Monday, 25 November 2002

Assembly of Vice Versa

last night i put together an assembly of the rushes for Vice Versa. i think today we’ll probably watch them in class. I’m pretty sure the rest of class time is going to be spent watching clips. and talking about clips. or listening to Bill talk about clips. in minute and downward spiraling detail. i’d much rather just jump on the Steenbeck and go to town.

Thursday, 14 November 2002


FIN! no more shooting! now i can just concentrate on the fun part, editing. I won’t be updating friday, saturday, or sunday because i am going to Penn State to the Max Garrett Invitational for fencing. i am going to kick some lily-white nittany ass. so in honor of my victory to be i give you the friday mp3 a day early.

The Thursday mp3

Disturbed has a new album out if you didn’t know. it is called believe. Unfortunately, they are becoming nothing more than a tool wannabe band. draiman is capable of much better. the song i’ve chosen rocks just as much as i expect from Disturbed. Its called prayer.

Tuesday, 12 November 2002

Early Film Shoot

at around 2am this morning i woke up a little bit anxious. ok, alot anxious. my film shoot was to begin at 4:30 but the anxiety came first. i lay in bed while my mind raced and worried for an hour and then some. i dozed. at 3:45 i got up went to the bathroom and heaved a little bit. some bile and most of the anxiety left with it. i do that whenever i get superstressed. i took my shower. i went to our location and began setting up. the talent arrived around 6:00 and around 7 my mind went soft-focus. we finished the shoot at 8:45 and i drove one of the talent back to his dorm. i have just come back from my 9:30 class. it is 11 and i don’t know what the hell is happening and i don’t care i’m so tired. not just tired, not just fatigued…i’m non-functioning, but that’s not right either. is there a word for what i am feeling?

Tuesday, 5 November 2002

Fencing Lesson

yeah, well i’m outta control. i’ve also got this embarassing personal problem that i’ve had for several weeks now. its uncomfortable and makes me very self-conscious. and i don;t know how to fix it apart from going to the doctor. and i don’t have time for that.

the above was just filler until i could actually have a moment to write. film shooting is eating up my week as tonight i will be spending the whole evening crewing for some classmates. tomorrow = more of same. today i had a good fencing lesson with janusz, my point control was dead on for the most part. at the end i learned a new action: beat-8 fleche to the arm with a remise to the body. for the layman, that basically means i used my blade to knock theirs toward the ground, then leapt at them point-of-the-blade first and tried to hit them on the wrist, failing that on the body. i enjoyed it and i want to make it useful. i’m going to try and start using it in the bout.

Friday, 27 September 2002

Blessed Be

May a blesséd star shine upon Alissa and Sarah and Salim. I give them thanks a thousand times. As I struggled to haul my several hundred pounds of film equipment across campus, I passed at least a dozen guys who I know. None of them asked to help. However when Alissa and Sarah saw me about to fall over from the weight of an Arri16BL and a light kit complete with sandbags (mind you I was only about 50 yards out of my dorm) they immediately offered to help me take them to Oshag. Sometimes girls are a helluvalot cooler than guys. For the 2nd trip I enlisted Salim, the FTT major next door to assist me. He’s a good man and I didn’t want to trouble the pretty nice women any longer.

The Friday mp3

The Toadies have been a band I’ve listened to since my freshman year in high school. They only put out two albums in 8 years and then they split but not before coming platinum record seller for their album Rubberneck. The Friday mp3 is the last song on the album and my personal favorite, although every song on the album is damn damn good. I Burn is in a word, brooding. A song about witchcraft and damnation, I’m pretty damn sure it is directly inspired as a reaction to the lead singer’s strict Southern Baptist upbringing.

Wednesday, 25 September 2002

Sprinkler Madness

motherfucking, goddamn sprinklers. i was all set up for my test shoot, the lighting was done, the talent was arriving momentarily and then guess what happens…the motherfucking, goddamn sprinklers turn on! ergo, i rushed about moving expensive camera equipment and lights around while jets of water squirt about me. shit like that always happens on film shoots. remember what i said about sprinklers a while ago? fuck the absurd. goddamn existentialists. they make me nauseous.