Celebrate Differences

Thursday, 19 September 2002

this morn­ing as i wan­dered in the gen­eral di­rec­tion of my next class, i be­gan to won­der why i never see peo­ple cel­e­brate the dif­fer­ences they have with oth­ers. i think it is be­cause we have a faulty idea of what equal­ity should be. we equate equal­ity with con­for­mity in a vaguely Harrison Bergeron kinda way. Hegemony em­pha­sizes equal­ity while ac­tively work­ing against it, and pop cul­ture as­sists in the shroud­ing of this act by en­cour­ag­ing con­for­mity. the American ide­ol­ogy of in­di­vid­u­al­ity be­comes one in which each per­son is sep­a­rated from each other per­son de­spite the fact that we all dress, talk, and act alike. Obscured in all of this are the some­times min­ute, some­times mag­ni­fied idio­syn­crasies of the in­di­vid­ual. True equal­ity based on mu­tual re­spect would oc­cur if, in­stead of be­ing au­toma­tons we ap­pre­ci­ated each other for the unique abil­i­ties that we all con­tribute in ex­cel­lence of our own lim­i­ta­tions. (i get along with billy BECAUSE he can play a mean game of bas­ket­ball, and i get along with sally BECAUSE she can fig­ure out a dif­fer­en­tial equa­tion in no time flat, and they get along with me BECAUSE i’m a gan­gly mother).