Film Theory midterm

Thursday, 27 February 2003

i’ve a Film Theory midterm to­day.

last night was spent wrestling with con­cepts of the on­tolo­gies of cin­e­ma, so­vi­et mon­tage, the­o­ries and re­quire­ments for cin­e­mat­ic Realism, ques­tions of au­teur­ship and genre and a lit­tle bit of semi­otic ic­ing to top it off. cur­rent­ly i’ve some­thing akin to Walter Benjamin’s Marxist ideas of base/​superstructure (in re: to the au­ra of me­chan­i­cal­ly re­pro­duced ob­jects like film) brew­ing with Rick Altman’s semantic/​syntactic ap­proach to film stud­ies and Christian Metz’s idea of de­no­ta­tive and con­no­ta­tive im­pli­ca­tions of film form. i won­der what is go­ing to per­co­late?

in the mean­time go amuse your­self at Bitter Films with Temporary Anesthetics.