Baldur’s Gate

Monday, 19 August 2002

i finally conquered Baldur’s Gate. Its a damn long game. damn good too. i only have one beef with it: the experience cap. wtf is up with that? the game has a built in mechanism to limit my character’s growth!? 89,000 experience is the limit, and leveling up to (prepare for condensed nerdiness) an 8th level enchanter takes 90,000. I reached the cap about 2/​3rds of the way through the game and then had to continue collecting 2000 – 12000 experience kills for naught, sitting just 1k away from more hit points and more spells. I probably could have leveled up twice e before the end if the damn cap hadn’t been there. for those of you who actually know who he is (i only have the vaguest idea), i killed Drizzt the Drow with a pack of wolves and a gang of skeletons. just surround him with said summoned critters and pelt him with Arrows of Piercing. Do the same thing with Sarevok at the end and its a piece of cake. not that you care.