A Good Day

Monday, 17 January 2011

I was chas­tised to­day for not writ­ing on this thing fre­quent­ly enough, so here’s what to­day was like.

Bram woke up and crawled in­to bed with me around 7:15 AM and then I got a call from my mom with a com­put­er is­sue around 7:30. Washed, break­fast­ed and bored by 10, we head­ed to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and heard the fol­low­ing jokes while on the heat­ed tram be­tween Northern Trek & the Cathouse:

  • Q: Where does a kan­ga­roo go for break­fast?
    A: IHOP.
  • Q: Where does a kan­ga­roo go for din­ner?
    A: Outback.
  • Q: Why don’t seag­ulls fly over the bay?
    A: Then they’d be bagels.
  • Q: When an ele­phant goes on a trip where does he pack his clothes?
    A: In his trunk.
  • Q: How do you stop an ele­phant from charg­ing?
    A: Take away his cred­it cards.

Incidentally, the zoo is half price ad­mis­sion when the tem­per­a­ture is be­low freez­ing, so we both got in for $6 to­tal. We saw a go­ril­la eat­ing its own fe­ces in the same man­ner that a oenophile en­joys a nice glass. I told Abraham not to get any ideas. I al­so ran in­to my friend Alice, which is al­ways a nice sur­prise.

Had lunch and sat with Bram un­til he fell asleep for a long nap, dur­ing which time I goofed around on the in­ter­net. After nap­time we went sled­ding at Clark Fields, which is per­fect for tod­dlers but ex­haust­ing for dads car­ry­ing tod­dlers & sleds back up snowy hills. Since I car­ried him through­out the zoo as well, I got a pret­ty good work­out to­day. After din­ner we watched the Sylvester Stallone episode of the Muppet Show & put to­geth­er a big Thomas the Tank Engine puz­zle (he’s get­ting re­al­ly good with puz­zles).

UPDATE: I al­so pro­grammed two macros in­to my re­mote (some­thing I should have done ages ago) and lis­tened to my vinyl of Baroness’ Blue Record which made me ful­ly ap­pre­ci­ate the mon­ey I shelled out for nice speak­ers.

Once he conks out I’m ei­ther go­ing to have some hot choco­late with Bailey’s or a bour­bon & Dr. Pepper.

Cleveland Metroparks Train Day 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Yesterday Bram and I spent most of the af­ter­noon at Whiskey Island, fly­ing an owl kite, and get­ting the lit­tle bear com­fort­able play­ing in the wa­ters of Lake Erie. He en­joyed his “swim­ming” les­son. The dude is al­so a chick mag­net, as ev­i­denced by the fol­low­ing pho­to.

Abraham & the Cleveland Skyline (Not to Scale)

I took Bram to Train Day to­day. I in­tend­ed to take him to the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative’s day at the zoo, but a time­ly Facebook tip as we were head­ing out the door changed my plans. Abraham pret­ty much woke up de­mand­ing trains to­day, so I was hap­py to oblige.

The Cleveland Metroparks Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation is part of the Towpath Trail and is amaz­ing­ly pic­turesque. Pretty much right in the heart of Cuyahoga County too.

The event re­mind­ed a bit of the Old Time Music Festival that I took Bram to in Metamora, IN last year. The whole of Metamora is still his­toric, and they’ve got an old big black steam en­gine and a canal boat that you can take rides on. It’s even got a func­tion­ing wa­ter-wheel-turned grist mill. The Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation has the canal, but no boat or train. There was old-timey mu­sic though, and I sang along to The Wabash Cannonball twice.

Train Day had no up close and per­son­al ac­tu­al trains, but lots of mod­el trains, a hobo trail with re­al live ho­bos, a com­plete­ly awe­some Lego train ex­hib­it, and the chance to get right up close to a marsh and spy on some blue herons. Abraham had al­most as good a time as I did. My good times al­ways ex­ceed his be­cause see­ing him have a good time in­creas­es my en­joy­ment ex­po­nen­tial­ly.

We ate an ap­ple with with a hobo named Apple Annie, sat on a bench and ate choco­late fudge ice cream, col­ored a but­ton and looked at trains six ways from Sunday. It helped that the tres­tle had CSX trains run­ning across it every half hour as well.

Unfortunately, I have no pho­tos or video be­cause, al­though I brought my cam­era, my mem­o­ry card was else­where.

All in all, a good Father’s Day week­end, so far. The dude conked out on the way home from Train Day and is cur­rent­ly snor­ing on my bed. Being a dad is the most ful­fill­ing thing I’ve ever done.