Want Ad

Saturday, 28 June 2003

I want a job. However, get­ting a job is pret­ty hard. Especially when sub­mit­ted ap­pli­ca­tions to open po­si­tions get no re­sponse, and fol­low-up emails go equal­ly unan­swered. No one wants some­one fresh, it seems that all jobs de­mand 2 – 5 years pri­or ex­pe­ri­ence, at en­try lev­el pay.

It must be quite the com­pet­i­tive mar­ket, when a cum laude grad­u­ate of the University of Notre Dame, a National Champion ath­lete, and an all around good, ca­pa­ble, re­spon­si­ble, and hard-work­ing guy can­not even get his foot in the door.

Anybody hir­ing?

Job Market III

Wednesday, 12 March 2003

back at ND af­ter my 3 day spring break. i’ve writ­ten a gener­ic cov­er let­ter and am primed to send it out amongst var­i­ous pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies to see if they would like to hire me. do you know of any­place to work? i’ll go any­where. i’m se­ri­ous. i have three more things to type to­day. a re­sponse pa­per for my film the­o­ry class, a study re­sponse for my Otherworldly Literature class and a pa­per pro­pos­al for the same class. i’m pret­ty sure i’m go­ing to write my pa­per on the use of mem­o­ry in Tolkien’s writ­ings. Tentative ti­tle is: “Memory, Lore and Atavism: The Role of the Past in Tolkien’s Fa rie.”

Apparently the fenc­ing cham­pi­onships are go­ing to be closed to the gen­er­al pub­lic. we’ll see if we can pull some strings. stu­pid com­ing war.

Job Market II

Monday, 3 February 2003

this job hunt thing is rough. i’ve been look­ing at the National Park ser­vice, and re­lat­ed jobs, the Smithsonian, Discovery Channel, National Geographic…but all of the job open­ings are aimed at peo­ple that have 2 – 3 years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the field. no one wants some ap­par­ent­ly wet be­hind the ears col­lege kid. i’ve got the skills, just not the ex­pe­ri­ence, and i would think that back­ground in both an­thro­pol­o­gy and film would be ap­peal­ing to these folks. i haven’t got my cov­er let­ters ready yet but i hope when who­ev­er is in charge of hir­ing sees my qual­i­fi­ca­tions they will re­al­ize i am an as­set. that’ll take some luck in the in-one-ear-out-the-oth­er world of cor­po­rate bu­reau­cra­cy.

Job Market

Tuesday, 28 January 2003

to­day i at­tempt to se­cure em­ploy­ment. there is this ca­reer fair thing. the smith­son­ian is go­ing to be there. al­so a bunch of busi­ness­es, and the CIA. its rather sad that on­ly busi­ness­es re­al­ly ac­tive­ly re­cruit peo­ple. places that i would love to work like the smith­son­ian like you to come to them. i’m not too good at go­ing to peo­ple. i don’t re­al­ly want to work for the CIA. or hon­ey­well or bud­get rent-a-car or tar­get. no. i re­al­ly don’t.

i just might have to.