Society and Culture Through Stupidity

Monday, 30 September 2002

my Society and Culture Through Film class is torture. i’m pretty sure i’ve already mentioned this, but the things people say about movies in that class wound me. For instance:

Girl: I just wanted to say that I think it is interesting how they uh, like, never show the Indians being killed, they just, like fall off their horses.

Professor (Brazilian accent): That is a good point, illustrating the casual attitude Americans take regarding the death of their enemies.

Adam’s mind: …or it could be that the limitations of the Production Code prevented filmmakers from showing death in a more macabre fashion until the early ‘70s, plus the fact that ‘realistic’ special effects that would enable closer shots of battle and death did not exist at the time of the making of this film.

but hell, none of them are film majors. then again, this isn’t a very good example of what a class about Visual Anthropology should be about. not one ethnographic piece is on the list. booolllshi’!