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Crust Punk Dream

I’m looking for my dog on the “campus” of a “college” but every building should basically be condemned. The only people who use any of them are crust punks, anarchists, and really grumpy old people. They live in them too. I go to a DIY art gallery/house show and one half of the house is […]

Groundhog Dream #2

One of the most interesting things about dreams is how we can hold them fully understood in our minds but, when we try to write them down, the structure collapses. This not only illuminates the imperfection of written or spoken communication, but also, more subtly, indicates the natural illogic and unreasonableness of our minds. A […]

Dreams, Lately

A couple of nights ago I dreamed I was at a Guns ‘N Roses concert; they were playing Bon Jovi covers. In the dream, I kept trying to fall asleep, but kept myself awake because I didn’t want to miss the music. I ended up waking up fully because I tried so hard not to […]

New Recurring Nightmare

My new recurring nightmare places me in something like an Egyptian tomb, at least in terms of decoration and danger, and the low ceilings, dim light, and definite sense of tons of weight overhead. I’m part of a team exploring this place for its treasures and dangers. There are many rooms, each with its own […]

Groundhog Dream #1

I was dreaming last night that I was falling from a certain height over and over and over and over and over and over again. Falling and landing, hard; a belly flop onto the ground. I felt a bit bruised, I must admit. I often have dream where I am injured, tortured or even killed. […]

Goth Dreams and Continuity Editing

I had this dream the other night, where I was in this goth club just minding my own business listening to some kickass darkwave, when some dude started something. Apparently I was not sufficiently ‘goth’ to be present in the club [i.e. I wasn’t dressed very gothy.] He said something along the lines of ‘You […]

Dream Rules

if you ever find yourself in one of my dreams always remember this. anyone drinking tea has been or is about to lie to you. that includes you and me. if you are drinking tea, you have been lying to yourself about something. when i drink tea in my dreams it is always Earl Grey. […]

Wildass Dream

another wildass dream last night. i was the rebellious son of a fictional President. Then the aliens invaded and all hell broke loose. as i fled with my father the president (he was more like a retired commando than a commander in chief) we went to this secret underground/water base in St. Joseph’s lake. what […]

War Dream

Last night I had a completely awful dream. We were about to start a war. I was walking down the hallway and the guys were in the lounge watching The Toob . On it was one Showdown: Iraq now reporting on the immanent eminent imminent initial US strikes. I was only ten when the 1st […]

Causal Deity Phantasies

i had one of those dreams last night where nothing and no one exists unless your dream persona thinks about it. I call these dreams when I have them Causal Deity Phantasies. Actually i just made that up now but it still works. i’m basically a causality god in these dreams and my dreamconcious decisions […]