Crossroads of Twilight

Thursday, 2 January 2003

Robert Jordan’s newest Crossroads of Twilight will be released on the seventh. and i must say that i am ready. since i started his Wheel of Time series in 1994 and it offers very few signs of impending closure, i have become slightly impatient and perturbed and even at times apathetic regarding the series. it has taken so long for him to write it that i have outgrown my teenage nerd interest in the series. that doesn’t mean however, that i won’t finish it. i’ve invested enough time and cash into purchasing and reading the books that i must finish what i have begun. i just wish Robert Jordan could do the same. the first four books in the series were very engaging but he has sputtered ever since, i think, because he is trying to stretch the story into a few more books to make a few more bucks. i’m expecting to be disappointed. hopefully i’ll be wrong.