Gill Sans Fatigue

Monday, 1 February 2010

I have Gill Sans fa­tigue. Its in­creas­ing ubiq­ui­ty might mere­ly be the re­sult of my in­creas­ing aware­ness of var­i­ous type­faces, con­fir­ma­tion bias, or some­thing else, but every­where I look, there it is. On all of the Colliers Ostendorf-Morris for-lease signs (and there are a lot of those in down­town Cleveland) on ban­ners ad­ver­tis­ing lux­u­ry lofts, on signs in hall­ways, on busi­ness cards, on the side of com­mer­cial vans, on plaques and dis­plays at the Museum of Natural History. Everywhere.

What used to be my fa­vorite font is now played out (or has been and I’m just now notic­ing). I still like Eric Gill’s work, though. And by work I don’t mean the fact that he slept with his sis­ters, daugh­ters and fam­i­ly dog. I mean his type­faces, wood­block prints and sculp­ture.


Saturday, 25 November 2006

I lib­er­at­ed this idea and made lit­tle books of my short­er po­ems. I didn’t want to in­vest too much time in­to it, and since I’ve been go­ing through an­oth­er Eric Gill phase I thought to make it a lim­it­ed edi­tion. It is a lim­it­ed edi­tion of 25 +1 and I’m go­ing to sell them at $1 apiece tonight at the C-Space ben­e­fit with the pro­ceeds go­ing to C-Space.

One of my next projects will be to cre­ate a some­what use­ful po­et­ry page on my site, with au­dio sam­ples, and a way to get these lazy lim­it­ed edi­tions if there are left­overs. I’ve been feel­ing crafty late­ly.

Heralding Poem Books