Consummatum est

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Topic pro­vided by Miles Budimir was: “2nd law of ther­mo­dy­nam­ics (en­tropy, etc…)”

Writing time: 47 min­utes.

Discarded ideas: empiricism/​mysticism, us­ing wry­neck form

Kept ideas: cat­a­log, light tone with se­ri­ous topic 

I shall fall off a cliff and die
and like a blind dog falling off the same cliff,
my son will die, and his son; 
from that same cliff un­til, one day, that
fuck­ing cliff will fall off it­self.

its crumbs shall crum­ble into them­selves
un­til the earth be­comes a pep­pery dust
that makes the sun sneeze; blown away. 

The wan­ing moon will won­der 
what it did de­serve this. 

                                yea ver­ily,
and the sun shall use the last 
fin­ger­nail cres­cent of the moon for a tooth­pick be­fore go­ing nova.

the empty wake of space will lap against it­self
for a bit, and at that ceas­ing; here,
af­ter the end of time, and not since be­fore the be­gin­ning
of time, for the sec­ond time,
it may be quiet enough to think.