Farmer’s Weather Complex™

Saturday, 27 July 2002

i’ve al­most got the CSS ver­sion of my page fin­ished. i was al­most giv­ing my­self and aneurysm try­ing to fig­ure it out for the past few days but it all clicked yes­ter­day es­pe­cial­ly af­ter a lit­tle help from this place. now all i need to do is get move­able­type in­stalled cor­rect­ly on my web­space and learn to use it then i’ll be stream­lined and ready to roll.

we’ve need­ed rain bad­ly for sev­er­al weeks and we fi­nal­ly got it. al­though i am not a farmer, liv­ing in a farm­ing com­mu­ni­ty has made me aware of the weath­er and in do­ing so i have de­vel­oped the Farmer’s Weather Complex™. there is al­ways ei­ther too much rain or not enough rain. this sum­mer has been a dry one but hope­ful­ly this rain will do the crops some good. it is al­so fair time around here which means next week i am go­ing to get an ele­phant ear and (if my braces are off) a can­died ap­ple. mm­mm got­ta love the fair.


Friday, 26 July 2002

CSS is cool!

i love it but i hate it.

just got back from the mall. wtf is up with the cheapo pic­ture tak­ing things?? they suck now. they aren’t cheap and they on­ly spit out one pho­to. re­mem­ber how they used to spit out a strip of 4 dif­fer­ent shots so you could have a lit­tle fun and make faces at it? no longer. 4 bucks for 1 shot, you fuck up, your through. what a bitch. of course, i fucked it up, didn’t take off my glass­es and got a lens­flare. i bare­ly de­cid­ed on spend­ing 4 buck on what i thought were go­ing to be 4 pho­tos but to find out its 4 bucks for one fuck­ing pic­ture. man. re­mem­ber when lit­tle caesar’s had that 4bucks 4bucks piz­za deal? now that was good shit. 4 dol­lars for a piz­za. hell yeah. but now i have to pay 4 bucks to get one shit­ty pic­ture from the stu­pid booth in the mall.

Bad Hygiene

Tuesday, 23 July 2002

i’ve stopped even mak­ing the at­tempt to get up ear­ly enough to do ba­sic hy­giene be­fore stum­bling in­to work. at the be­ginnning of the sum­mer, i strove to start my sched­ule at 9 in the morn­ing but since clus­ters open at 8 i was not per­mit­ted to sched­ule my­self at 9 with­out al­so sign­ing up for 8. this wasn’t a ter­ri­bly big deal since for the past three years i have been get­ting up at 5:30 in the morn­ing to go to work. so i start­ed get­ting up at 7, show­er­ing, eat­ing a bit of break­fast and then go­ing in to work. this worked out well un­til i start­ed my night job. then, get­ting back in­to the dorm at one in the morn­ing made get­ting up 6 hours lat­er much more dif­fi­cult. at first i start­ed get­ting up at 7:15, then that turned in­to 7:30, now my alarm goes off at 7:45 i sleep for an­oth­er ten min­utes, roll out of bed and wan­der over to the clus­ter right as it opens. my breath smells, my face is greasy, i’m pret­ty sure the these shorts i’ve been wear­ing are the on­ly ones i’ve ever had in my en­tire life. my hair is mussed, i need to shave. flow­ers wilt be­fore my pres­ence and chil­dren are afraid of me. thank­ful­ly, once lunchtime rolls around, it is just as easy to wan­der back to my room and show­er up. on­ly 9 more twelve hour days un­til i ac­tu­al­ly get some­thing re­sem­bling sum­mer va­ca­tion. al­right!

i found the CSS ref­er­ence sec­tion in Dreamweaver. Now i can ac­tu­al­ly start fid­dling around! but lo and be­hold, one of my pre­vi­ous pages was pret­ty much done in CSS and i didn’t even know it. grant­ed, that was the page that a stole prob­a­bly 80% of the code from, but it was a good learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. maybe this won’t be as bad as i had ex­pect­ed.


Monday, 22 July 2002

yeah, so learn­ing CSS is hard­er than i thought. es­pe­cial­ly since the ed­u­ca­tion­al ver­sion of Dreamweaver that we have does not have any of the CSS at­trib­ut­es in­stalled on it. Thankfully one of my fel­low web­savvy stu­dents has a CSS book that he is go­ing let me bor­row. but all of this junk with me deal­ing with my own in­abil­i­ty to make a sen­si­cal web­page is re­sult­ing a a stum­bling pro­gres­sion to­ward us­abil­i­ty.

i haven’t made a film in 2 months and it is start­ing to both­er me. i am ready for class­es to start again. This se­mes­ter i am tak­ing two an­thro­pol­o­gy class­es and three film class­es. Anthropology: Society and Culture Through Films and Introduction to Archaeology. Film: Intermediate Film Prodcution, Film Noir, and Cinema Ideologies. This will com­plete my an­thro­pol­o­gy ma­jor and leave the 2nd se­mes­ter open for 4 film class­es and hope­ful­ly a po­et­ry writ­ing class. I am al­so anx­ious to have a room to my­self, a space to­tal­ly my own, where I do not have a room­mate to cause trou­ble. wun­der­bar!

there are 5 new po­ems in ver­bal im­po­tence

fenc­ing is a hard sport for me to think about. is it a sport or an art? it is a ba­sic act of vi­o­lence us­ing the sword, the tra­di­tion­al icon for war­fare, re­fined in­to a thing of grace and beau­ty. how should i go about my fenc­ing? Should i take it as war­fare, to de­stroy my op­po­nent by any means, or should i strive to achieve tech­ni­cal per­fec­tion and glo­ry in the kines­thet­ic im­pro­vi­sa­tion of the bout? Are the two even sep­a­rat­ed? Can the act of vi­o­lence be a thing of beau­ty? Are the con­vo­lut­ed sym­bols and mean­ings a sign of our at­tempts at cre­at­ing an Art of War? I should read Sun Tzu and Miyamoto Musashi again.

80s Movies — Blech

Sunday, 21 July 2002

The on­ly way to watch com­ing-of-age fliks from the ‘80s is while drink­ing. at least if you are me. the best word to de­scribe my feel­ings re­gard­ing said films is ab­hor. We watched Can’t Buy Me Love and Footloose last night. It was, per­haps, more fun to rip on the rel­a­tive­ly in­no­cent an­tics and ec­cen­tric film tech­niques than it was to ac­tu­al­ly watch the film. Did I men­tion this was a film ma­jor par­ty? Footloose would be an ex­cel­lent movie to ap­pear on MST3K. There are so many scenes with lit­tle di­a­logue that Ryan and I had a blast rip­ping it to shreds. Mullets and bad mu­sic de­fine the emo­tion­al high­lights of any ‘80s teen­pic.

I am glad I was an in­no­cent lit­tle hick boy in the wilds that are east cen­tral in­di­ana dur­ing the ‘80s. And for those of you who are won­der­ing, no I did not have a rat­tail or a kid­die-sized mul­let.

For the next month I am go­ing to be teach­ing my­self CSS and by the time my se­nior year of col­lege starts per­haps I will have a CSS ver­sion of my page ready to go. Wish me luck, I don’t know shite about it and my ver­sion of Dreamweaver doesn’t seem to know shite about it ei­ther.