Comparing Circuses

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Abraham and I have been to two different circuses this year. In May we saw the Kelly Miller Circus in Connersville, Indiana. Last Wednesday we saw the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Cleveland, Ohio. Here’s a comparison.

Subjective Value Comparison Between Two Circuses
Metric Kelly Miller Circus Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Advantage
 Number of Rings 1  3  Kelly Miller
 Ticket Price  $43 (3 tickets, front row  seating)  $39 (3 tickets, middling seats on discount  night)  Kelly Miller
 Tiger Show  Energetic tiger tricks  Too many tigers to trick  Kelly Miller
 Hotness of Circus Girls  7 out of 10  8 out of 10 (but with more depth)  Ringling Brothers and  Barnum  & Bailey
 Proximity to  Elephants  Abraham could have touched  their  trunks  Not so much  Kelly Miller
 Authenticity  Lots of hard work, passion, professional but  not “professional”.  Managed, brand-protected business. Slick, corporate  & profit-maximized.  Kelly Miller
 Clowns (funny)  Yes  Not so much  Kelly Miller
 Clowns (scary)  No  I was suspicious  Kelly Miller
 Clowns (cute)  No  The girl clown was cute.  Ringling Brothers and  Barnum  & Bailey
 Abraham’s  enjoyment level  Mind: Blown  More interested in sno-cones  Kelly Miller
 Websites  Basic, simple, ugly design.  Flash intro and auto-playing music that you  can’t turn  off.  Kelly Miller

Obviously, the Kelly Miller Circus was a better deal and a better time, despite the fact that it doesn’t have the production values, deep pockets, or branding of RBaB&B. Let’s hear it for the little guy!