Thursday, 25 July 2002

well she had fun, but not until her ‘brother’ and my good friend brian showed up from Cleveland. she didn’t yarf, but she did go to the restroom about 70 billion times. we ate at the Mishawaka Brewing Company, which was excellent as always. Great Irish Meat Pies. then we left to go to the bars, but lo and behold i had a flat tire. so everyone else took off and i put on the donut and followed. as an aside, this is about the 6th time i’ve had a flat tire with this car. i attribute this occurence to the fact that there are massive amounts of construction going on around campus. anyway, we then went to Cheers the townie bar where we listened to a bad red hot chili pepper wannabe band and an even worse treehuggin phishlovin hippie knockoff who couldn’t carry a tune with a wheelbarrow and who butchered Ramble On and Tangerine. fucker. we left as his female counterpart began singing Blackhole Sun à la Jessica Simpson. Then we went to Corby’s. The Corporate Alumni bar. where the only water available is bottled and the bartender is HOT as a tub full of boiled crayfish (i have no idea where that came from). anyway she got blasted once brian showed up and she started laughing and smiling too. so we closed Corby’s, got her back to her dorm and then i went to sleep around 3:30 to get up and work at 8. it was worth it.