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Want Ad

I want a job. However, getting a job is pretty hard. Especially when submitted applications to open positions get no response, and follow-up emails go equally unanswered. No one wants someone fresh, it seems that all jobs demand 2-5 years prior experience, at entry level pay. It must be quite the competitive market, when a […]

Job Market III

back at ND after my 3 day spring break. i’ve written a generic cover letter and am primed to send it out amongst various production companies to see if they would like to hire me. do you know of anyplace to work? i’ll go anywhere. i’m serious. i have three more things to type today. […]

Job Market II

this job hunt thing is rough. i’ve been looking at the National Park service, and related jobs, the Smithsonian, Discovery Channel, National Geographic…but all of the job openings are aimed at people that have 2-3 years of experience in the field. no one wants some apparently wet behind the ears college kid. i’ve got the […]

Job Market

today i attempt to secure employment. there is this career fair thing. the smithsonian is going to be there. also a bunch of businesses, and the CIA. its rather sad that only businesses really actively recruit people. places that i would love to work like the smithsonian like you to come to them. i’m not […]