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Farewell Fayette County & Environs

I’m helping my mother move from my ancestral demesne this week. I feel little sorrow regarding the move from this particular home, the third of three I lived in when I lived in Fayette County; but a much deeper sense of loss regarding certain other places that have sentimental value to me. Of course, me […]

514 Snapshot

This image has been on my About page for years. Before that, as evidenced by the crinkly, thumbtack-bestabbed border of the photograph, it was on my bulletin board for years. It was taken at my first home, 514 Franklin Street, in Connersville, Indiana. There’s a special place in my heart for this photo, despite the […]

Only Here

Only in Connersville would seeing a enormous-mulleted man riding a child’s bicycle down the road with a fierce look on his face that defiantly resists any admission that he is doing such a thing be a normal sight.