Thursday, 5 December 2002

last night was spent do­ing an­oth­er cut of Vice Versa. I tight­ened up a few shots and did con­sid­er­able work edit­ing the end­ing col­li­sion se­quence. its still miss­ing one more thing ap­par­ent­ly. if i had got­ten a few re­ac­tion shots and maybe an­oth­er take or two, i’d be set. there is still some­thing about ac­tu­al­ly cut­ting film that i love, much more than fark­ing around on a dig­i­tal ed­i­tor. run­ning the film through my hands, look­ing at the nor­mal­ly in­de­ci­pher­able sym­bols and words on Academy Leader and know­ing what they mean. its like i’ve been ini­ti­at­ed in­to a se­cret group or some­thing. of course, it is rep­e­ti­tious. but at like prac­tic­ing for fenc­ing, it is a rep­e­ti­tion that re­sults in im­proved tech­nique. noth­ing at all like work­ing for the an­thro de­part­ment where rep­e­ti­tion ex­ists for its own sake.

Assembly of Vice Versa

Monday, 25 November 2002

last night i put to­geth­er an as­sem­bly of the rush­es for Vice Versa. i think to­day we’ll prob­a­bly watch them in class. I’m pret­ty sure the rest of class time is go­ing to be spent watch­ing clips. and talk­ing about clips. or lis­ten­ing to Bill talk about clips. in minute and down­ward spi­ral­ing de­tail. i’d much rather just jump on the Steenbeck and go to town.


Thursday, 14 November 2002

FIN! no more shoot­ing! now i can just con­cen­trate on the fun part, edit­ing. I won’t be up­dat­ing fri­day, sat­ur­day, or sun­day be­cause i am go­ing to Penn State to the Max Garrett Invitational for fenc­ing. i am go­ing to kick some lily-white nit­tany ass. so in hon­or of my vic­to­ry to be i give you the fri­day mp3 a day ear­ly.

The Thursday mp3

Disturbed has a new al­bum out if you didn’t know. it is called be­lieve. Unfortunately, they are be­com­ing noth­ing more than a tool wannabe band. draiman is ca­pa­ble of much bet­ter. the song i’ve cho­sen rocks just as much as i ex­pect from Disturbed. Its called prayer.

Early Film Shoot

Tuesday, 12 November 2002

at around 2am this morn­ing i woke up a lit­tle bit anx­ious. ok, alot anx­ious. my film shoot was to be­gin at 4:30 but the anx­i­ety came first. i lay in bed while my mind raced and wor­ried for an hour and then some. i dozed. at 3:45 i got up went to the bath­room and heaved a lit­tle bit. some bile and most of the anx­i­ety left with it. i do that when­ev­er i get su­per­stressed. i took my show­er. i went to our lo­ca­tion and be­gan set­ting up. the tal­ent ar­rived around 6:00 and around 7 my mind went soft-fo­cus. we fin­ished the shoot at 8:45 and i drove one of the tal­ent back to his dorm. i have just come back from my 9:30 class. it is 11 and i don’t know what the hell is hap­pen­ing and i don’t care i’m so tired. not just tired, not just fatigued…i’m non-func­tion­ing, but that’s not right ei­ther. is there a word for what i am feel­ing?

Fencing Lesson

Tuesday, 5 November 2002

yeah, well i’m out­ta con­trol. i’ve al­so got this em­barass­ing per­son­al prob­lem that i’ve had for sev­er­al weeks now. its un­com­fort­able and makes me very self-con­scious. and i don;t know how to fix it apart from go­ing to the doc­tor. and i don’t have time for that.

the above was just filler un­til i could ac­tu­al­ly have a mo­ment to write. film shoot­ing is eat­ing up my week as tonight i will be spend­ing the whole evening crew­ing for some class­mates. to­mor­row = more of same. to­day i had a good fenc­ing les­son with janusz, my point con­trol was dead on for the most part. at the end i learned a new ac­tion: beat-8 flèche to the arm with a remise to the body. for the lay­man, that ba­si­cal­ly means i used my blade to knock theirs to­ward the ground, then leapt at them point-of-the-blade first and tried to hit them on the wrist, fail­ing that on the body. i en­joyed it and i want to make it use­ful. i’m go­ing to try and start us­ing it in the bout.

Blessed Be

Friday, 27 September 2002

May a blesséd star shine up­on Alissa and Sarah and Salim. I give them thanks a thou­sand times. As I strug­gled to haul my sev­er­al hun­dred pounds of film equip­ment across cam­pus, I passed at least a dozen guys who I know. None of them asked to help. However when Alissa and Sarah saw me about to fall over from the weight of an Arri16BL and a light kit com­plete with sand­bags (mind you I was on­ly about 50 yards out of my dorm) they im­me­di­ate­ly of­fered to help me take them to Oshag. Sometimes girls are a hel­lu­val­ot cool­er than guys. For the 2nd trip I en­list­ed Salim, the FTT ma­jor next door to as­sist me. He’s a good man and I didn’t want to trou­ble the pret­ty nice women any longer.

The Friday mp3

The Toadies have been a band I’ve lis­tened to since my fresh­man year in high school. They on­ly put out two al­bums in 8 years and then they split but not be­fore com­ing plat­inum record sell­er for their al­bum Rubberneck. The Friday mp3 is the last song on the al­bum and my per­son­al fa­vorite, al­though every song on the al­bum is damn damn good. I Burn is in a word, brood­ing. A song about witch­craft and damna­tion, I’m pret­ty damn sure it is di­rect­ly in­spired as a re­ac­tion to the lead singer’s strict Southern Baptist up­bring­ing.

Sprinkler Madness

Wednesday, 25 September 2002

moth­er­fuck­ing, god­damn sprin­klers. i was all set up for my test shoot, the light­ing was done, the tal­ent was ar­riv­ing mo­men­tar­i­ly and then guess what happens…the moth­er­fuck­ing, god­damn sprin­klers turn on! er­go, i rushed about mov­ing ex­pen­sive cam­era equip­ment and lights around while jets of wa­ter squirt about me. shit like that al­ways hap­pens on film shoots. re­mem­ber what i said about sprin­klers a while ago? fuck the ab­surd. god­damn ex­is­ten­tial­ists. they make me nau­seous.