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Senior Year

Senior Year was by far my best year of college. My grades were superb, I had a room all to myself, the football team under the new tutelage of Tyrone Willingham, was 10-2, and to crown it all off, the fencing team won the national championship, and I get a ring out of it! It […]


so… i’m – aahh – i had a poem in the student literary magazine, The Juggler. does that make me a published poet? or does it have to count elsewhere? can i call myself a poet now or is that still premature? i was also inducted into the lambda alpha beta chapter of the Anthropology […]

Sophomore Year 2001-2002

this year was my second best in college, mostly due to being on the fencing team, which let me expel my – excess – energies. i also declared my majors, Anthropology and Film & Television, and got firmly into the swing of my classes. First semester I got a pity D in my Classical Greek […]

Freshman Year 1999-2001

This is supposed to be the toughest year of college, and in terms of intellectual growth that rings true. Although personal/social growth would also top this list if not for my Junior year. That comes later however. I suppose I was a bit scared about going to college and living in an 8′ x 14′ […]


with four relatively decent sized papers looming over me this easter weekend i am staying on campus for the duration. the papers are due as follows April 24th – Film Theory – 8-10 pages. I’m writing on how class structures are assumed into racial identities and how that plays into film spectatorship in Spike Lee’s […]

Hit the Fan

it hit the fan today in poetry class, but i do not feel vilified. what i wanted was discussion and by gum i got it. some few were offended, most discussed what exactly i was going for, ranging from satire to prima nocta rights. some wanted me to make the ending different to acknowledge my […]


i’ve been getting emails from the class i dropped lately. apparently, the group i had signed up to do a presentation with at the beginning of the year had not realized i dropped the class over a month ago. i’ve been reveling in their email struggles to set up a time to meet with my […]


i received a notice in the mail the other day explaining to me just how much money i owe the federal government for my Stafford loans. now i feel like a true adult, because i have something resembling adult size debt. discussing this with real adults has led me to conclude that debt only grows, […]

Round and Round We Go

round and round we go. i’m dropping my Fictions of Insanity class. but if i drop it i’ll be two credits short for graduationg. so i’m picking up a 2cred Sociology class that starts in april. in order to do this i had to call the institute for latino studies who had an open spot […]

Film Theory Grade

my Film Theory midterm was returned to me yesterday. i didn’t miss a damn point. 25/25=A. in celebration test your vocabulary. i got 161 correct. apparently that only puts me in the lower 25th percentile. i guess i’m stupid after all.

Film Theory midterm

i’ve a Film Theory midterm today. last night was spent wrestling with concepts of the ontologies of cinema, soviet montage, theories and requirements for cinematic Realism, questions of auteurship and genre and a little bit of semiotic icing to top it off. currently i’ve something akin to Walter Benjamin’s Marxist ideas of base/superstructure (in re: […]


senioritis is officially here. i’ve this class called Fictions of Insanity. It is insanely boring. we are supposed to have the next book read for thursday. i have not purchased said book, nor do i intend to. i also firmly intend to not read a word of it. this class does not deserve my time […]

Blast from the Past

One of the guys in my section Freshman year sent me this email the other day. Hey Harv, I know that I don’t talk to you much any more, and we didn’t really talk much once I moved out of 4B, but I figured that I needed to send you this email. The other day, […]

First Impressions of Last Classes II

O’Shaughnessy Hall, the crumbling hub of Arts & Letters at Notre Dame, is always plastered with posters, flyers, and announcements of upcoming events. A constant presence are the flyers that the Foreign Language Departments post in an effort to get more students to take those classes. Most of them run along these lines: Benjamin Franklin […]

First Impressions of Last Classes

Irish Cinema Culture: the professor is a veritable well of irish vernacular. i know very little about irish cinema, but i’m familiar with the concepts he wants us to utilize. i believe this class will be a better example of a combined anthro/film class than the one i took last semester. tonight we watch When […]


Bulletmania! I’ve played The Two Towers video game. B+ (the levels are too short). This post by Mr. Oblivio is great. My Uncle Corbin is here for the ND v. Seton Hall game and will be feeding me shortly. She called my house last night but I was already up here. I suck. This semester […]

