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Her Room

i went over to her room last night and watched her pack a little and drank some wine. it didn’t take much convincing to get her to stop and come sit on the futon by me. we talked, i babbled, things were slightly awkward but so very slightly it was only noticeable if you looked […]

Slipping Beauty

-she looked up at me over her falafel and told me about her plans for spain. lots of literature it sounds like, and a film class that counts for literature. i wish i could read her. it is so easy spending time idly catching up and its true, as she says, that when we are […]

Some Girl

today was even longer than usual. i got up early to stand in line for the extra stanford tix and waited for an hour and a half to sign a piece of paper and dish out the 43 bucks necessary for the tix only to be told to come back between 3-4 that afternoon to […]