Wednesday, 11 December 2002

Films I Saw This Semester

Films I saw this semester:

Wednesday, 21 August 2002

Screams of Reason

i’m about 75% through Screams of Reason by David Skal. Its mostly about Hollywood’s fascination with mad science. Its ok. but a good shot in the dark by my mother who bought it for me. i can see many different tracks where expansion and deeper academic discourse would add some insights but it is pretty hard to find good academic texts on film since most are targeted to hobbyists and film buffs instead of academics. yes i’m pompous. fuck off.

3 days till back to school.

Sunday, 21 July 2002

80s Movies – Blech

The only way to watch coming-of-age fliks from the ’80s is while drinking. at least if you are me. the best word to describe my feelings regarding said films is abhor. We watched Can’t Buy Me Love and Footloose last night. It was, perhaps, more fun to rip on the relatively innocent antics and eccentric film techniques than it was to actually watch the film. Did I mention this was a film major party? Footloose would be an excellent movie to appear on MST3K. There are so many scenes with little dialogue that Ryan and I had a blast ripping it to shreds. Mullets and bad music define the emotional highlights of any ’80s teenpic.

I am glad I was an innocent little hick boy in the wilds that are east central indiana during the ’80s. And for those of you who are wondering, no I did not have a rattail or a kiddie-sized mullet.

For the next month I am going to be teaching myself CSS and by the time my senior year of college starts perhaps I will have a CSS version of my page ready to go. Wish me luck, I don’t know shite about it and my version of Dreamweaver doesn’t seem to know shite about it either.

Monday, 6 May 2002

Dead Animal

5.6.02 INT. DEBARTOLO HALL RM. 316 9:43am DAY

there is a reason i smell like a dead animal.

marmoset body count: four

new film link: curious

today i am rancid

Saturday, 4 May 2002


5.4.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435. 11:25am DAY

not much to say today. saw spiderman last night. my theory as a film major is that any movie based on a comic book that reminds you of the comic book and runs like a comic book is a good movie for those very reasons. it seems that quite a few people didn’t like the corny lines. “we’ll meet again!” followed by a maniacal laugh is an acceptable and expected comic book phrase. so don’t complain about it.

today i am grubby

Sunday, 17 March 2002

Molly is a Dork

judging a body on its attractiveness is fine (see entry for 3.6.02) here is a more succinct explanation. the body can be objectified because it is simply an object. the danger lies in treating the personality by the same manner. so looking and admiring a person for their body is fine. using that measure alone to judge them however is fallacy. the desire for the body/object is a purely instinctual process. a person must be loved for their soul.

molly is a dork.

i’ve got so much work done. i still need to do more though. i have a research paper on Monty Python (totally sweet) but i’ve also got some other stuff to do before i go root on the Irish Fencers at the NCAAs. i’ve got a partner project due for one of my film classes and i need to get started on my dialogue film. too bad we don’t have a lot of time. there never is enough time for what is expected of us. too much is busy work and not enough truly challenges. most of the challenge does not lie in application but whether or not you can get the amount done in time. its quantity not quality and it blows.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE2: talking till 3:30 is fun but waking up at 7 isn’t.