Baking/​Burning Tally

Sunday, 20 December 2009

This Christmas season I have made:

  • 4 batches of Art of Darkness Brownies
  • 3 batches of chocolate-​dipped pretzel rods
  • 12 pounds of fudge (soon to be 16)
  • 4 batches of 7-​layer bars
  • a dozen Best of 2009 CDs

Gormenghast Weekend

Monday, 14 December 2009

I’ve either got what Bram had, or something from a coworker. Christmas shopping is finished, though I almost got into a fight at the liquor store buying something as a part of my secret santa gift exchange at work. All that I have left to do is further baking. Apparently, chocolate-​dipped pretzel sticks are a hit with a teething 18-​month old and his mother. The first batch I made has disappeared.

We finished up watching the Gormenghast miniseries last night. It’s based on a fantastic couple of books by Mervyn Peake (the third book, not so much), and the BBC did an admirable job translating the thick, dusty and sometimes deliberately turgid story into 4 hours on screen. Jonathan Rhys Davies is an impressive (if far too pretty-​looking) Steerpike, and while Gormenghast castle is the main character in the books, something that is nearly impossible to translate on screen, whoever did the set design had a keen and innovative eye for communicating the age, immensity and decay of the castle. It appears that all of the actors in the miniseries had a blast portraying Peake’s caricature characters, who are silly gothic grotesques, one and all.

The bus routes changed over the weekend, so I have to leave the house 20 minutes earlier than usual. Hopefully my timing won’t be too far off, or else I’ll have to wait a half hour for the next bus.

Spoiled Rotten

Thursday, 26 December 2002

i am spoiled rotten: a list of christmas booty.

  • Cordial Cherries
  • National Geographic
  • Walden
  • Crime and Punishment
  • House of Leaves
  • Norelco Beard Trimmer
  • a coat (middle row fifth one down #4203)
  • a Sony DSC-​P51

my buddy neal got a beard trimmer and camera as well.

Christmas Break

Saturday, 21 December 2002

today, my first day at home, was spent christmas shopping with mother. i convinced her to spend $90 on a coat for me. and apparently i was a good luck charm for finding the gifts she needed to. i’m still a little lovesick, coweyed, moonstruck, but that is only to be expected. apparently, i, he who has too many versions of Lord of the Rings to his name still doesn’t have the one necessary for this class i am taking. i need one with continuous pagination. granted, i have this version, but not this version which is the one we are supposed to have. my version is better.

Metal Christmas

Friday, 6 December 2002

it is rather difficult to get into the christmas spirit with finals/​papers/​projects looming over me. every year i attempt it and every year i cannot seem to get excited for the holidays until around the 20th, when school ends and i get to go home. i guess for me holidays don’t exist without family.

The Friday mp3

this week is an example of one of the ways i go about trying to get into the holiday mode. by listening to chirstmas music. i have this CD called ‘Metal Christmas’ which is a collection of various Holiday songs by obscure people from now defunct metal bands. Iron Maiden, Uriah Heep, Wings, FM. shit like that. but one of those songs isn’t the song of the week. instead you get a double dose, a song by the Smashing Pumpkins and a song by Sarah McLachlan.