Thursday, 14 November 2002

FIN! no more shoot­ing! now i can just con­cen­trate on the fun part, edit­ing. I won’t be up­dat­ing fri­day, sat­ur­day, or sun­day be­cause i am go­ing to Penn State to the Max Garrett Invitational for fenc­ing. i am go­ing to kick some lily-white nit­tany ass. so in hon­or of my vic­to­ry to be i give you the fri­day mp3 a day ear­ly.

The Thursday mp3

Disturbed has a new al­bum out if you didn’t know. it is called be­lieve. Unfortunately, they are be­com­ing noth­ing more than a tool wannabe band. draiman is ca­pa­ble of much bet­ter. the song i’ve cho­sen rocks just as much as i ex­pect from Disturbed. Its called prayer.