have to type a ques­tion­naire on the les­bian film “Go Fish” which i saw for my cin­e­ma ide­olo­gies class. it was sor­ta like clerks but not re­al­ly, it is more se­ri­ous but vi­su­al­ly sim­i­lar. Incidentally, the main char­ac­ter in “Go Fish” has been in both Chasing Amy and Dogma.