A Good Day

Monday, 17 January 2011

I was chastised today for not writing on this thing frequently enough, so here’s what today was like.

Bram woke up and crawled into bed with me around 7:15 AM and then I got a call from my mom with a computer issue around 7:30. Washed, breakfasted and bored by 10, we headed to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and heard the following jokes while on the heated tram between Northern Trek & the Cathouse:

  • Q: Where does a kangaroo go for breakfast?
    A: IHOP.
  • Q: Where does a kangaroo go for dinner?
    A: Outback.
  • Q: Why don’t seagulls fly over the bay?
    A: Then they’d be bagels.
  • Q: When an elephant goes on a trip where does he pack his clothes?
    A: In his trunk.
  • Q: How do you stop an elephant from charging?
    A: Take away his credit cards.

Incidentally, the zoo is half price admission when the temperature is below freezing, so we both got in for $6 total. We saw a gorilla eating its own feces in the same manner that a oenophile enjoys a nice glass. I told Abraham not to get any ideas. I also ran into my friend Alice, which is always a nice surprise.

Had lunch and sat with Bram until he fell asleep for a long nap, during which time I goofed around on the internet. After naptime we went sledding at Clark Fields, which is perfect for toddlers but exhausting for dads carrying toddlers & sleds back up snowy hills. Since I carried him throughout the zoo as well, I got a pretty good workout today. After dinner we watched the Sylvester Stallone episode of the Muppet Show & put together a big Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle (he’s getting really good with puzzles).

UPDATE: I also programmed two macros into my remote (something I should have done ages ago) and listened to my vinyl of Baroness’ Blue Record which made me fully appreciate the money I shelled out for nice speakers.

Once he conks out I’m either going to have some hot chocolate with Bailey’s or a bourbon & Dr. Pepper.

Cleveland Metroparks Train Day 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Yesterday Bram and I spent most of the afternoon at Whiskey Island, flying an owl kite, and getting the little bear comfortable playing in the waters of Lake Erie. He enjoyed his “swimming” lesson. The dude is also a chick magnet, as evidenced by the following photo.

Abraham & the Cleveland Skyline (Not to Scale)

I took Bram to Train Day today. I intended to take him to the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative’s day at the zoo, but a timely Facebook tip as we were heading out the door changed my plans. Abraham pretty much woke up demanding trains today, so I was happy to oblige.

The Cleveland Metroparks Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation is part of the Towpath Trail and is amazingly picturesque. Pretty much right in the heart of Cuyahoga County too.

The event reminded a bit of the Old Time Music Festival that I took Bram to in Metamora, IN last year. The whole of Metamora is still historic, and they’ve got an old big black steam engine and a canal boat that you can take rides on. It’s even got a functioning water-​wheel-​turned grist mill. The Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation has the canal, but no boat or train. There was old-​timey music though, and I sang along to The Wabash Cannonball twice.

Train Day had no up close and personal actual trains, but lots of model trains, a hobo trail with real live hobos, a completely awesome Lego train exhibit, and the chance to get right up close to a marsh and spy on some blue herons. Abraham had almost as good a time as I did. My good times always exceed his because seeing him have a good time increases my enjoyment exponentially.

We ate an apple with with a hobo named Apple Annie, sat on a bench and ate chocolate fudge ice cream, colored a button and looked at trains six ways from Sunday. It helped that the trestle had CSX trains running across it every half hour as well.

Unfortunately, I have no photos or video because, although I brought my camera, my memory card was elsewhere.

All in all, a good Father’s Day weekend, so far. The dude conked out on the way home from Train Day and is currently snoring on my bed. Being a dad is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.