Great Outdoors

Tuesday, 17 June 2003

I just had the most wonderful walk.

The house I’m staying in this summer is less than a hundred yards from a river, and right up the street from a park. The neighborhood is quiet, and the park [apart from some litter] is just right. The trees are monstrous, thick trunked and towering. Meagan should come down and see their size, their sinuous branches and all that.

The river was quite active this evening. I live right along the East Race of the St. Joseph’s river, and the East Race is the nicest part of the river to experience, and has been developed appropriately to suit this. There was a guy out in waders casting in the current, he made me want to fish again. Moments later, some people on a Seadoo jetted past. Quite a few people were walking on my side, an elderly lady was working in her yard, and on the other side of the river, much higher [perhaps 50 feet] I could see some couples sitting, walking, etc.

Ducks and their broods were all over. and some skeeters too, that I avoided. I just took it all in, tried to forget about my measly desires, felt content for a bit, said ‘Thanks’ and came back home.

Its hotter than the dickens in here.

Breathing Again

Wednesday, 10 April 2002

i need to learn to breathe again. i went running today. i expected jellyfilled legs and a gimp knee since i’ve been out of comission for so long. my legs feel fine as does my knee, probably because i can’t breathe anymore. i didn’t even get to set a good pace before my lungs started staccato renditions of d’yer mak’er. only 2 and a half miles before i whimpered back home. i need to get my ass in gear and get back into shape. i’m pissed. so it begins. twice a week lifting and serious cals and 3 days of running. i want to reach the point where it hurts so i know i’m getting in shape. the addictive agony that doing the senior workout of my crosscountry highschool days brings on. some of you know what i mean. i want to run until i throw up. what is wrong with that?