Last Course Load

in less than a week i begin my final semester as an undergraduate. the clich about college flying by holds true. i’ll probably be pseudo-nostalgic bordering on cathartic testimonial regarding my college career often in the next few months. but thats not the real reason i’m writing this. actually it is 11:20pm yesterday and i […]

How to be a College Guy or How to do Nothing and Love It

a blog entry entitled: “How to be a College Guy” or “How to do Nothing and Love It” wake up to the incessant raucousness of your alarm clock; if it is not yet 2:00pm hit snooze and go back to sleep. when early afternoon rolls around arise groggily, perhaps hungover from your slumber, kick your […]

Video Games Ahoy!

yeah, so how many people could tell i didn’t have anything to write about yesterday… my stress level has decreased exponentially since i turned in my big ole papers. now all that is left for this semester is a questionnaire for my Cinema Ideologies class, a 5 page ‘how do i feel/what did i learn’ […]

Slipping Beauty

-she looked up at me over her falafel and told me about her plans for spain. lots of literature it sounds like, and a film class that counts for literature. i wish i could read her. it is so easy spending time idly catching up and its true, as she says, that when we are […]

Last Home Game

my last home game as a senior at Notre Dame has just ended. right now i am sobbing my eyes out. no longer will i be able to experience the unity and spirit of the student section at a home game as a member of the student body. as much as i have hated it […]

Too Much Work

i spent my birthday asleep. i went to bed at 9:30. maybe i am depressed. i have three weeks to complete 22 pages of papers and to edit my 16mm film. my day began at 8am and will end at 1am tomorrow morning. i went to schedule a haircut for sometime next week and then […]


senioritis has officially made its appearence. well, actually its been more like a rash that has slowly spread during the course of the semester. its definitely the workload that is causing it. Intermediate Film Production should be a 6 credit class. there is so much that i don’t want to do, i’m not sure if […]

Busy Bee

i’m still not quite done yet. i’ve several more hours of filming to do today as well as a paper to write. last night i finally got a bit of time to myself at around 10:30pm when i ate my subway dinner. then i passed out on my bed. after today, everything calms down, at […]

Did It.

I got permission to be in Advanced Poetry Writing. I had to submit a 5 poem manuscript to do so. Here is the email from the prof: Dear Adam, You can print this out and take it to Kim in the English department as permission to register for Engl 402, Advanced Writing. I’ll look forward […]

Poetry Writing 402

apparently if i want to get into Advanced Poetry Writing 402 I need to submit 5 poems to the prof for her perusal and judgementation. i sifted through the pigsty last night and tried to decide if i had 5 pearls to send her. i scrabbled some sort of semblance together. Meagan thinks i should […]

Report Card

a protestant work ethic, coupled with a catholic guilt complex results in neverending stress for me. i got back two midterms and a paper, a- on all three. good for me. however, trying to get approval to shoot and to coordinate 7 different film shoots around everyone’s schedules and at the different times in three […]

Not All That Much

well, i don’t have all that much to talk about today so i’ll just give the news. i turned in my first paper today and got a take-home midterm. my intermediate film class is a lot of work. working in the anthro department is not that stimulating although my alphabetizing skills are now exceptional. fencing […]

Society and Culture Through Stupidity

my Society and Culture Through Film class is torture. i’m pretty sure i’ve already mentioned this, but the things people say about movies in that class wound me. For instance: Girl: I just wanted to say that I think it is interesting how they uh, like, never show the Indians being killed, they just, like […]

Chariot Race

Today was the 5th annual Keough Hall Chariot Race. Last year, my section, 4B won the race. This year we were eliminated in the 1st round. These chariots are constructed out of plywood and 2x4s by the various dorms on campus. Keough, as host, has a chariot from each section. Our chariot was constructed by […]

Senior Year Day 2

Intermediate Film Production: is not a class about filmmaking, but instead about stress management, so sayeth my prof Bill Donaruma. I believe him, he runs it like a Hollywood production, but since we have significantly less funding and less experienced people than Hollywood it must necessarily be more difficult. Film Noir: will be interesting at […]


