Clone High

Wednesday, 19 February 2003

MTV ac­tu­al­ly has a good new show for once. It is called Clone High. The premise, fa­mous dead peo­ple were cloned years ago and the clones are now all in high-school. ap­par­ent­ly they are sup­pos­ed­ly be­ing trained in­to a clone army, but that isn’t re­al­ly hap­pen­ing. for­get the nature/​nurture ar­gu­ment. the clones act like their pre­de­ces­sors to the ex­tent that they want to. There’s Abe Lincoln, the gan­g­ly in­die rock guy who re­minds me of me. He wants Cleopatra a ma­nip­u­la­tive and sexy as hell pop­u­lar girl who hap­pens to date JFK, the school bul­ly and cap­tain of the foot­ball team. Abe is friends with Gandhi, who is com­ic re­lief and a stereo­typ­i­cal crazy per­son, and Joan of Arc an angstrid­den goth chick who is des­per­ate­ly in love with Abe. Other char­ac­ters in­clude, the id­iot Genghis Khan and the latin thug Jesus Cristo. I’ve laughed my socks off at every episode. check it out, on Monday nights 10:30 EST.

this re­view has been a paid ad­ver­tise­ment of MTV, LLC., CO., INC. void where pro­hib­it­ed.