Episode 2

Wednesday, 22 May 2002

5.22.02 INT. SHOWPLACE 16 8:00pm NIGHT

i just watched episode 2. george lu­cas has nev­er been an actor’s di­rec­tor so i can ex­cuse the in­stances of bad act­ing ex­cept for the ex­tra parme­san in the love di­a­logue, he should have at least had the sense to nix that. the three zooms were to­tal­ly un­ac­cept­able and ful­filled no pur­pose in fur­ther­ing ei­ther the emo­tion or the plot in the film. zoom­ing is for stu­dent film­mak­ers. the ex­ces­sive use of soft wipes be­came te­dious as well. i got the feel­ing that lu­cas is try­ing to make a “george lu­cas film” in­stead of just do­ing it. to be ex­pect­ed, but still dis­ap­point­ing.

good things. the je­di kick ass. the pac­ing was ex­cep­tion­al at the end of the film. dig­i­tal tech­nol­o­gy has im­proved tremen­dous­ly. na­tal­ie port­man. count dooku’s pis­tol grip lightsaber. it filled in many gaps but i’m sad some je­di got the axe.