Fundamentals of Archaeology: This class is going to be easy. Two tests, two quizzes and thats all. Professor Schurr is a character, but I already knew that. What I didn’t know is that he is a Super Tolkien Nerd like myself. Bonus! Cinema Ideologies: Taught by my FEMINIST, socialist, jewish, buddhist film prof Jill Godmilow. […]

End of Summer

the summer is over. it was a good summer. i read very much. Its a tossup as to whether Walden or A Clockwork Orange was my favorite read. Pretty different books, eh? I wasn’t quite as active as I wished to be, but I got 6 more fencing lessons than I expected. I watched Lawrence […]

Reason #7004

5.7.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 10:19am DAY reason #7004 why my roommate is a piece of shit and his girlfriend is a worthless ho: i am asleep. they come into the room, climb up into his loft, eat lunch and carry on like nothing, then go to sleep. who in the hell does that? […]

Dead Animal

5.6.02 INT. DEBARTOLO HALL RM. 316 9:43am DAY there is a reason i smell like a dead animal. marmoset body count: four new film link: curious today i am rancid

Rally Behavior

today marks the beginning of my finals week rally behavior. no shaving, minimum grooming, only necessary washing. i’ll be wearing the same clothes until i go home on the 9th. disgusting i know. there is a reason. it makes marmoset hunting much easier. the pygmy marmoset is the tangible form that all things stressful in […]


5.2.02 INT. LAFORTUNE STUDENT UNION COMPUTER CLUSTER. 2:41pm DAY yeah so i’m typing this paper on the rhetorics of self-making. i’m talking about agency, use-value of autonomy versus relationality, and the intrinsic unnatural, variant and dynamic nature of selfhood. i even understand most of what i am talking about. the postmodern is alive in my […]

End of the Year Banquet

5.1.02 INT. BRUNO’S PIZZERIA. 8:30pm NIGHT the banquet closing out the year for the fencing team was full of goodbyes, many seniors and our head coach will not be returning to the gym next year. a year from now i will be in the same position, standing up to give my farewell speech in front […]

Keep on Truckin’

4.30.02 INT. MAIN BUILDING, OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE. 7:53am DAY signing up for my summer hall clerk hours i realized that red tape is the manner in which bureaucracies remain in existence. they convince you time and again that they have a new organizational plan that will make things run very smoothly and they make […]

Eric the Half a Bee

INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435. 11:00pm NIGHT. ok so last night at 11, after being gone from my room since 9 in the morning, i come back home to find the door locked. great, roommate hooking up again…well that hasn’t stopped me before and i want in my damn room. i unlock the door and […]


we have to start packing up our rooms in the next week. it seems kind of dumb that they expect us to move everything out of our living space and study for finals in a little white shell. hopefully the weather will be nice and i can do my work outside. i am anxious for […]

Goat Roast 2002

today was the annual Anthropology Department Goat Roast. At nine in the morning some anthro majors and the profs, using stone tools produced in the Lithic Technologies class, butchered a goat and a sheep. keep in mind that properly produced obsidian stone knives are something like 5times sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel. so the actual […]


Last night was fun. I ate at this place called Elia’s. Really good Lebanese food. Then after that, I spent several hours (ok it was till 3am) playing Super Mario 3 on the Nintendo over at my friend Cari’s place. Andy was there too and he tried to give me some advice on how to […]

thump Thump THUMP

thump Thump THUMP thumpthump thump bump flash stomp brash green/purple/yellow swingin swayin discoplayin’ backin that ass up, hypnotic mantras bloodpulse grind and grab half caught eye shine thumpthump thump bang your head intergalactic planetary more vodka in my tonic more light in my face ringin’ ears pushup bra strobe aladdin sane thumpthumpthumpthumpthump…yeah…so i went out […]

Molly is a Dork

judging a body on its attractiveness is fine (see entry for 3.6.02) here is a more succinct explanation. the body can be objectified because it is simply an object. the danger lies in treating the personality by the same manner. so looking and admiring a person for their body is fine. using that measure alone […]

The Beginning

Ahhh! Escape! I got off campus last night and I think that is just what I needed. You can go slowly insane without even noticing it around here. As usual I am still having trouble with a social existence at ND. This place is like junior high school, only even more grotesque since we are […]