Dirty Toenails

Monday, 5 August 2002

my mother seems to think i am just like her brother, my un­cle Collier. she de­cided this quite sud­denly when i de­cided to go into town. wear­ing san­dals. with ‘dirty’ toes. ap­par­ently by un­cle did the same when he was my age. i hap­pen to feel hon­ored by this com­par­ison. my un­cle Collier was a gui­tar-play­ing hip­pie, who then went on into the Air Force and is now a gui­tar-play­ing Mennonite with a great fam­ily. if i am like my un­cle Collier, dirty toe­nails are a badge of honor. it means i’m get­ting grimy with the dirt of a life well-lived and grubby feet sym­bol­ize my in­volve­ment in day to day ex­pe­ri­ence. peo­ple with clean toe­nails are the ones who stay on the con­crete path and watch peo­ple like my un­cle and my­self out there liv­ing. How are your toe­nails look­ing?