Dueling With Guns

Tuesday, 3 December 2002

as i walked toward my first class of the day: Introduction to Archaeology, i couldn’t help but overhear i conversation in front of me.

Girl #1: “…I mean, if they used guns it would be way too loud.”

Girl #2: “Yeah, I guess so, but dueling with guns is so much cooler.”

#1: “That’s the only reason I can think of that there would be fencing schools.”

#2: “I guess so.”

What! As a fencer I should have turned around and enlightened them. Those who learn to fence, do not do so in order to duel. Those who learn to fence do so in order to participate in a sport that allows them to beat people with pieces of metal.

After that little bit of surreality, my archaeology class made things even stranger. mommy, today in school i learned about how corn has really domesticated us. we fertilize it, remove competing flora, and ensure its propagation en masse for future generations. we serve it. to borrow from my teacher, that corn muffin you ate this morning is really in charge. behold, corn and its diabolical plans to take over the world!