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Baking/Burning Tally

This Christmas season I have made: 4 batches of Art of Darkness Brownies 3 batches of chocolate-dipped pretzel rods 12 pounds of fudge (soon to be 16) 4 batches of 7-layer bars a dozen Best of 2009 CDs

Gormenghast Weekend

I’ve either got what Bram had, or something from a coworker. Christmas shopping is finished, though I almost got into a fight at the liquor store buying something as a part of my secret santa gift exchange at work. All that I have left to do is further baking. Apparently, chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks are a […]

Spoiled Rotten

i am spoiled rotten: a list of christmas booty. Cordial Cherries National Geographic Walden Crime and Punishment House of Leaves Norelco Beard Trimmer a coat (middle row fifth one down #4203) a Sony DSC-P51 my buddy neal got a beard trimmer and camera as well.

Christmas Break

today, my first day at home, was spent christmas shopping with mother. i convinced her to spend $90 on a coat for me. and apparently i was a good luck charm for finding the gifts she needed to. i’m still a little lovesick, coweyed, moonstruck, but that is only to be expected. apparently, i, he […]

Metal Christmas

it is rather difficult to get into the christmas spirit with finals/papers/projects looming over me. every year i attempt it and every year i cannot seem to get excited for the holidays until around the 20th, when school ends and i get to go home. i guess for me holidays don’t exist without family. The […]